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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Wedding bells!!

Just read that a fellow blogger is getting married; hehe...don't really know her that well but have been reading her blogs:)
Her proposal story was just so sweet for words...haha...
She was stunned today at work.....of course not in public!!
But she's still in cloud nine!!
Another mid-twenties lady whisked away by marriage!!
Anyway, congrats and I sincerely wish them both a happy and blissful marriage!:)

Income Tax Deadline soon!!

Hey just a reminder to all my friends out there, if you haven't done or even started on the income tax thingy, be aware that the deadline is near!!
Declare all your stuffs and make your way to that office for your pin, payment, whatever.
Just don't get yourself in the traffic flow:)
Typical Malaysians to wait for the near-deadline before making the move.
Haha...wonder if they will extend the deadline again as last year...LOLZ:p

So, friendly reminder ya..... if you are doing e-filing, it's pretty fast...just login to https://e.hasil.org.my/

Gate Closed

I came early to work this morning; reached the FTZ area at about 6 sth; and I was going to turn into the industrial zone using the gate from Kampung Jawa entrance.
Yikes! And that was a mistake (should have listened to that voice to go in through the coastal highway area).
Wasted that couple of extra minutes making a turn back to hit the coastal highway.
Darn....why on earth did they close that gate?

Anyway, as I was having lunch with my netball team, they mentioned they were all late to work this morning. Most of them were caught in the jam near Sunshine Square junction; the Kampung Jawa area...haha, so near yet so far...so ironic:p
Some of them were stuck for an hour; some more than 20 minutes.....
Sighs...the roundabout near Bukit Jambul doesn't help either....

So the main point of the discussion was that, why on earth would they close the gate?
And what is the use of that gate anyway?
1. Today is a public holiday for some....so, they decided to close the gate....(yeah, fat chance:P)
2. Why is the purpose of the gate - supposed to restrict the admission/exit of those heavy vehicles which were supposed to be ferrying all our precious and valuable chips, etc.... and inspection is to be carried out to prevent thefts and burglaries...
Haha...that is a joke!:D

Louise and I kinda agreed that if this was effective, will we have those theft and loss cases anymore?
Uh uh......

Another interesting part is, most of the people thought today is a public holiday and thus the road should be pretty vacant; slightly more relaxed from the normal traffic flow.
Maybe everyone thought of the same thing as well and thus, all ended up at the same time...stuck in the jam too...
Whateva....all because of a silly gate:p

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

New VIOS!!!

NICE NICE Car.....*dreams*
Sighhhhhs, it was only out in Thailand and not Malaysia.....why are we always the slower one in new stuffs????
Beautiful baby, isn't it :)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Good Samaritan...Thumbs Up!!

Yesterday I was in Sungai Dua; my friend was driving. Then we stopped by to buy some fruits and parked diagonally ( conveniently) into an empty slot next to another car which did the same and there was this row of motorcycles there.
So he went down and I remained in the car; then I heard this loud honking; and saw a big lorry from my rear mirror; think it had difficulty in getting through the gap and my friend came over to steer his car away.
At the same time, there were 3 onlookers; and the Malay man and his daughter; getting ready to mount their bike; stood there and gestured to the lorry driver to take it slow to allow us time to reverse our car out of position.
Then the lorry's passenger; an Indian man, got down and also motioned us to reverse; while watching the back of our car against the neighbouring car and the lorry's position.
Then we had to reverse more due to another adjacent motorcycle parked there and this Malay man and his daughter helped to move the motorcycle and with that, the whole car steered out.
I was surprised and we waved at the Malay man and daughter and also to the lorry folks.
My surprise came from the admiration that there are people who are so helpful; I mean, we have heard of all the self-importance most of the time in this materialistic society and thus, this is really a very sweet thought and perspective when you see people helping each other; and if you noticed, we are of different races - the unique blend of Malaysian society.
They could've chosen to just stand by the side and look; and just keep honking (after all, it's our problem we parked it that way).
But no, everyone took part voluntarily to resolve the situation instead of waiting and having a fight over it.
Think even some professionals (white collar or higher class people) do not do that; no offense meant.... but yes, we are indeed lacking of all these values today but yet, I was proven wrong as I truly witnessed the termed "Masyarakat Majmuk" and the helpful attitude....
Proud to be a Malaysian (patriotic) and Malaysia Boleh!!~
*Isn't this a wonderful and harmonious place?**

