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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Kulim Day....

Aiks....another day in Kulim, sienzzzz....
I am really getting bored of driving over to Kulim twice a week...it's also way too many days for me.
Funny how I should be complaining now...hehe....I was okay with Kulim before this but I guess the distance and the time is catching up with me; a little troublesome lar.
I am also normal human being, okay, I also experience feelings of boredom,frustrations, etc.
I really don't like days that I have to go to Kulim; it's such a long drive on the highway and the insecurity to drive there.
Somemore now I have shifted to my new place(yeah,I found a new place dy), I don't intend to travel so early....safety issues :(
To think of those days when we have only seen paddy fields in pictionaries and also TV, now I am actually seeing them every day. Yeah, we are city kids,we don't see paddy fields; there's barely even fields - usually we see concrete trees....touching the skies with their tips.
Then there's cows....and boy, also those flying "kamikaze" insects that just love to land splattered on the windscreen. I mean, my windscreen is not your suicide ground and I have to clean it; sometimes they are such stubborn stains.
Sighhhs.....the irony of a city brat trapped in a rural town:p

Sighhhhs....why do I have to travel to KM???

*Just another whiny day about Kulim again*