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Friday, May 30, 2008

Great news about Uncle

Thanks to all your prayers; my uncle is discharged today!!:)

I am so happy for him; although I am feeling slightly unwell today.

I have gone to see him several times and was rather worried when I learnt about his loss of appetite following his surgery.
However, I was pleased to be of his service...hehe, getting him his unique requests for drinks and food; such as orange squash, ginger beer and fruits jelly.
Weird that he wanted sweetened things despite his diabetic record but due to the low food intake for the past few days, we had no choice but to give in.
Anyway, he was definitely delighted with the things i brought him and requested for cup after cup:)

He even held my hand and chatted with me...I really remembered all those nice childhood memories.
He was my favorite uncle; and vice versa with me being his favorite niece:D

I am really happy to hear about his great recovery...and I really have all your prayers and God to thank for!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

I recently watched the 2nd installation in the movie series of Narnia; Prince Caspian which I enjoyed tremendously.
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I have learnt very important lessons from all the characters in the movie; to believe in yourself and do what is right.
Recently I had an unpleasant discovery which rather relived some old and bitter memories of the past and surprisingly, it still managed to stir that odd and upset feeling in me.
Perhaps again, it is not just the memories, but the present which have created that double impact.
Names are not necessary in this context, but suffice to say, the harm was slightly unexpected and I bet those out there who have spent your "precious time" should be aware of what you have done.

Disappointing but yet, I am learning from Aslan, "Do not hesitate when you believe that you are right and make the right move"

I always believed in looking at a positive side of the coin and those who choose to sit on the same side of my boat are welcome to, but if you are only interested in stirring the waters, thanks but no thanks.
I prefer teammates rather than bystanders.

Sarcasm aside, the 2nd installation of Narnia in the movie series is a recommended watch, you can check out the review here
(Beware of spoilers though!)

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Uncle was admitted to ICU following his surgery, and I am still very worried about him.
I do pray for his speedy recovery; and that all will be back to normal again.

I seek the goodwill of all of you my good friends to join me in the prayer to God the Almighty to shower his blessings and healing power upon Uncle that he will be as fit as a fiddle again which I am sure he will.
He will go through this....and I really pray for Uncle.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Thank you LORD!

I received a text message from cousin sis at 5.26pm...
"Hi Jie Jie, just to inform you that the head surgeon came out to announce that the surgery was successful and now the other surgeons are working on stitching the skull"

I was so happy that I was at a loss for words!!
I couldn't stop my tears..those happy tears from flowing out from my eye when I read again and again; my uncle is FINE now!!
Words cannot express my feeling at that moment!

Anyway, uncle was finally wheeled out of the surgery room at 7.30p.m.....and the whole surgery took a total of 5 and a half hours.
He is currently in the ICU....still unconscious; due to the sleeping pills and the anaesthethics.

May he recover well and soon....Thank you thank you Lord...for this gift:)

Pray for him...

I have never step into a government hospital before this and today, I made my debut to visit my uncle in the University Hospital in PJ.
It was really with a heavy heart as I followed my daddy closely and my cousin sister to wards my uncle's ward.
If you still remember, my uncle was admitted last year for a growth found near his eye; which also coincided with the optic nerve.
The first surgery was a minor; guess the doctors underestimated the growth.

They re-scheduled for this 2nd major surgery; which included the skull to remove the growth using laser technology.
Uncle was admitted on Sunday; and we were all praying hard for his full and perfect recovery.

Looking around the hospital was an unforgettable and not to mention, a little frightening and depressing for me as I saw people of all walks of life; old and young, badly injured or as looking miserable, frail and weak along the corridor (something which was not so common in the private hospitals like SJMC).
I felt suddenly disturbed by these pictures and couldn't help feeling down and upset. It's just a feeling that overwhelmed me all of a sudden:(

I was worried about my uncle when I saw him on the hospital bed.
Daddy said UH is much better than General Hospital where all the beds are so close to each other that there is no room at all.
Uncle looked as frail and weak as others although he did his best putting on his most cheerful look on the face.
I pitied auntie who was standing near his bed and leaning on the wall.
She looked so tired; I am sure she must have had sleepless nights watching over uncle as well.