Note: I am sorry I didn't get their pics or names; they deserve so much a mention in my blog....but anyway, KUDOS and remember, a little goes a long way:D

Howdy Rain

Aiks, rain was pouring hard yesterday in the afternoon when we scheduled the netball practice....and we had to cancel...bummer.
Need to meet them today to discuss about rules and strategies.....aih, the other groups had pretty tall players(why did I keep mentioning they are tall:p)
Kiasu dy....hehehe, still remember my kiasu character?hehehe......well, it's always good to know about your opponents before competition....as the Cantonese saying goes "Chi Kei Chi Pei, Pak Chin Pak Seng" (direct translation: Know each other's ability/weaknesses and comparison, you will succeed in every match" (I think it's something like that)
Let's hope it will rain (ermm, I mean, should not rain today)....hahaha......

Netball stuffs

RockYou PhotoFX

This is the netball court; I also vaguely remembered all the positions and locations until I saw this and it really brought back all the memories; those were the netball days.
I really want to meet up with all those old friends and play a good game, have a good chat and a fun party/meal!!!
So, looking at the court, which one do you think I am playing? Hahaha.....which is my position?
Dory, just a memory kick, still remember which position I played before?
I remembered yours...hahaha:p

RockYou PhotoFX - Get Your Own

And this is how you defend; still remember all those rules?
Only thing about netball is the rules....real hassle; which is why more people prefer basketball to netball:p
1. 3 seconds to pass once you have the ball
2. 3 feet away from your opponent whom you defend when she has the ball
3. No dribbling; netball is all about passing
4. Cannot move the foot which landed when you caught the ball - it must be static and only the other foot is allowed to move:)
5. No contact at all (deliberate or accident) - don't think this really apply...haha, if unseen by the referee, that's how we get injured:p
Many many more.....
Since there are so many new players, guess what the organizer (gal) told me?
"Think the first few minutes will be the blow of whistles more often than the shooting into the goal:p For all the violations"
Hahaha.....ahhhh, that annoying whistle....now you know why netball gals are violent?
When you are already bounded by all the rules and regulations....and yet the whistle blows; stop the game here and there (violation) and your ball is taken away (after fighting like men at war for it), it's no doubt the level of annoyance and frustration hikes up....haha, and they will all start to wear a sulky and agitated expressions; thus the black faces all around...haha...
and remember, they are girls, after all :D
Haha.....anyway, will have a good game today and update further!!~ :D

