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Monday, February 28, 2005

Flying Daggers....

Yeah...I watched an old Chinese movie shown on TV on Saturday night.....after a hearty dinner....ooohh..remind me to put up the pics...coz there were an array of nice dishes..haha:) While enjoying those cold refreshing desserts(mum made some cold drinks), I watched the Chinese movie...set in the ancient times...and also it was a comedy-like drama.
Turns out it was an old movie which I caught a glimpse of a few years back and never get to watch it...and now,they are showing it again...yeay!Kinda star-studded....with all the talented and funny actors in the show...boasting big names such as Tony Leung Kar Fai, Jacky Cheung,Jimmy Lin,Maggie Cheung Man Yuk,Gloria Yip Wan Yee(the petite gal is MIA from the entertainment industry now), Sharla Cheung Man, Ng Man Tat......hahaha....guess from the case itself, you can expect lots of drama and hilarious scenes. It was pretty entertaining....do not take into account of all those serious and logical sequences....focus more on the sword-fighting parts and also the minor love-story plots taking place in the movie.Pretty interesting.....mainly coz I like those actors in the movie as well....:)
Recommended for a light rendition of heart-warming and family happy hour.....and enjoy those antics of the actors....ooohhh...and recollect the memories of them during their youth in this movie;)

Those Lazy Hazy Days...

Heat...humidity...topped with the clouded and blurry view of scenery around you.....just,well, makes one really lazy.The temperature was really burning man....for the past week and at the same time, the haze,yep,it's back...due to the forest fires everywhere in the country. The alarming thought was that these peat fires are not easily extinguishable....and kudos to those dedicated but poor firemen, whom I read in the news, have to actually risk their lives to bear the heat in the burning forests....furthermore,they have to even watch their steps,while putting out the fires and at the same time,keeping their balance on those steep forest paths.Makes one totally salute the professionalism of these people as they strive for the benefit of everyone...my humble respects to them!!
Cloud seeding was expected to commence soon.....but,voila, the grace of God has turned the table around....there was a spell of continuous rain on Saturday night and the visibility actually changed for the better on the following day....in fact, thanks to God, the rain/monsoon season seems to have hit it off since that rain epitome on Saturday and now, almost everyday, it rains sometime between the afternoons and evenings...bringing the earth to cool:) In fact, it feels so cold sometimes...especially after I've had a series of classes in the uni's super duper cold lecture halls and tutorial labs....haha...
Loved the rain season.....hope it'll go on and on...although it may be get cold sometimes...but it's still better than being in an overheated oven every minute of the day....as a friend of mine once said, "Rain are more dreary and romantic".....;)

Friday, February 25, 2005

MPH Warehouse Sale!!!

Hi there,
Just wanna share that MPH is once again organizing a warehouse sale.....and the details are as follows:

23rd-24th Feb 2005 - preview sale for MRC, Southern Bank & Direct Access card members 25th-28th Feb - open to public
Time: 9.30am-7pm
Venue: Dewan D'Kelana,
Kompleks Sukan MPPJ,
Jalan SS7/5, Kelana Jaya,
47301, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Haven't been to their warehouse sale for some time.....probably becoz I haven't seen their ads anywhere:P But,looking forward to their warehouse sale....I love books....but i know,it's gonna be SOOO HOT....:P
Anyway,since it'll be in a sports complex,i suppose it'll be different?Hehehe....see u there(sounds like MPH ad..haha):)

