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Friday, February 25, 2005


Weee.....I've just noticed that my blogging haven has turned into more of a food blog...haha....anyway,to keep a still balance between the postings...I should also include other stuffs as well in this blog...after all,life is not all about eating,right?;)
Okay,I've recently watched A Cinderella Story....yeah,some may say..."Awww...not again..those corny teen tales:P"...perhaps they ARE corny, but somehow,I've always had a liking to teen stories/movies..they are cool in some kinda way sometimes:) Back to Cinderella, I'd have to admit the storyline is a little cheesy....to the fact that the Cindereally dropped her cell phone???My my...goes to show how technology has evaded the Grimm's brothers' fairy tale once upon a time. However, I personally find the story rather undeveloped and a waste of some good talents here...such as Chad Michael Murray(I'm not too sure about Hilary Duff....first time seeing her in movies). At the same time, most of the actors or actresses have the tendency to overact...especially the 2 awful stepsisters....I think the potrayal went way overboard....even Disney has the modesty to keep their so-out-of-the-world to a minimum interest of amusement..sighhh
Furthermore, the sisters are supposed to be twins...I think that whole part kinda spoiled the storyline....even the stepmother's part was a little ridiculous...I mean, what kind of mother who lets her daughters wear sill outfits like "Siamese cats" to a dance?That certainly was not amusing...in fact,I find that whole part a degrading of the viewers' intelligence!!
Overall....there is a tad of new twist....I'd say the prologue part(when Cinderella was young)...was appealing....I was looking forward to a developed story...but I'm really disappointed. Even the doe-eyed Hilary and Chad could not save this movie from a disaster. Ooh ya...credits must be given to the lady who helped Sam(Hilary) a lot in the diner,Ronda...she's rather natural and a skeptical woman...i must say she's the only one who can act. As for the rest, I have no comments......I rest my case....(ooo...did I mention the step sisters,the stuck-up girl(Shelby or sth) and Sam's friend,Carter?.....)
That's my review..no offense meant to the fans out there...it's just in my humble opinion,if you do like it,well,that's your preference....my theory applies only to myself...after all, one man's meat is another man's poison.
That's about it for my own movie review....will try to write up another review....I do not watch movies/TV that often when I'm in a semester...I usually watch them during my breaks....so,I'm not "so-updated" on movies sometimes...hehehe...so do bear with me ya!Have a nice day and keep your cell phones intact!!;)