Netball stories

Yeah, Dory, my memory was a little vague on whether we were playing for school; but I remembered we were all together; with Raja (yeah, the fair Malay gal...memory's still good:), Sheena(tall indian girl), Fozy, Siti(Pn Raja Jam's daughter) - total of 7 players and there was another reserved team too....hmmmm...maybe we were the reserved team...whatever, it doesn't matter, most importantly, we really had lots of fun then :D
Netball netball....sounds so ancient, missed the gang in action lar! How I wish I can request to import players.
Did you know this round my team consists of all not-so-tall players? Haha...and they are all amateurs (first time playing netball:)
I am not that pro either....but I still vaguely remembered the rules:p
And I found out about the other teams; man, all are either school or state players.
Whoa....school players are already good (rough), state players???? Wahhhh...sure squished to potato mash:p
Hehehe....but that being said, of course, we need our self-confidence and faith....
Who says short gals can't play netball?
Used to be of an acceptable height when in primary school mar; just that the others continued to grow in height and I didn't....hehe, that's why now a short Angelstar:p
My friend; who happened to be the organizer teased me sarcastically when he presented on the netball rules and I happen to correct him.
He was surprised that I am a netball player....and made this statement,
"Your school must not have very high requirements huh?" And he laughed...hahaha....
OUCH....what is that supposed to be mean? I used to be okay (tall) in Std 6 lorrrr.....
Hehe....I didn't play in high school anymore, those players were too darn good.
But in Uni, I did join the Netball Society for a while; or at least I went for one practice but there were some politics involved so I left, along with another Kadazan girl who was a school player as well.
Well, yeah, it is an advantage to be tall, but it doesn't mean short people can't make it either.
Tall girls may be good at shooting goals, defending, etc.
But short girls can also run fast and pass swiftly:) I remembered Shay Lye, now that was one good netball player - swift and I remembered her playing center; the team captain.
Hey, I do miss you gals lar...I wanna import players!! :D
And don't look down on short gals, nothing is impossible.....remember how Japan bombed US?:p
*Japan was perceived as a small Asian country and they took US by surprise as well*

So, go gals.....wish us luck for the netball game:)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Netball vibes

My department is organizing a sports carnival and everyone is divided into the sports team.
The first event will be a joint conduct of both the soccer and netball in parallel.
Haha.... both genders involved; man, think we had a hard time finding the players to form the teams for the game.
I know, it's not easy to have participation and some Asians are not really the athletic nor sporting type (no offense; not stereotyping here).
haha...the lack of enthusiasm and sportsmanship surprises me (not that I am such a great volunteer myself but somehow when organizing is involved, you tend to feel the pain:p)

Talking about netball; sounds like ancient history huh?
Seems that it is not really such a popular game; haha...one of the rare species that most have never played before; especially among Chinese girls.
Or maybe it was popular during our school days? Haha...remember those PE hours when we sweat and run around to shoot the hoop?
Woww...again, lots of memories...(why am I being so sentimental recently?)

Haha...just exchanged email with Dory and we also discussed about this (the initial intention was to ask her whether she knows of anyone with the ball:p)
And of course, the results were in vain; since no one plays netball these days:(
So, we thought of those times when 4 of us played netball (haha, this is something that ALL 4 are in together) but as fate has it; only Dory and Shay Lye were in the same team....I am in Blue (you're right:) but you got Yen's team wrong (not green, but yellow...the best coach mar...remember Puan Tan?)
Haha....but then I remembered somehow all 4 of us played; was it an interschool thing ar? I remembered we were all in the practice and Puan Tan was there; despite her ruling yellow team most of the time.
So I think that must be the competition time when she trained all of us. I still remember we had 2 teams (one for reserved) but everyone practised along anyway :)
We had a very strong girl team from SRKKB; remember those Year 6 gals who were all so tall and swift?
When we were in Year 6, we also played and I still think it's fun...although there's lots of rules to follow:P
Missed those times ler....ooo and did I mention that I always thought Malay girls are really good netball players?
Well, they still are....and I remembered Raja, Fozy and Aini....wow...those were really good...hehe, Dory, still remember them?
Then there's Sheena, haha...our best GK/GS.....and Reen and also Siti Hasmah (still remember her?)

Wowwww....again, another nostalgic moment...better stop all this; seems like a symptom of getting old:P

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Kulim Day....

Aiks....another day in Kulim, sienzzzz....
I am really getting bored of driving over to Kulim twice a week...it's also way too many days for me.
Funny how I should be complaining now...hehe....I was okay with Kulim before this but I guess the distance and the time is catching up with me; a little troublesome lar.
I am also normal human being, okay, I also experience feelings of boredom,frustrations, etc.
I really don't like days that I have to go to Kulim; it's such a long drive on the highway and the insecurity to drive there.
Somemore now I have shifted to my new place(yeah,I found a new place dy), I don't intend to travel so early....safety issues :(
To think of those days when we have only seen paddy fields in pictionaries and also TV, now I am actually seeing them every day. Yeah, we are city kids,we don't see paddy fields; there's barely even fields - usually we see concrete trees....touching the skies with their tips.
Then there's cows....and boy, also those flying "kamikaze" insects that just love to land splattered on the windscreen. I mean, my windscreen is not your suicide ground and I have to clean it; sometimes they are such stubborn stains.
Sighhhs.....the irony of a city brat trapped in a rural town:p

Sighhhhs....why do I have to travel to KM???

