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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Time Changes

You know, human beings are realistic and superficial beings.
Sorry if I sounded rather crude this morning but no joke, people are just so darn materialistic.
When you are well-off and being, they just say yes to everything that you want or even take turns to actually entertain or be your company.
Once they think you are not doing so well or rather, let's put it in a way that you are no longer beneficial to them, they ignore you or even try to graciously(but fail miserably) turn down your invitation, etc.
I am shocked to see such behavior; and mind you, sometimes your friends can be much better than your relatives.
No offense meant; I have seen lots of cases...in fact, there are so many that I know actually told me before that they sometimes prefer to trust their friends more than their relatives.
I even have close friends who used to tell me that their relatives are only interested in showing off/boasting their capabilities...you know, children's academice results, working achievements, wealth, social status, whatsoever that they think they surpass you, then that's where they come in...*Shaking my head*
Ohhhhhh....did I forget to mention that sometimes, they do care about you, when they want to be recognized for their "caring attitude" and also, blast it to the entire world on their superficial caring behavior.
It is not really any issue or any concern to anyone whatever that happens to either you or them; but it's just so annoying when they have to go about asking why this, how....and also, especially when it is something bad, they just like to make that person look more miserable than they already are.
I don't know why we have people like these, but I don't think that's questionable as these are natural; God's creation and that's why we have a vast variety of people around...what you call by diversity:p Unique individuals everywhere

Sometimes it is not that you want to strain relationships like these; you know, those unavoidable familial ties (or even those bau bacang-alike relatives), but they just make you wanna stay away from them. So chicken and egg situation, who's the first to start it?
Well, I can say, it is not a loss, nothing bad about it; sometimes you just wish you are away and distant....
A normal piece of rambling today on the social issues I see and hear of....
And to end this...BIG SIGH!!~