The location map of MPH Warehouse Sale


Weee.....I've just noticed that my blogging haven has turned into more of a food blog...haha....anyway,to keep a still balance between the postings...I should also include other stuffs as well in this blog...after all,life is not all about eating,right?;)
Okay,I've recently watched A Cinderella Story....yeah,some may say..."Awww...not again..those corny teen tales:P"...perhaps they ARE corny, but somehow,I've always had a liking to teen stories/movies..they are cool in some kinda way sometimes:) Back to Cinderella, I'd have to admit the storyline is a little cheesy....to the fact that the Cindereally dropped her cell phone???My my...goes to show how technology has evaded the Grimm's brothers' fairy tale once upon a time. However, I personally find the story rather undeveloped and a waste of some good talents here...such as Chad Michael Murray(I'm not too sure about Hilary Duff....first time seeing her in movies). At the same time, most of the actors or actresses have the tendency to overact...especially the 2 awful stepsisters....I think the potrayal went way overboard....even Disney has the modesty to keep their so-out-of-the-world to a minimum interest of amusement..sighhh
Furthermore, the sisters are supposed to be twins...I think that whole part kinda spoiled the storyline....even the stepmother's part was a little ridiculous...I mean, what kind of mother who lets her daughters wear sill outfits like "Siamese cats" to a dance?That certainly was not amusing...in fact,I find that whole part a degrading of the viewers' intelligence!!
Overall....there is a tad of new twist....I'd say the prologue part(when Cinderella was young)...was appealing....I was looking forward to a developed story...but I'm really disappointed. Even the doe-eyed Hilary and Chad could not save this movie from a disaster. Ooh ya...credits must be given to the lady who helped Sam(Hilary) a lot in the diner,Ronda...she's rather natural and a skeptical woman...i must say she's the only one who can act. As for the rest, I have no comments......I rest my case....(ooo...did I mention the step sisters,the stuck-up girl(Shelby or sth) and Sam's friend,Carter?.....)
That's my review..no offense meant to the fans out there...it's just in my humble opinion,if you do like it,well,that's your preference....my theory applies only to myself...after all, one man's meat is another man's poison.
That's about it for my own movie review....will try to write up another review....I do not watch movies/TV that often when I'm in a semester...I usually watch them during my breaks....so,I'm not "so-updated" on movies sometimes...hehehe...so do bear with me ya!Have a nice day and keep your cell phones intact!!;)

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Adorable and Fluffy Rice-cakes

Fluffy rice-cakes(aka "huat-kueh" or "Fat Kou")...these are so fresh...bought from the market early in the morning by my dutiful dad:) Since it was the 15th day of the month(Chap Goh Meh)...these are exceptionally fresh and really selling like hot cakes..well,they are in fact,cakes..hahaha....anyway,these cakes,according to mum, are popular and are definitely in the market every 1st and 15th day of the month for the prayer offerings especially among the Buddhists and Taoists. It's also sort of a vegetarian cake and can be consumed by vegetarians.We are not using it for any form of worship...just for Mom's breakfast:D

Cool Kumquat!!:)

Kumquat....quaint and cute...a mini version of mandarin oranges I suppose..although the seller told us this is a rare fruit...only once in a year, similarly to mandarin oranges, a CNY-type fruit.
Type of citrus fruit.....tastes really refreshing and leaves a lingering taste of lime-like and orange at the back of the throat after consumption.I'm definitely up for this fruit....sadly though,I'll only get to eat them the next year:( Awww..well.....there are still oranges to look forward to....:D

Deep-fried Nin Gou

Deep-fried glutinous rice cake...this is one way of consuming the rice cake..based on your liking...mum had a craving to have it the deep-fried style...no,she didn't do it..these were bought from the market....fresh from the oven..erm,I meant fresh from the wok:) There were originally 3 pieces....one was eaten by mum herself...she just loves this stuff!:)

Auspicious "Nin gou" (nian-gao)

Glutinous rice cake("nin-gou")- another auspicious must-have for CNY....can be eaten raw like this(soft or hard,depending on your preference), steamed with coconut servings or deep-fried

Vegetable Dish - Leeks

Leeks("suan" in Hokkien) - an auspicious 'must-have' vegetable dish for CNY in every family
This vegetable is something of a cross-between of spring onions and also onions...in my humble opinion;)

Chap Goh Meh!

I know,Chinese New Year's officially over....the festive celebration period itself only....since we have already ushered and welcomed the year of the Rooster into our lives....we are in fact, in the year of the Rooster now....the New Year period...hahaha...my logic:)
Haven't done much of a posting for the past few days...been hot and also,been trying to keep up with some assignments and project rushing since I've been pretty laid back....and also kinda in the festive mood(*wink).
I was back for a reunion dinner on Chap Goh Meh(the 15th day of CNY in Hokkien) which also marks the last day of the festive celebration itself. Also known as "Yuan Xiao" which, in literal translation, according to some sources, means a finish to a cycle.....and also a union...some say that a reunion or gathering of family as on CNY's eve is also part of the tradition...I'm not too sure on this but nevertheless, a reunion is always great...(for me,at least!), so it doesn't matter whether it's pure tradition or not....as my dad always says: "A family that eats together stays together"....which I found to be true...you don't need to have festivals to eat together..you can meet and make an effort to have meals with your families everyday if you can make it..of course, unless you are working abroad or perhaps studying in another place away from home..that's inevitable.
Oh ya...I've taken some pics of the dishes mom cooked for the Chap Goh Meh dinner....gosh,I totally missed my dearest mom's cooking.....yeah,she hasn't cooked for a while...so,she decided to whip up a simple meal on the last day of CNY and we had a great fill....the pics are there to give you guys an insight on our "simple" family meal....hehehe

