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Monday, February 28, 2005

Those Lazy Hazy Days...

Heat...humidity...topped with the clouded and blurry view of scenery around you.....just,well, makes one really lazy.The temperature was really burning man....for the past week and at the same time, the haze,yep,it's back...due to the forest fires everywhere in the country. The alarming thought was that these peat fires are not easily extinguishable....and kudos to those dedicated but poor firemen, whom I read in the news, have to actually risk their lives to bear the heat in the burning forests....furthermore,they have to even watch their steps,while putting out the fires and at the same time,keeping their balance on those steep forest paths.Makes one totally salute the professionalism of these people as they strive for the benefit of everyone...my humble respects to them!!
Cloud seeding was expected to commence soon.....but,voila, the grace of God has turned the table around....there was a spell of continuous rain on Saturday night and the visibility actually changed for the better on the following day....in fact, thanks to God, the rain/monsoon season seems to have hit it off since that rain epitome on Saturday and now, almost everyday, it rains sometime between the afternoons and evenings...bringing the earth to cool:) In fact, it feels so cold sometimes...especially after I've had a series of classes in the uni's super duper cold lecture halls and tutorial labs....haha...
Loved the rain season.....hope it'll go on and on...although it may be get cold sometimes...but it's still better than being in an overheated oven every minute of the day....as a friend of mine once said, "Rain are more dreary and romantic".....;)