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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bomb on Penang Bridge!!!

Whoa.....this is really interesting, now I know what caused that major and massive traffic jam on the bridge yesterday!!!
There was actually a bomb hoax during that time!!!
And amazingly, I was actually there at that exact time !!! Yeah, no kidding about it....I was really there and the best part of it, I wasn't even aware!!!

Okay, I was leaving the office slightly earlier.... coz I just had a hunch feeling and just wanted to leave a little early yesterday....so left at about 4.35pm..... (not unfair coz I started work at 6am).
Can't explain the feeling, deja vu....it's just that something at the back of my head kept saying...get ready to leave....leave early....
And then smack at 4.30....I packed and got out of there.
Then I was surprised to see a crawl as I approached the Prai area....turning into the bridge and I was like....hey, that's impossible, it's just 5pm and by right, there should be no jam.
So I followed the crawl and was slightly stumped by which truck or heavy vehicle fell on the bridge again...I was stuck last year on the bridge due to an accident for 4 hours!!!!
So, I was praying hard that this is not the case.....

Then hit the bridge and still pretty slow but at least it was moving :)
Then as I approached the middle of the bridge (which took me like, forever), I noticed one weird thing....there is not a single car in sight on the other side of the bridge (the one heading towards mainland).
Surprising huh?
Then I saw those police cars arriving and then saw them looking OVER the bridge....weird weirder and I was like, there must be something big.....but not sure what caused all that....
Only simple deductions like probably accident (car fell/toppled over), suicide threat, or maybe smuggling or illegal immigrants.
Then I noticed a line of police cars; all doing the same thing - looking OVER the bridge.....
then on my side, I even saw marine police approaching the bridge and I was like, hmmmmm...what could it be?
It NEVER ever crossed my mind that a bomb could be there....I mean, those were the kind of things you watch on the movies and not imaginable when you could be part of the action-packed thing okay :p

I finally got out of the bridge and was like, yeayyyy...I am out.....I reached home at about 6pm...not too bad; considering that it was only an hour and a half.
Then my friend texted me, and told me that there was a man made bomb threat......police were scouting the area and closing the bridge for the bomb and to avoid any possible incidences of bomb explosions.
Man....so that's what's causing the whole massive jam....I wasn't even reacting yet at that time...just hearing about all those jam on the coastal road and highway. (I know, I was a little blur and slow yesterday...must the exhaustion and jet lag effect kicking in)
Didn't even watch the news.....then this morning, reality set in when I texted and told Dad and Dad responded that there was an actual bomb replica (in the steel) found on the bridge!
That suddenly got me into the real world and I was suddenly awake.....wowww.....I could have been on that bridge and in a possible explosion.
Not being paranoid...I have had 2 narrow escapes so far....with bestie.....she'd remember that one....
BUT, this is actual....think of it....call me over imaginative (that's why I write stories!) ...BUT imagine, just think.....if I were really there...and *touchwood* it exploded right smack when all of us were there.... (they only closed one side of the bridge at that time anyway).....THEN, yesterday could be my LAST DAY!!

Yes, Angelstar aka Christy's LAST DAY......man, is that freaky or what?

And I was just thinking, I have so much things undone and yet to achieve....and also so much things to see!!!
Man, this really call for some serious reflection time and also resolution..... haha, write up a will or something...hey Good friend, it's really time for insurance policy to set in too! :D

I really thank the Lord for this......thank you Father....for protecting and blessing me :)
Don't know whether this is cheating death or whatsoever but I do know, I am really touched and thankful to God...... I know he is right there beside me :)

Doesn't this bring a new meaning to the literal saying that we Live each day as if it's the last day - so that we will live our life to the fullest and make the best of each day?
Seize the day or Carpe Diem?

And the most interesting thing was, I spent the entire day yesterday in Kulim......haha....now that is the most unanticipated thing....and probably the last thing I would want :p
Miserable huh, it could be my possible last day and KM? Hahaha......no comments.....
Know what they say that things come when you least expect it?:p

Whatever, this calls for a serious thinking .....and not overthinking...so...New Life....
Brand New day...as quoted by Chicken Little!!

Hmmmm....wonder whether I can talk my boss into letting me to work in Penang now.....
Unless another tsunami threat or the possible sinking of the island now sets in.....yikes, then that's another different story....