*Just another whiny day about Kulim again*

Spotted: Ex-housemate

Just 2 days ago, I was with my friend in the Sunway area (actually we were in the car) and was turning into the area where all the shops and restaurants are located when I noticed a silver Kenari behind us. I was just casually looking over at the rear mirror and somehow the face struck me as someone familiar.
Whoa, it was my ex-housemate from my Alpha Year in MMU (Alpha was our first year;the foundation year).
Yups, that's her,one of the B-01-08 housemates....haha....
And yesterday, again, I passed that area and again I saw her with a guy (not sure whether it's her bf or brother) having dinner and it's definitely her, no mistake about it.
Talk about a small world:p
I do know of a few of my uni mates who came to Penang and most of them are in Motorola; but I have never ever seen any of them; and now I did....haha, maybe the world is not that small after all too:D

Sisters' Dream

Talk about irony or coincidence; here I was talking about all those memories of sisterhood and also long-lost friendships, and then on the same night, I had a dream of my old gal friend (jee mui).
Hahaha.....yep, and guess who that is?
The only one whom we have kinda lost touch with....Shay Lye :D
I dreamt of her....really, she looked just like...well, Shay Lye....and she's sported a new hairdo, long and curly; or rather wavy:)
And she looked mature in her style and also her speech.....hmmmmmm, wonder whether that's her current outlook.
I really missed you gals lar....when is our reunion? 4 of us? Haha....Dory and I are definitely waiting for it; how about Japanese and dream-gal?:p

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Down Sisters Lane:D

Finally got back in touch with this old pal of mine; haha...the 4-in-a-gang last time; how many of them already that I have...hehe, all the foursome sisterly links:p
But they are really cool; they are real babes and good shoulders for each to lean on when you need someone.
Haha...and not forgetting those juicy chat sessions with my "sis-pals"...it is something to be treasured.
Now when did it all started, back in Kindie, there were these 2 girls whom I used to talk to and sat beside them in class. Both of them played nurses in the sketch for the annual concert; think one of them was one of my ex-housemates :)
Then in primary school; the early years, there was a bunch of us...this big group of gals in my class who hung out together and play with each other.
Those days were Play House, Hopscotch,skipping rope with those rubber-made ropes,catching game with the boys,Hide & Seek, cards (Snap lar...), haha:)
It was so fun then...it was a really big group; the leader was Joan, then there's Mun Yee, Pui San, Suet Fun, Lie Wei, Chun Yen, Phaik Bee,May May, Wei Wei...wow, can still remember them....this is really a walk down memory lane.
Pui San and Chun Yen were the thin gals and could run really really fast, no kidding :)
Joan could reach heights in the rubber rope game, May May and Wei Wei were kinda quiet girls.

