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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Monday Blues

Back to work again!!!
It's Monday....(why do I sound like Garfield now?:p)
Well...I don't think there's anyone who particularly likes Monday unless it's like the start of their vacation....otherwise, I think basically everyone hates Mondays....working or studying folks likewise...
Toddlers are oblivious, to them everyday is a holiday....
Sighs...don't you just wish there's long weekends....

In university/school days, you never really put much thought into those long weekend where Mondays are the replacements for those holidays that fall on weekends and you often wonder why are those adults or working people so excited and overly cheerful when they get those long weekends.
Well, why bother when we can have long breaks anytime, right?

Now, when I am working, I do know the significance....and I do want an extra day!!! When's the next holiday?
Gotta check the calendar......oughta memorize all of those "important" dates!

*That's another thing, once you start working, you lose track of all those dates....*
Gawk....work work work!
And I hate Mondays!!!!
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Okay, this is probably too dramatic...hehe:P
Anyway, have a great Monday ya...hehehe:D
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