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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Professional Grooming

I attended a professional grooming course for about 2 hours (a complimentary evening talk) by this Image Consultant.
It was pretty interesting....but most of what I have already known though:p

I actually kinda like the idea of all these concepts of impression, dress code, conduct, table manners, etc:)

To me, it's also vital to always be properly conducted and well-mannered...
And it doesn't take a consultant to tell you that:)

Funny stories across the ocean...

Last week I had fun hosting a bunch of managers from UK, Germany and Singapore who came all the way for the purpose of an important project.
At the same time, I met up with the presenter of the project who was also from the Europe continent and we engaged in an interesting conversation.

Most of them flew in here during their Easter holidays; a pity for them...as they were Christians and Easter means a great deal to them.
In fact, as Colin quoted, "Easter is so important that the company closes during Easter...and the COUNTRY closes!!"

Wowww....and look at us here...we don't even get holidays on Good Friday nor Easter Monday:(

Furthermore, they also mentioned about the queer weather in their region at the moment; instead of entering spring season, they are experiencing heavy snowfall that they were stranded at the airport during their departure.
Due to the heavy snowfall, the plane was iced or frosted!!!
And they had to wait for a good 45 minutes for the de-frosting or de-icing of the plane and the wings to enable the plane's departure.
It was an amazing thing...and an eye-opener even for themselves!!

Hahaha....I told them that we are also getting weird seasons here recently...
A HOT HOT afternoon or morning, and then in the late afternoon, skies will become so dark and gloomy and then greeted us with a torrent of heavy rainfall as well...

Snow over there and rain over here....isn't it unique...God's amazing creation...

And Colin, do remember your promise to bring me snow from England!!:D (If you can...:)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bad Day

I was on my way to work this morning when I heard Daniel Powter's Bad Day on the radio.

You know what, I hated this song to be played early in the morning and I always find it ridiculous of the radio deejays to play this song at the start of the day.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against this song - I find it on the average side but the main problem is to play it to start the day.
Isn't it common sense that there should be cheer to start a day rather than to doom it as a bad day?

A bad day is when the day is over and yeah, it frustrates you...and then you go along with the song.
You don't care whether it's a good or bad day at the end of the day...you sing along...

So, to all the deejays, please please please give us some motivating and uplifting songs in the morning....and don't doom it....

Else, I can only say..."RIGHT BACK AT YA!"

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Voices of Eve!

Hey, just a short announcement, to all of you out there, ladies and gentlemen alike.....in case you are interested about female stuffs, gossips, etc...I have another blog which I posted all about EVE!!

Do check it out and let me know what you think about it!:)

Voices of eve

Have fun and HAPPY READING!!!

Lots of disclaimers; I am not promoting any product; nor am I endorsed to do any such thing. I am merely voicing my own opinion...I could be a critic as well.

Dah...this is a free country; democracy rules!!!

Short break's over

Oooo.. the long-awaited short weekend break I was looking forward to is about to be over soon.....
It was a long 4-day weekend break; starting from Prophet Muhammad's birthday on Thursday which coincided with our Maundy Thursday or more popularly known as the Passover.
Then i took a day's leave on Good Friday and of course, you know the rest.

Yesterday was Holy Saturday and was also coincidentally, my grandfather's 14th year anniversary of his death. We made a trip to his grave and at the same time, paid our respects to our dear grandmother who had also laid to rest beside him.
And last night, despite my sleepy eyes, I made it to the Easter Vigil mass....yeah, half-awake (pardon me)

I can't believe a short 4-day break just flew past me...(I know that time flies) but seriously, sometimes it just flew too soon! I'm sure you agree with me....
Nevertheless, I am still looking forward to get back to work.....back to the exciting work life where new and interesting things happen and I am anticipating many more great surprises.
If you know me well enough, you will know that I just love being busy......some call me workaholics, yeah...whatever, I know, I love work more that sometimes I just don't seem to have a life, right?

