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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Gate Closed

I came early to work this morning; reached the FTZ area at about 6 sth; and I was going to turn into the industrial zone using the gate from Kampung Jawa entrance.
Yikes! And that was a mistake (should have listened to that voice to go in through the coastal highway area).
Wasted that couple of extra minutes making a turn back to hit the coastal highway.
Darn....why on earth did they close that gate?

Anyway, as I was having lunch with my netball team, they mentioned they were all late to work this morning. Most of them were caught in the jam near Sunshine Square junction; the Kampung Jawa area...haha, so near yet so far...so ironic:p
Some of them were stuck for an hour; some more than 20 minutes.....
Sighs...the roundabout near Bukit Jambul doesn't help either....

So the main point of the discussion was that, why on earth would they close the gate?
And what is the use of that gate anyway?
1. Today is a public holiday for some....so, they decided to close the gate....(yeah, fat chance:P)
2. Why is the purpose of the gate - supposed to restrict the admission/exit of those heavy vehicles which were supposed to be ferrying all our precious and valuable chips, etc.... and inspection is to be carried out to prevent thefts and burglaries...
Haha...that is a joke!:D

Louise and I kinda agreed that if this was effective, will we have those theft and loss cases anymore?
Uh uh......

Another interesting part is, most of the people thought today is a public holiday and thus the road should be pretty vacant; slightly more relaxed from the normal traffic flow.
Maybe everyone thought of the same thing as well and thus, all ended up at the same time...stuck in the jam too...
Whateva....all because of a silly gate:p