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Well, after finishing 2 presentations yesterday, I started to feel a bit relaxed...though I'm aware that I've a midterm test next week and also tonnes of assignments and projects which will be due in less than a month...sighhhh!Taking it easy, I'll start to worry about that later.....(giggles)
Hmmm....I enjoyed my presentation yesterday,particularly the former one coz it ended up in a heated argument...too bad I do not have the pics...I enjoyed myself so much...brings back those old memories of my primary and high school days when I was involved in debates:D One thing though, my "partner-in-crime" was not present...that's my best friend, she's recently graduated...yeah,we are both taking different career paths in our lives and have been studying in different institutions for the past few years...nevertheless, our friendship remains strong;)
Now,I've been surfing the net recently for some interesting sites...and also food-related sites, amazingly,I've come across great food blogs which are so cool...they have such great pictures that is superbly appetizing..hahaha:P I'm kinda inspired by them as well......my blog will also include more of food stuffs...what I eat,apart from my normal musings of my daily life...hehehe,hope it sounds interesting to you guys out there:)
I'm currently in the midst of taking pics of the types of food...interesting food and perhaps some review once in a while.....and besides food,there will be stuffs on my favourite stuffs, such as books, movies, TV SERIES!!!(haven't had much time for them lately:(( ), sceneries(perhaps) and also some interesting articles and quotes which I may come across....I'll share them all:D
If any of you have anything interesting to share with me or would like to give suggestions, you are welcome anytime;)

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Presentation Day....

Hey there,
Been a few days since I last posted....since I've been pretty busy and occupied with my preparations for the two presentations on Monday,which is today:P Lots of research work during the weekend and after which,I need to work on a report...thankfully though,one is a group report....and another is well, supposed to be a group project but since I worked on it alone, the report was done earlier than scheduled and have been submitted....hehehe....how about that:P
Now I'm still running my fingers through my presentation stuffs.....coordinate my thoughts(haha) and my points.....to ensure cohesiveness and the "right feel" later;)
Wish me luck and I'll post more later.....ciaoz!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Unpredictable weather...

I am back again....with yet another of my musing:P
The weather has been typically hot..and I mean extremely hot this new year...and on top of that,it is also humid....now that's so not tropical to me in this country.It is those days which makes you feel so heated up and at the same time,sticky even after a zillion baths...even a bath makes you feel hot..can you imagine that?:(
Well...I was trying so hard to concentrate on my studies..the subject which I told you earlier about....the midterm test is due tomorrow night and darn...I'm still kinda sleepy on the subject...I tried to concentrate and at the same time,it's impossible to absorb any sort of information...(crying out loud now:(( ) It was all the way an extremely hot afternoon..yeah,the hot spell again...nothing unusual...been like that a week before CNY...then about 4 something, dark clouds appeared...well, I did not pay much attention to it..roomie's also kinda busy with her assignment...then the thunder and lightning caught our attention...hahaha....amusing,if you ask me, that the sun turned into a "Day-after-tomorrow" wannabe atmosphere.....and then the rain started pouring...seriously....as we rushed to close the windows and bringing our clothes from the line, we could see that the wind was blowing so hard....the trees swayed vigorously and the rain...well,something like those "Twister" kind of movies....it's kind of a sudden metaphor of a weather. Nevertheless, I'm kinda happy with the downpour....(I love rainy seasons *wink*)...now it's much more cooler...hahaha....yep,we've opened the windows and my, the breeze is refreshing and makes you feel more at ease as compared to the humid afternoon...and WITHOUT any air...yikes...HOT,HOT,HOT everyday!
Proves that the weather is getting more and more unpredictable...who knows what will be next?One minute you see the blazing sun,next you see the clouds+rain+lightning+thunder......well, life is also as unpredicatable....as in the case of our country,who could ever predict natural disasters hitting a disaster-free country?Sighhh....seems to me that the weather is revolving and taking a turn out of its usual cycles....heard it happened in other places around the world too....perhaps due to the effects of over-development....:P
I know I need to get back to my studies now....sigh....pray that I can understand the concepts thoroughly before the test.....and I pray that I'll be more motivated..hahaha.....CNY mood..and holiday mood..I know I know...excuses:P
Till my next entry...cheers!~~