Soon after, the group lost the adhesity when this new school was built near the secondary school on the hill and some of them went over. Let me see, I think only Joan left; everyone was still around.
However, the bond was not so strong anymore and as we moved on to different classes (due to our form teacher who had some personal issues and couldn't make it that time), we had to be floating students and ended up in other classes.
Then in upper primary, the only close ones left were me, Lie Wei and Chun Yen :)
Then there is this new addition of Shay Lye...and this formed the new foursome (sort of the 1st Foursome gang:)
Unique and all of different characters; somehow it's always a 3+1 thing....
1. 3 of us were prefects; not CY
2. 3 of us were in choir; not CY
3. 3 of us took the same van to and fro school; not SY.
4. 3 of them had short hair, not me:p
5. 3 of us sat together; not CY
Hahaha...and many more, that's what I could remember as of now.
But we were a really funny and close group; despite our differences.
SY was a quick-witted girl; in terms of her mind and also her speech.
CY was always the quiet and easy-going one; not much for words but rather funny when she speaks.
And LW was the main protector; she's always watching out for us and like a big sister though in age wise, SY and I were actually older.
But you see, we blend in kinda well, and somehow we always remember to include one another whenever there's anything -school trips, etc.
And it was so nice to have the gals to stand up for you when you are in trouble....seriously, maybe we were too young, but things were genuine back then and it was so nice.
I missed that first "jee-mui" gang :D
*Something like the "I have a date with spring" kind of friendship; I think we were not that focal or touchy but it was still all fun to be with them.

Then in secondary school; there were my St John's jee mui...the NC8 gals :D
My comrades:p
There's Swee Yin, Ai Jane, Siew Mun,Yoong Yoong,Reena,Jes - the ultimate cool girl comrades team:D
Muacks...still remember those silly marching thingy (gosh, I hated that....so destructive:p)
And those lunches after the morning sessions...haha, and all those scouts scandals,tak boleh tahan:p

Ooo...for my first jee mui foursome, there's still 3 of us (yet another 3+1 scenario)..LW left for her hometown in Taiping and we kept in touch with her through snail mail correspondence; except for SY:p
But see, of all the groups, this was the longest standing gang; we actually missed having LW around that time.
We seldom go along in secondary school anymore; being in different classes.
LW often asked in her mails how we were doing and whether we still hung out together:D

Then in upper secondary, there's Jean and Sook Yee and Yenn...all my close besties....but not exactly the hanging out together type just that I happen to be close to all 3 of them:)
But these were cool chics who really made lives happy:)

In Uni, I have my Siao-link housemates; B01-08...haha, Joyce, Woan Lih roomie and Lee Voon. Really siao, crazy...we can laugh and laugh for hours:)
Those times watching all those movies together in that little small room...cramming in all 4 for those stories and siao jokes sharing....missed those days.
Then in degree years; another foursome; Ruyi Mama, Carmen Sai Ma, and Jin Jin Maria...haha, then add in another Jojo Driver :D
So funny too.....

Now at work, a new bunch of great people to work with; haha....my jee mui....Chee Leng,Mei See,Lee Hua,Cheu Li jie jie,Hooi Li and ya, two guys as well...haha, just a funny story how they ended up in the gang as well:p

Recently just caught up with my old time friend, and I mean really long pal; Lie Wei who's actually also working here in Penang. And I am keeping in touch with Chun Yen...and Shay Lye once in a while :)
Really happy; hope we can really meet each other again soon....a gathering or something.
Sometimes,it is really a small small world :)

Time Changes

You know, human beings are realistic and superficial beings.
Sorry if I sounded rather crude this morning but no joke, people are just so darn materialistic.
When you are well-off and being, they just say yes to everything that you want or even take turns to actually entertain or be your company.
Once they think you are not doing so well or rather, let's put it in a way that you are no longer beneficial to them, they ignore you or even try to graciously(but fail miserably) turn down your invitation, etc.
I am shocked to see such behavior; and mind you, sometimes your friends can be much better than your relatives.
No offense meant; I have seen lots of cases...in fact, there are so many that I know actually told me before that they sometimes prefer to trust their friends more than their relatives.
I even have close friends who used to tell me that their relatives are only interested in showing off/boasting their capabilities...you know, children's academice results, working achievements, wealth, social status, whatsoever that they think they surpass you, then that's where they come in...*Shaking my head*
Ohhhhhh....did I forget to mention that sometimes, they do care about you, when they want to be recognized for their "caring attitude" and also, blast it to the entire world on their superficial caring behavior.
It is not really any issue or any concern to anyone whatever that happens to either you or them; but it's just so annoying when they have to go about asking why this, how....and also, especially when it is something bad, they just like to make that person look more miserable than they already are.
I don't know why we have people like these, but I don't think that's questionable as these are natural; God's creation and that's why we have a vast variety of people around...what you call by diversity:p Unique individuals everywhere

