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Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Words always have a striking effect on everyone; and I always think of words uttered as poison lashed out from the lips.
Some say things without thinking
Some utter words with intention to hurt you (venom from the lips)
Some disguise their words with dual meaning...for the respondent to be enlightened with their own intelligence...

I am sure all of us have encountered words by people around us in those aforementioned scenario; either one way or another; some may hurt us so much that we find it so painful to even recall it and remorseful upon knowing the true meaning.
Sometimes, we also feel angry for being falsely accused and yet knowing that we are at the point where we can't say anything since nothing was directly pointed out.
There are even times when we just take jokes so seriously that we pictured them as directed at us; to point our faults although it was merely unintentional and harmless.

All sorts of things are the games played on our mind, and the key thing is...ourselves and how we think of that person looking back at us in the mirror every single day.
I used to be a person who are particular with words, and yet, I told myself that I shall take things lightly.
However, sometimes, it is just not so easy to say one thing and do another......as the saying goes, "Easier said than done"
And Yet, I could kick myself for how words can make me restless for the night....when I can't even decipher whether the person is joking or really being sarcastic....

Words....everlasting words......words can really mean so much to me....

Perhaps, I should really relax.......no more words....
A Crossword puzzle, anyone?