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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Annual Dinner 2006 Part 1

Ta daaa....finally the day of the event....hooray....then I am home to celebrate beloved daddy's birthday:p
Hehehe....committee were there early...me as usual and this was the signage at the main hall to lead our guests to the venue itself :)
Can you see my figure reflected?:p

And these were snapped from Han Yong's camera; the view of the hotel garden or rather, sea view:p

That was our banner...hey, where's the other half?
Look at our miniature flyers and you will get what I mean...so what happened to Mr ar?:p

The grand entrance into the Grand ballroom.....haha....
And these are the grand receptionists....hahaha....HY, JA, Liew and Fook:)
Busy setting up....actually they were the important men of the function and they will be coordinating the events....there we have, the man of the event himself there:)
Guess who *winks*
Ladies and gentlemen, presenting to you, our ATDM dolls...hehee :)
Dedicated dancers; bravo and I really salute their commitment and sacrifices made to spend their after work hours each day to dance to perfection for the event:)
Way to go, guys and gals....sway your way:)
Performers for the opening dance...Sway....I love that song...tantalizing for a salsa cum tango combination...ooo and also rhumba dance in this dance.
We had our full run rehearsal; with timing and also the coordination of the flow:)
Ran until 12.30p.m. where we finally have to leave the hall for the hotel staff to decorate the hall....so, it's time for our lunch and also self-preparation.
For the gals, it pretty much meant setting your hair and making up to transform ourselves into the belles of the ball:)
So, we headed upstairs to the hotel rooms (yeayyy, we managed to get a room from E&O for the committee and forked out extra $$$ for another room)
This is the first room; actually this belongs to the guys but since the other room is not available yet, we crammed into the guys' room to settle down and rest before we set off on the beauty mission:P
Some of them wanted to get some sleep but since we were bound by the time constraints, no choice lar....need to buck up and go for lunch then take our baths and also change for the night.
Anyway, a little peek into the room.
Surprisingly, I would say the rooms are not bad; no wonder they charge you for such a cut throat price...hahaa, frankly, there's more expensive hotels around but for Penang, this is it:p
The rooms were spacious; and yet we were told this is the smallest room....or rather, I would call these suites man:p
The beds; there were 2 queen-sized beds by the wall:)
We then headed straight to town for a quick lunch and then straight to get things done for ourselves....
Stay tune to the next part...hehehe.:p