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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Good Samaritan...Thumbs Up!!

Yesterday I was in Sungai Dua; my friend was driving. Then we stopped by to buy some fruits and parked diagonally ( conveniently) into an empty slot next to another car which did the same and there was this row of motorcycles there.
So he went down and I remained in the car; then I heard this loud honking; and saw a big lorry from my rear mirror; think it had difficulty in getting through the gap and my friend came over to steer his car away.
At the same time, there were 3 onlookers; and the Malay man and his daughter; getting ready to mount their bike; stood there and gestured to the lorry driver to take it slow to allow us time to reverse our car out of position.
Then the lorry's passenger; an Indian man, got down and also motioned us to reverse; while watching the back of our car against the neighbouring car and the lorry's position.
Then we had to reverse more due to another adjacent motorcycle parked there and this Malay man and his daughter helped to move the motorcycle and with that, the whole car steered out.
I was surprised and we waved at the Malay man and daughter and also to the lorry folks.
My surprise came from the admiration that there are people who are so helpful; I mean, we have heard of all the self-importance most of the time in this materialistic society and thus, this is really a very sweet thought and perspective when you see people helping each other; and if you noticed, we are of different races - the unique blend of Malaysian society.
They could've chosen to just stand by the side and look; and just keep honking (after all, it's our problem we parked it that way).
But no, everyone took part voluntarily to resolve the situation instead of waiting and having a fight over it.
Think even some professionals (white collar or higher class people) do not do that; no offense meant.... but yes, we are indeed lacking of all these values today but yet, I was proven wrong as I truly witnessed the termed "Masyarakat Majmuk" and the helpful attitude....
Proud to be a Malaysian (patriotic) and Malaysia Boleh!!~
*Isn't this a wonderful and harmonious place?**

Note: I am sorry I didn't get their pics or names; they deserve so much a mention in my blog....but anyway, KUDOS and remember, a little goes a long way:D