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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sisters' Dream

Talk about irony or coincidence; here I was talking about all those memories of sisterhood and also long-lost friendships, and then on the same night, I had a dream of my old gal friend (jee mui).
Hahaha.....yep, and guess who that is?
The only one whom we have kinda lost touch with....Shay Lye :D
I dreamt of her....really, she looked just like...well, Shay Lye....and she's sported a new hairdo, long and curly; or rather wavy:)
And she looked mature in her style and also her speech.....hmmmmmm, wonder whether that's her current outlook.
I really missed you gals lar....when is our reunion? 4 of us? Haha....Dory and I are definitely waiting for it; how about Japanese and dream-gal?:p