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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Howdy Rain

Aiks, rain was pouring hard yesterday in the afternoon when we scheduled the netball practice....and we had to cancel...bummer.
Need to meet them today to discuss about rules and strategies.....aih, the other groups had pretty tall players(why did I keep mentioning they are tall:p)
Kiasu dy....hehehe, still remember my kiasu character?hehehe......well, it's always good to know about your opponents before competition....as the Cantonese saying goes "Chi Kei Chi Pei, Pak Chin Pak Seng" (direct translation: Know each other's ability/weaknesses and comparison, you will succeed in every match" (I think it's something like that)
Let's hope it will rain (ermm, I mean, should not rain today)....hahaha......