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!:) Nice bouquet of teddy bears..don't you think so:) Cute...*wink;) Posted by Hello

Feast on Day 2 of CNY:)

(List of food in no particular sequence : Fresh lettuce and spinach, bean sprouts, napa cabbage, crab sticks, egg noodles, koay teow, chicken sausages, Taiwan sausages, fishballs(heaps of them),meatballs, chicken,fish fillets,prawns,siew mai,fried fish fillets,"hu piow", sea cucumber, and loads more which I'm not sure of the name..hehehe:P )

Day 2 of CNY..:) Look at the food we have on the table..yeah...for the steamboat feast...hehehe...cool...makes you hungry right?Admit it...you pig..hahaha:P Posted by Hello

CNY Reunion Dinner..Bye bye Monkey;)

(Clockwise from right: Soup(stomach,shittake mushrooms,abalone->non-halal), roasted chicken,lobak sauce, fried mengkuang with carrot+mushrooms,lobak(yummy),the soup again(closer view), pork and eggs, assortment of vege(broccoli,cauliflower,carrots,button mushrooms,corn,shittake mushroom),roasted duck, fresh lettuce and in the middle: roasted pork(I think:P)

Reunion dinner on CNY's eve.....just a simple gathering and also a few simple cuisines at good ol' granny's house....yum-yum....all cooked by my aunt...did a pretty good job on that,didn't she?Hectic cooking schedule....hahaha...but great food for reunion;) Posted by Hello

Happy Chinese New Rooster Year!!

Oops..these are not roosters...well,these are lions....and these are captured behind granny's main door..some CNY ornaments added to give the house a more festive atmosphere:)

Happy Chinese New Rooster Year to everyone!!! May the new year bring you lots of wealth,happiness and prosperity...and most of all,good HEALTH;)Posted by Hello


Hello everyone,
Welcome to my personal blogspot.....whether you have been invited by me personally to view this blog or you chanced upon my site accidentally....you are welcome to stay:)
I finally decided to have this blog for my writing interests....hahaha....I love writing and somehow blogging seems pretty appealing to me. Right now, the weather is definitely hot and what I am doing...well, I have to study on a subject, Algorithm Analysis...yeah,those who are my coursemates,I am sure you do know the hell I've been going through...I don't understand the subject and the lectures definitely do not help at all....depressing though:((
Oh ya...by the way, A Happy Chinese New Rooster Year to all of you out there who celebrate the festive occasion....trying not to sound racist by just referring to the Chinese..LOL:P Today is already the 9th day of the Lunar New Year and what I know of is that today is the birthday of the Jade Emperor....I guess most of the Hokkien community around must have set up their altars last night to worship the Jade Emperor who rules over the heaven;) Plenty of goodies and also customs to be followed.....I used to see these worship preparations when I was way younger...and of course, there's always the late-night suppers get-together with all the relatives after the worship...yum yum, those food will be served...hahaha....a choice of noodles, porridge, roasted pork, duck, sometimes, we have chilli crabs.....and lots more....anyone can go gaga over these food......feeling hungry already?;;)
Those were the days....CNY has been more or less a routine...a customary tradition which we follow every year in its style of celebration..somehow, everyone still looks forward to celebrating the occasion...interesting....hahaha;)
I will update my next blog if I do not get too busy after this.....I've so much of assignments to work on and also presentations next week.....sad case....pray for me that I'll complete them smoothly..hehehe:)
Also, to all my friends who have 2 tests this week(heard they are killer papers!)...wishing you all the best....and also enjoy the remaining days of the 15-day CNY celebration...though there's nothing much to celebrate on campus...hahaha....see ya all....ciaoz!