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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Down Sisters Lane:D

Finally got back in touch with this old pal of mine; haha...the 4-in-a-gang last time; how many of them already that I have...hehe, all the foursome sisterly links:p
But they are really cool; they are real babes and good shoulders for each to lean on when you need someone.
Haha...and not forgetting those juicy chat sessions with my "sis-pals"...it is something to be treasured.
Now when did it all started, back in Kindie, there were these 2 girls whom I used to talk to and sat beside them in class. Both of them played nurses in the sketch for the annual concert; think one of them was one of my ex-housemates :)
Then in primary school; the early years, there was a bunch of us...this big group of gals in my class who hung out together and play with each other.
Those days were Play House, Hopscotch,skipping rope with those rubber-made ropes,catching game with the boys,Hide & Seek, cards (Snap lar...), haha:)
It was so fun then...it was a really big group; the leader was Joan, then there's Mun Yee, Pui San, Suet Fun, Lie Wei, Chun Yen, Phaik Bee,May May, Wei Wei...wow, can still remember them....this is really a walk down memory lane.
Pui San and Chun Yen were the thin gals and could run really really fast, no kidding :)
Joan could reach heights in the rubber rope game, May May and Wei Wei were kinda quiet girls.

Soon after, the group lost the adhesity when this new school was built near the secondary school on the hill and some of them went over. Let me see, I think only Joan left; everyone was still around.
However, the bond was not so strong anymore and as we moved on to different classes (due to our form teacher who had some personal issues and couldn't make it that time), we had to be floating students and ended up in other classes.
Then in upper primary, the only close ones left were me, Lie Wei and Chun Yen :)
Then there is this new addition of Shay Lye...and this formed the new foursome (sort of the 1st Foursome gang:)
Unique and all of different characters; somehow it's always a 3+1 thing....
1. 3 of us were prefects; not CY
2. 3 of us were in choir; not CY
3. 3 of us took the same van to and fro school; not SY.
4. 3 of them had short hair, not me:p
5. 3 of us sat together; not CY
Hahaha...and many more, that's what I could remember as of now.
But we were a really funny and close group; despite our differences.
SY was a quick-witted girl; in terms of her mind and also her speech.
CY was always the quiet and easy-going one; not much for words but rather funny when she speaks.
And LW was the main protector; she's always watching out for us and like a big sister though in age wise, SY and I were actually older.
But you see, we blend in kinda well, and somehow we always remember to include one another whenever there's anything -school trips, etc.
And it was so nice to have the gals to stand up for you when you are in trouble....seriously, maybe we were too young, but things were genuine back then and it was so nice.
I missed that first "jee-mui" gang :D
*Something like the "I have a date with spring" kind of friendship; I think we were not that focal or touchy but it was still all fun to be with them.

Then in secondary school; there were my St John's jee mui...the NC8 gals :D
My comrades:p
There's Swee Yin, Ai Jane, Siew Mun,Yoong Yoong,Reena,Jes - the ultimate cool girl comrades team:D
Muacks...still remember those silly marching thingy (gosh, I hated that....so destructive:p)
And those lunches after the morning sessions...haha, and all those scouts scandals,tak boleh tahan:p

Ooo...for my first jee mui foursome, there's still 3 of us (yet another 3+1 scenario)..LW left for her hometown in Taiping and we kept in touch with her through snail mail correspondence; except for SY:p
But see, of all the groups, this was the longest standing gang; we actually missed having LW around that time.
We seldom go along in secondary school anymore; being in different classes.
LW often asked in her mails how we were doing and whether we still hung out together:D

Then in upper secondary, there's Jean and Sook Yee and Yenn...all my close besties....but not exactly the hanging out together type just that I happen to be close to all 3 of them:)
But these were cool chics who really made lives happy:)

In Uni, I have my Siao-link housemates; B01-08...haha, Joyce, Woan Lih roomie and Lee Voon. Really siao, crazy...we can laugh and laugh for hours:)
Those times watching all those movies together in that little small room...cramming in all 4 for those stories and siao jokes sharing....missed those days.
Then in degree years; another foursome; Ruyi Mama, Carmen Sai Ma, and Jin Jin Maria...haha, then add in another Jojo Driver :D
So funny too.....

Now at work, a new bunch of great people to work with; haha....my jee mui....Chee Leng,Mei See,Lee Hua,Cheu Li jie jie,Hooi Li and ya, two guys as well...haha, just a funny story how they ended up in the gang as well:p

Recently just caught up with my old time friend, and I mean really long pal; Lie Wei who's actually also working here in Penang. And I am keeping in touch with Chun Yen...and Shay Lye once in a while :)
Really happy; hope we can really meet each other again soon....a gathering or something.
Sometimes,it is really a small small world :)