It wasn't long before the nurse came to change his distilled water bag and then took his blood sample for glucose measurement.
Then I watched as they came with another trolley bed to bring uncle into the surgery room on the 2nd floor for his surgery.
That was one scene I can never forget from the back of my head.

The heavy feeling came back but I braved it on; not wanting to create more worry for auntie and cousins as we followed the trolley to the surgery room.
When we reached the point where we were not permitted access anymore, we had to bid uncle good luck and may the GREAT LORD be with him always, it was the moment where my heart felt so heavy.
I was overwhelmed with emotion but yet I had to swallow it; and I held back my tears when I saw auntie's red eyes.
(It's her husband going in for surgery).

This was my favorite uncle and my dad's only brother.
I really prayed hard for him for the entire day....with the high hope that the LORD will be with him all the way and that GOD will know what is best.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ant's home

An ant's colony decided to build their new home on this plant in our home garden
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Sadly, my parents being the nature lovers, decided that the ants should not destroy the plant...so...
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Rest in peace...

Training Workshop @ One World Hotel

For the last 2 days, I had to attend a workshop and the venue was at One World Hotel; just right next to 1 Utama (one of my fave malls) *smiles*
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Anyway, time did not permit the shopping part as it was until 6.30 in the evening; being a 3-days course rolled into one.
My first time in One World Hotel (I know, don't call me jakun) and frankly speaking, I was a little less than impressed with the interior initially.
The parking was not that visible but I must thank God and my lucky stars that I went into the right carpark for function rooms. (One of my colleagues ended up in another carpark for VIP functions which costed him RM24 at the end of the day even with his parking ticket validated. The rest of us only paid RM5; flat rate for attending function in the hotel.

Not just that, getting into the hotel was like a maze and the interior did not help either.
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Anyway, I was really early and I finally found the venue - so no sweat! *winks*

This is so cool...a glass of water can be so welcoming after all the finding!
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Guess what's this?
Cute, ain't it? Our door gift and the course file
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How to open it?
Well...and this is what it contains!
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Thank you, One World Hotel for this nice pencil box with complete stationeries for a greeting! :)
Wow, I am starting to like this place!

Anyway, food for thought....something I noticed in the function room...
The chandelier
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Erm...no offense, but who in the right mind would design something like this?
I am really wondering at the amount of time and effort needed to clean this one by one:p
(The instructor mentioned this during his workshop as well....guess I am not alone!)

Typically people wince at the mere mention of training or workshop; imagining the convention of boring lectures and fighting to stay awake.
But seriously, I really enjoyed this training so much that I dreaded the last day of the training. Not that it's any difference since it's only for 2 days anyway...but I really missed the training, the environment, the learning part!
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Ooooh....and the food was good here:)
4 meals each day....although I don't take every of the breaks...but still, even pickyeater is giving the green sign for the food quality *winks*
Do check out my food blog on the lunch buffet~

I missed going there today...
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Thank you ACPSPT class!
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Read this!

Tell me how you pronounce this person's name


It is a real name...not made-up

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Penang O Penang!~

Nothing's changed...
But more pre-war buildings are in demolition phase...so heart-breaking:(
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Nice fruits to welcome me in the cool atmosphere against the hot sun out there
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I hope they will not chop off these trees along the Gurney area...
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So cooling and environment-endearing

Times were pretty bad; to my surprise - the number of cars from South were lesser than I've imagined compared to the past despite the long weekend (Labor Day) ahead.
I was at Momo; the happening stretch near E&O and it was really amazing that the street was so quiet!
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Either the economy is really bad or I don't know, any other reason?
Penang...the Pearl of the Orient:)