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Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Well, after finishing 2 presentations yesterday, I started to feel a bit relaxed...though I'm aware that I've a midterm test next week and also tonnes of assignments and projects which will be due in less than a month...sighhhh!Taking it easy, I'll start to worry about that later.....(giggles)
Hmmm....I enjoyed my presentation yesterday,particularly the former one coz it ended up in a heated argument...too bad I do not have the pics...I enjoyed myself so much...brings back those old memories of my primary and high school days when I was involved in debates:D One thing though, my "partner-in-crime" was not present...that's my best friend, she's recently graduated...yeah,we are both taking different career paths in our lives and have been studying in different institutions for the past few years...nevertheless, our friendship remains strong;)
Now,I've been surfing the net recently for some interesting sites...and also food-related sites, amazingly,I've come across great food blogs which are so cool...they have such great pictures that is superbly appetizing..hahaha:P I'm kinda inspired by them as well......my blog will also include more of food stuffs...what I eat,apart from my normal musings of my daily life...hehehe,hope it sounds interesting to you guys out there:)
I'm currently in the midst of taking pics of the types of food...interesting food and perhaps some review once in a while.....and besides food,there will be stuffs on my favourite stuffs, such as books, movies, TV SERIES!!!(haven't had much time for them lately:(( ), sceneries(perhaps) and also some interesting articles and quotes which I may come across....I'll share them all:D
If any of you have anything interesting to share with me or would like to give suggestions, you are welcome anytime;)