Sometimes it is not that you want to strain relationships like these; you know, those unavoidable familial ties (or even those bau bacang-alike relatives), but they just make you wanna stay away from them. So chicken and egg situation, who's the first to start it?
Well, I can say, it is not a loss, nothing bad about it; sometimes you just wish you are away and distant....
A normal piece of rambling today on the social issues I see and hear of....
And to end this...BIG SIGH!!~

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Aiks, my laptop died on me last night.....yikes yikes!!!
It was really devastating man!!
I was heading home after work; and yeah, my laptop couldn't start causing me to be in a panicky situation.
There were so many stuffs (work-related); this is my work laptop k, stored in it.
Arrrggghhhhhhhhhh.....it was really frustrating; no matter how I tried to start it, it just wouldn't budge; no lights nothing!! There is just no sign of life!!!
Hu hu....sob sob sob.....
My poor little laptop; it is really sad to see it in such a state....
Worse still, I felt kinda crippled without my laptop; yeah, the whole night....I was like, I want to do my stuffs.
Now, don't use the term workaholic on me; my laptop is also used for my entertainment; like browsing for stuffs; writing, etc.
Why why why....please don't die on me....
I know, whiny me.....but my laptop.....gotta wait for those people to check it out for me....please work work.....really cannot wait:p

Just realized how dependent we have become on technology. It's like, we cannot live without those stuffs around us; cell phones, computers/laptops, some TV, iPOD/MP3 players, anything that is tech-savvy.
I mean, just imagine if you are without your cell for a day; okayyy, even for a couple of hours, how do you picture yourself?
If your car broke down and you couldn't use it for a couple of days as it was sent to the workshop, what are you going to do?
If your workstation died (laptop or computer at work), what will you be doing next?

Funny how all these generation paradigm have affected us so deeply these days.
Previously, don't even talk about cell phones, even telephone is considered a luxury to be installed at home.
And TV? Haha...the most people could afford back then was a radio which broadcasts all the news and also movies, ads, etc.
Now, if you do not have your TV/DVD/CD player, I think you will be bored:p

Sighhhhhs.....and now, I pray for my laptop to be back to life :)
Of course, it is already fulfilled...!! YEayyyy!! Laptop is alive now!!~ :)

Why can't I access my own blog?

I was trying to access my Angelstar blog and found that I was unable to and that I need to save it or something.
Similar to Nick's blog which I have trying endlessly (in vain) to access and giving me the same old message.
So now, I have managed to log in and let's see whether this can enable me to access my blog.
Sighs....what happened to being an owner of a blog when you cannot access it???

Monday, April 09, 2007

Penang Bridge

Some pics from the Penang Bridge hoo-ha the other day.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bomb on Penang Bridge!!!

Whoa.....this is really interesting, now I know what caused that major and massive traffic jam on the bridge yesterday!!!
There was actually a bomb hoax during that time!!!
And amazingly, I was actually there at that exact time !!! Yeah, no kidding about it....I was really there and the best part of it, I wasn't even aware!!!

Okay, I was leaving the office slightly earlier.... coz I just had a hunch feeling and just wanted to leave a little early yesterday....so left at about 4.35pm..... (not unfair coz I started work at 6am).
Can't explain the feeling, deja vu....it's just that something at the back of my head kept saying...get ready to leave....leave early....
And then smack at 4.30....I packed and got out of there.
Then I was surprised to see a crawl as I approached the Prai area....turning into the bridge and I was like....hey, that's impossible, it's just 5pm and by right, there should be no jam.
So I followed the crawl and was slightly stumped by which truck or heavy vehicle fell on the bridge again...I was stuck last year on the bridge due to an accident for 4 hours!!!!
So, I was praying hard that this is not the case.....

