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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Uninvited dreams

Weird weird and freaky....
Recently, I have been having these weird dreams which really freak me out and I mean it; not just literally.
I mean, I can just get so scared that I can startle myself out of sleep and just jump right up; heart thumping even when I was already awake and wide-eyed.
Freaky huh?
I don't really want to talk about my dreams; they vary....but just that they are not pleasant and I am horrified by them...
But just that I have these encounters and then I just felt like I am chased; or otherwise I see some sort of unhappy or sombre mood of events which are dark and gloomy and freaks me out.
I am trying to interpret my dreams (I do know how to interpret dreams; though not the highest expert - but I do know at some certain level).

Sighsss....really some REM type of sleep that I am having huh..... when I am especially tired recently....
I am praying to God to protect and bless me and stay by my bedside so that I will have peace of mind.