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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Scary Dream!!

Why do people have to send me gross stuffs in emails?
Why do my mind have to be so determined in memory to store those pics and remind me later at night when I am trying to rest?

Awwww...I was so traumatised by the sight of that gory sight....something of worms and stuffs growing and I was just so bothered...I thought it was over until I dreamt of it last night!!!
I was so stricken but yet I was in such deep sleep and I only woke up this morning and I was still so traumatised by it!!!!

Man, am I truly losing my mind?
I know I have been bothered lately and really, a little unhappy...and this is getting to my sleep...
But I am just slowly catching up on my sleep and now, I realized that my fears and worries are really bothering my inner mind....
I am scared of something ....I didn't write down my dream interpretation this time, I know what it means...and I have to admit it's really true...:(
Sad but I think it's true....