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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Working Day

Another of those days when I have to drag my feet to Kulim again....arrrggghhhhh... really not looking forward to it....
It's really a drag to get to the bridge and the 30-45 mins drive to the office there on the mainland in Kedah.
Roads are narrow (yeah, even on highways) and there's always bound to be constructions here and there.
Then there's speed limit; only 90kmph.....and cars which crawl on the road and still hog the right lane (aka FAST lane).
Seems that they do not really understand the purpose of the right lane......

I am not a brutal or F1 driver (if you think so after reading this post)....I am just making some noise heard that I am going to Kulim today......
Gotta leave earlier to avoid another disaster.....jam on the bridge!!!
Sighsss....Kulim woes :(