Well.....it's gonna rain soon and a few more hours to Monday...no blues for me!:P

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pre-CNY cum farewell Gathering with friends

My Penang buddies and sisters threw a Pre-CNY cum farewell gathering a week before CNY; a truly fun and memorable gathering for everyone!~
Hosted by RockYouPhotos.com

Most of us were there after a hard day of work; and I must truly thank my sistas and also Fook, the organizer:)
Mei See suggested her condominium (I used to stay in that condominium area) since it had the barbecue facilities.
Hosted by RockYouPhotos.com

It was so much fun and everyone was entertained by the hilarious antics and jokes of Mr Fook:D

Thank you!~:)
Hosted by RockYouPhotos.com

The photos for a lasting memory...
Hosted by RockYouPhotos.com
Hosted by RockYouPhotos.com

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Tribe has spoken

The gathering of the jungle to choose their new tribe leader respectively has recently ended with the choice votes of the tribal council in each area.
The unexpected (or at least to some) happened and the tribe has definitely spoken, and the skies are to clear after the clouds and the thunderstorm.

In Survivor, you vote to cast out the undeserving member and the count goes by majority of the tribe.
The defeated member needs to leave and admit his/her loss; whether willingly or unwillingly. As quoted, The Tribe has spoken!

It is expected that the losing tribe needs to admit their defeat and bow out to the winner and not make a big fuss out of it.
One such good example is a noble tribal leader of the island famous for its nutmeg who bowed out immediately after the tribal vote count and further offered his hand to help the new successor up his chair.

And the others.....well, still need to understand the true meaning of the sentence, "The Tribe has spoken"

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Island Dilemma

It came as a big surprise to me to know that a big giant had thoughts of pulling out from our precious and gem of pride due to certain glitches with the governing ogre
It may not be something unplanned, but to the plain ol' elves' ears, this is news and definitely an uproar which came out of the blue.

It was never presumed nor guaranteed that the giant (which had prospered in the little growing island) will stay forever and yet at the same time, it was nevertheless a shock when a familiar giant which had stayed on the land for some time made such decision.

The news came to light when a parchment containing the humble request from the local dignified gnome who made an effort to work with the ogre to offer more treasures to the giant in order to stay. Reason is simple, the giant had employed most of the elves and dwarves in the kingdom to help in the quest for treasure retention and exploration. And the giant's departure may land these poor unfortunate elves and dwarves homeless and scattered.

Another interesting catch is the departure of one giant may lead to the ears of the other giants around in the kingdom and they may pursue greener pastures following the first giant's pursuit.
It was indeed a depressing situation to ponder and the noble gnome is right now being dragged to the stake in public for persecution for offering unknown treasures to the giant as a resort of retaining the giant; a biased treatment and unfair to the other slaving elves, dwarves, pixies, goblins in the kingdom who contributed regularly to the kingdom's big pot of treasures.

It is dilemma of the island; with the gnome being persecuted and the giant's intention which worries the elves and dwarves....and yet, this had not been soothed with words of comfort but instead in sharp daggers flying at each other to protect their own counties and boundaries...

And what we, little elves, dwarves and pixies, waiting for the verdict to determine the days of dear ol' life and the supply of treasures for the next generation.....so there......


Words always have a striking effect on everyone; and I always think of words uttered as poison lashed out from the lips.
Some say things without thinking
Some utter words with intention to hurt you (venom from the lips)
Some disguise their words with dual meaning...for the respondent to be enlightened with their own intelligence...

I am sure all of us have encountered words by people around us in those aforementioned scenario; either one way or another; some may hurt us so much that we find it so painful to even recall it and remorseful upon knowing the true meaning.
Sometimes, we also feel angry for being falsely accused and yet knowing that we are at the point where we can't say anything since nothing was directly pointed out.
There are even times when we just take jokes so seriously that we pictured them as directed at us; to point our faults although it was merely unintentional and harmless.

All sorts of things are the games played on our mind, and the key thing is...ourselves and how we think of that person looking back at us in the mirror every single day.
I used to be a person who are particular with words, and yet, I told myself that I shall take things lightly.
However, sometimes, it is just not so easy to say one thing and do another......as the saying goes, "Easier said than done"
And Yet, I could kick myself for how words can make me restless for the night....when I can't even decipher whether the person is joking or really being sarcastic....

Words....everlasting words......words can really mean so much to me....

Perhaps, I should really relax.......no more words....
A Crossword puzzle, anyone?