Then hit the bridge and still pretty slow but at least it was moving :)
Then as I approached the middle of the bridge (which took me like, forever), I noticed one weird thing....there is not a single car in sight on the other side of the bridge (the one heading towards mainland).
Surprising huh?
Then I saw those police cars arriving and then saw them looking OVER the bridge....weird weirder and I was like, there must be something big.....but not sure what caused all that....
Only simple deductions like probably accident (car fell/toppled over), suicide threat, or maybe smuggling or illegal immigrants.
Then I noticed a line of police cars; all doing the same thing - looking OVER the bridge.....
then on my side, I even saw marine police approaching the bridge and I was like, hmmmmm...what could it be?
It NEVER ever crossed my mind that a bomb could be there....I mean, those were the kind of things you watch on the movies and not imaginable when you could be part of the action-packed thing okay :p

I finally got out of the bridge and was like, yeayyyy...I am out.....I reached home at about 6pm...not too bad; considering that it was only an hour and a half.
Then my friend texted me, and told me that there was a man made bomb threat......police were scouting the area and closing the bridge for the bomb and to avoid any possible incidences of bomb explosions.
Man....so that's what's causing the whole massive jam....I wasn't even reacting yet at that time...just hearing about all those jam on the coastal road and highway. (I know, I was a little blur and slow yesterday...must the exhaustion and jet lag effect kicking in)
Didn't even watch the news.....then this morning, reality set in when I texted and told Dad and Dad responded that there was an actual bomb replica (in the steel) found on the bridge!
That suddenly got me into the real world and I was suddenly awake.....wowww.....I could have been on that bridge and in a possible explosion.
Not being paranoid...I have had 2 narrow escapes so far....with bestie.....she'd remember that one....
BUT, this is actual....think of it....call me over imaginative (that's why I write stories!) ...BUT imagine, just think.....if I were really there...and *touchwood* it exploded right smack when all of us were there.... (they only closed one side of the bridge at that time anyway).....THEN, yesterday could be my LAST DAY!!

Yes, Angelstar aka Christy's LAST DAY......man, is that freaky or what?

And I was just thinking, I have so much things undone and yet to achieve....and also so much things to see!!!
Man, this really call for some serious reflection time and also resolution..... haha, write up a will or something...hey Good friend, it's really time for insurance policy to set in too! :D

I really thank the Lord for this......thank you Father....for protecting and blessing me :)
Don't know whether this is cheating death or whatsoever but I do know, I am really touched and thankful to God...... I know he is right there beside me :)

Doesn't this bring a new meaning to the literal saying that we Live each day as if it's the last day - so that we will live our life to the fullest and make the best of each day?
Seize the day or Carpe Diem?

And the most interesting thing was, I spent the entire day yesterday in Kulim......haha....now that is the most unanticipated thing....and probably the last thing I would want :p
Miserable huh, it could be my possible last day and KM? Hahaha......no comments.....
Know what they say that things come when you least expect it?:p

Whatever, this calls for a serious thinking .....and not overthinking...so...New Life....
Brand New day...as quoted by Chicken Little!!

Hmmmm....wonder whether I can talk my boss into letting me to work in Penang now.....
Unless another tsunami threat or the possible sinking of the island now sets in.....yikes, then that's another different story....

Working Day

Another of those days when I have to drag my feet to Kulim again....arrrggghhhhh... really not looking forward to it....
It's really a drag to get to the bridge and the 30-45 mins drive to the office there on the mainland in Kedah.
Roads are narrow (yeah, even on highways) and there's always bound to be constructions here and there.
Then there's speed limit; only 90kmph.....and cars which crawl on the road and still hog the right lane (aka FAST lane).
Seems that they do not really understand the purpose of the right lane......

