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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Jailhouse Rocks?Not so....for Hilton

Just came across an ad about Paris Hilton and some news about her life in prison.
Seems that she has chosen to decline all the prison's rationed food; and only wants to consume bread and cereal.
Life is tough for the future Hilton heiress and also one of America's most popular party girl/celebrity.

In fact, she seemed apologetic and remorseful during her hearing and even apologized to the judge with hopes that they will ease her sentence.
No such luck....
Being warranted for driving without a licence and arrested doing so while under parole certainly created a very grim situation for this young lady.
Judge actually sentenced her to a 45-days and her defense counsel at one point even raised the point that she was judged based on who she really is.

Also, there were serious warnings that there were to be no special treatment for the celebrity cum heiress and she will be locked in the same cell as any commoner despite earlier reports Paris will be imprisoned in a cell holding only 2 people; a place reserved only for celebrities and officials.

Well, anyway, it seems this LA prison is not a nice place and life is going to be tough for the pampered girl born with a silver spoon in her mouth.
However, isn't her sentence already lightened to only a 23-days stint compared to the original sentence meted?
Hmmmm....guess celebrity and wealth do have a certain playing....I mean, bargaining power:)

Well, hope Paris will come out fine and good....

Some pics from ABC News and BBC on Paris

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