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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pray for him...

I have never step into a government hospital before this and today, I made my debut to visit my uncle in the University Hospital in PJ.
It was really with a heavy heart as I followed my daddy closely and my cousin sister to wards my uncle's ward.
If you still remember, my uncle was admitted last year for a growth found near his eye; which also coincided with the optic nerve.
The first surgery was a minor; guess the doctors underestimated the growth.

They re-scheduled for this 2nd major surgery; which included the skull to remove the growth using laser technology.
Uncle was admitted on Sunday; and we were all praying hard for his full and perfect recovery.

Looking around the hospital was an unforgettable and not to mention, a little frightening and depressing for me as I saw people of all walks of life; old and young, badly injured or as looking miserable, frail and weak along the corridor (something which was not so common in the private hospitals like SJMC).
I felt suddenly disturbed by these pictures and couldn't help feeling down and upset. It's just a feeling that overwhelmed me all of a sudden:(

I was worried about my uncle when I saw him on the hospital bed.
Daddy said UH is much better than General Hospital where all the beds are so close to each other that there is no room at all.
Uncle looked as frail and weak as others although he did his best putting on his most cheerful look on the face.
I pitied auntie who was standing near his bed and leaning on the wall.
She looked so tired; I am sure she must have had sleepless nights watching over uncle as well.

It wasn't long before the nurse came to change his distilled water bag and then took his blood sample for glucose measurement.
Then I watched as they came with another trolley bed to bring uncle into the surgery room on the 2nd floor for his surgery.
That was one scene I can never forget from the back of my head.

The heavy feeling came back but I braved it on; not wanting to create more worry for auntie and cousins as we followed the trolley to the surgery room.
When we reached the point where we were not permitted access anymore, we had to bid uncle good luck and may the GREAT LORD be with him always, it was the moment where my heart felt so heavy.
I was overwhelmed with emotion but yet I had to swallow it; and I held back my tears when I saw auntie's red eyes.
(It's her husband going in for surgery).

This was my favorite uncle and my dad's only brother.
I really prayed hard for him for the entire day....with the high hope that the LORD will be with him all the way and that GOD will know what is best.