I am not a brutal or F1 driver (if you think so after reading this post)....I am just making some noise heard that I am going to Kulim today......
Gotta leave earlier to avoid another disaster.....jam on the bridge!!!
Sighsss....Kulim woes :(

Uninvited dreams

Weird weird and freaky....
Recently, I have been having these weird dreams which really freak me out and I mean it; not just literally.
I mean, I can just get so scared that I can startle myself out of sleep and just jump right up; heart thumping even when I was already awake and wide-eyed.
Freaky huh?
I don't really want to talk about my dreams; they vary....but just that they are not pleasant and I am horrified by them...
But just that I have these encounters and then I just felt like I am chased; or otherwise I see some sort of unhappy or sombre mood of events which are dark and gloomy and freaks me out.
I am trying to interpret my dreams (I do know how to interpret dreams; though not the highest expert - but I do know at some certain level).

Sighsss....really some REM type of sleep that I am having huh..... when I am especially tired recently....
I am praying to God to protect and bless me and stay by my bedside so that I will have peace of mind.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Of Shopping and Sales

I have to agree with LaydieBug(as I always do :), those sales are "evil".....they make you spend and go on those madness spree; like you just look at the prices and you know they are cheap and you stand there wondering and torn on whether you should get it without feeling guilty or deal with the fact you may have to wait for the sale to be on again plus you may not be able to find something similar again to the one you have in your hand.
Sounds familiar?
Isn't that the shopping dilemma or what we call the to buy or not to buy kind of situation?

On the other hand, knowing myself and of course, bestie too, we are never the type to spend foolishly..... actually most of the ladies are like that (for a few exceptions).
Most of us know what we are doing; and we know when the prices are jacked up on purpose or really cheap....don't think ladies are just some dumb bimbos who just go there and oooh aaaahhh all over the 50%, 70% signages we see hanging around whenever the sales season are here. We do know our stuffs okay; all those window shopping (that guys usually find a waste of time) do actually help in knowing the actual price.
We actually know all the value's worth and whether the quality is good just at a glance or a magical touch....haha, no kidding, ladies are born with that natural talent.

Call us shopping draggers? (when we spend way too much time shopping the whole day?)
Haha......but we often come up with the best buys and value for money ler.....
So, there is no issue anymore...... unless you want to point that we wasted the time but I still don't agree with that coz the time was exchanged with that careful shopping attitude!
We are not dumbos who fall for those Cheap/Hot Deals without checking:D

So....I have been doing some shopping and really, I also feel that everything is inviting...haha, somemore with sales.
But need to control and watch the spending too; it's not good to always buy everything; I always believe in moderation. It is okay to spend or splurge if you want once in a while if it makes you feel good but otherwise, still better to spend within your means.

BUT....sales are always evil....they give you those knots in the stomach when you are not sure whether you deserve to get this and then you try to psycho yourself by saying you will go without a good meal or buy nothing thereafter.
Then there's also those moments when you refuse to let go of an item you like and kept telling yourself you may not find this anymore.....
Sighhhhsss.... see, it's not easy part of the female species either...... it's like a tough decision and time whenever we go through that...don't you wish you have lots of money? (but even if I do, think I will still think before I spend....thrift and moderation in mind :D

KL Here I Come

I am on my way back to KL soon; hehe....yeah, I will be back in KL for the Easter weekend :D
So fun.....
Can't wait.......
I heard there's a Sales again in KL, is that so? :D:D

Holy Week

It is the Holy Week this week....yeah, the week of observation where we await the resurrection of Christ our Lord :)
Tomorrow will the Passover...the Last Supper and then Good Friday, Holy Saturday (Easter midnight vigil) and of course, Easter Sunday!!!
New Life once again!~
Praise the Lord!!!

I am BACK!!!!~

I just came back; landed on Malaysia grounds again after a short trip to the Lion City once again :)
I was back in our Malaysian little island...hey, not a bad island as well :)
Hehe...Malaysia's Penang is after all, the Pearl of the Orient :D

Somehow you always feel patriotic after a trip overseas or out of your own country.... hehehe....
Anyway, stay tune for more updates!~