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Sunday, November 26, 2006

100% Human Hair???

Did you know that there is this shop in Sunway Pyramid which sells/specializes in hair wigs?
Of course, it may sound common but the bizarre thing is that the selling point about their products are that the wigs are of human hair - complete 100% human hair!!!
Aiksssss......sounds creepy to me:P
We walked past the shop and mum decided to just take a look for fun and I followed her; rather reluctantly I should say...haha.
You should understand what I mean judging from the pictures posted here....eeee.....they look so real and seriously, they really gave me the creeps:p (Sorry for the poor quality of the pics)
The whole shop was full of these bodiless (what a word to use) mannequins to display the wigs and they have that blank expressions on the faces (like, duuuhhh....if they were to have animated expressions, I bet I will be the new Olympic sprinter on the spot.....haha)
Mum saw a girl trying on the wigs and mentioned that it made her look so pretty. I shuddered at the looks of all these dummies and finally I lifted my fingers to run through the texture of the wigs and seriously, the hair is SMOOTH! and definitely human hair.....guess the demand is higher for realistic hair; but I guess it is logical especially for those who really need the wigs.
By the way, these wigs are not cheap either; I took a peek at the tag and saw that it costs about Rm200++...and I think that's one of the minimum prices. The wigs come in a variation of long, short, straight, curly, wavy, scruffy, etc...thus the prices ranges as well.
Anyway, I didn't want to stay long and dragged mummy out asap....really "geli" to stay there....
Check it out if you are ever in Sunway Pyramid and you'll know what I mean:)