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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Island Dilemma

It came as a big surprise to me to know that a big giant had thoughts of pulling out from our precious and gem of pride due to certain glitches with the governing ogre
It may not be something unplanned, but to the plain ol' elves' ears, this is news and definitely an uproar which came out of the blue.

It was never presumed nor guaranteed that the giant (which had prospered in the little growing island) will stay forever and yet at the same time, it was nevertheless a shock when a familiar giant which had stayed on the land for some time made such decision.

The news came to light when a parchment containing the humble request from the local dignified gnome who made an effort to work with the ogre to offer more treasures to the giant in order to stay. Reason is simple, the giant had employed most of the elves and dwarves in the kingdom to help in the quest for treasure retention and exploration. And the giant's departure may land these poor unfortunate elves and dwarves homeless and scattered.

Another interesting catch is the departure of one giant may lead to the ears of the other giants around in the kingdom and they may pursue greener pastures following the first giant's pursuit.
It was indeed a depressing situation to ponder and the noble gnome is right now being dragged to the stake in public for persecution for offering unknown treasures to the giant as a resort of retaining the giant; a biased treatment and unfair to the other slaving elves, dwarves, pixies, goblins in the kingdom who contributed regularly to the kingdom's big pot of treasures.

It is dilemma of the island; with the gnome being persecuted and the giant's intention which worries the elves and dwarves....and yet, this had not been soothed with words of comfort but instead in sharp daggers flying at each other to protect their own counties and boundaries...

And what we, little elves, dwarves and pixies, waiting for the verdict to determine the days of dear ol' life and the supply of treasures for the next generation.....so there......