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Monday, September 03, 2007

Meeting at Starbucks

Yesterday we had a nice offsite meeting at Starbucks and it turned out so much more exciting and cheerful than what I had expected.
And we didn't have to go to Kulim in the morning (although had to go in the afternoon:p)...and we get to be late...haha, only met up at 8.30a.m...cool huh? Definitely not so tiring for me especially after a trip back from KL to Penang the day before:p...the Sunday and Monday blues...esp after KL:p

It was truly a great brainstorming and also the sharing of thoughts and views on work and I must say a great bonding time for the whole group!!
Boss treated us to coffee and drinks at Starbucks and then we headed off for lunch at Bequandro's Cafe at E-gate...a few shops away from Starbucks...hehe:)
Lunch was again on da boss!!:D

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And then we car-pooled to Kulim; sharing all sorts of funny stories and chit-chatting!
Really enjoyed myself and am definitely more motivated to work...LOL...