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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Jee Mui Movie Outing + Gathering

On Wednesday, I went for a movie with my "jee mui" friends.....and we watched Eragon (review will be posted up soon :)
It was a fun gathering;not fully an all-girls outing; as we got some of the guys to come along.

We watched the movie at BJC(by the way, Cathay Cineplex is truly no match to my fave GSC or TGV....these rock but CC definitely NOT:P )
First,we met up for dinner...and guess what, we went to McD......haha, some of them complained that they just had KFC for lunch and were complaining that they were stuffed with junk....ermmmm, fast food (junkies anyway) for the day. Anyway, for convenience and quick meal; fast food outlets are usually the normal hangout for most people....especially youngsters nowadays. Really rich kids (or brats); spending endless hours in fast food chain restaurants, no wonder they are earning big bucks here in Malaysia and opening outlets one after another....mushrooming around. And of course, at the same time, parents are also earning big bucks...after their kids burn holes in their pockets by their lavish spending, I have no doubt they do need to work hard.
Hey, I am not exaggerating....kids these days do know how to enjoy life...chilling out and chatting in places like Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Secret Recipe...where a drink costs RM10 while the older generation sweat it out in local and familiar noisy coffee shops or mamak stalls for a RM1 drink (sometimes less)......evolution :)
Anyway, I am already earning my own income and proud that I didn't brat too much when I was jobless kid:p
Back to the story, again I was early (what's new, Angelstar's always annoyingly early...I prefer to call that punctual:) and I was hanging around the premises (not loitering...not such a nice word for Angelstar context:p ).
Snapped picture of the McD...haha.....Angelstar loves pics and especially for her blogs....
Our bound to be dinner place...I don't really fancy fast food....I get sick somehow when I take fast food...sore throats, sometimes fever or stomach discomfort and I do have hyper-sensitivity to food...which clearly explains why I am such a fussy and picky eater....haha, this stuck to me until today (a born fussy person even as a toddler and before I was born:p ). Still proud of it nonetheless, coz that's the unique me:)
The rest arrived soon after...hmmm, about 30 mins late? Sighhh...Malaysian time:p
Everyone made quick orders; movie was due at 7.25p.m...so, an hour to kill and no worries; since we were in a fast food chain.....
Haha...some candid pics of them busy with their conversation:)
After dinner, we proceeded to this little gift shop in BJC which sells loads of gifts and souvenirs as some of the gals wanted to get some gifts for their little Xmas party and the gifts exchange session.
This is a nice little shop; Nice Day or something....haha, loads of cutie stuffs...and the ladies had a visual feast:)
Ms. CL sharing her ideas and suggestions on the right gifts to win a girl's heart...hahaha.....solemn and exclusive tutoring tip:p
Still deciding on what to buy for Chrismas presents? Being Santa Claus or Santa helpers?:)

Then we of course, proceeded to the cinema...the cineplex I mean.....gosh, one thing I must note about BJC restrooms.....they are ultimately DISGUSTING and right down DIRTY....did I mention that word....GROSS, YUCKY!!!!
All the toilets couldn't flush and the whole place totally stinks....enough to make you empty your stomach's content after a meal....I was so disgusted and grossed out by the poor...hmmm, better word, TERRIBLE and one of the worst hygiene and sanitary condition of the place that it almost killed my mood for the movie....
We went in to our places...and one thing I noticed about Cathay Cineplex..perhaps in BJC alone...was the seats. It was pretty low down and to me, my impression was that it seemed that everyone is sitting at an almost similar height....not the obvious levelled seating as we have in GSC or TGV....sighhh, trying not to be so comparative but it was pretty obvious in the differences.
I was a little cautious when I sat down....haha, call me biased/paranoid but BJC is not the Gurney Plaza material and was rather complex in the crowd; so I just had the thought to check out to seats to make sure there were no trash or worse, poking needles with screaming labels of HIV....*shudders at the very thought*
I settled down and then the movie started shortly.....oooo, I forgot to mention that we were watching Eragon....yet another of those magic and fantasy world genre movie.
Another span of book adaptation;by Christopher Paolini.....yet, again, trilogy series.....sounds familiar?
Perhaps you might wanna think of Harry Potter and LOTR of similar fame:p
Anyway, the movie started out confusing...for me in particular (especially after the disgusting washroom drama and also the momentary lapse of seating paranoia). Furthermore, I haven't read the book beforehand and book adaptations typically start off and run in a familiar book-manner (get what I mean?)
So I was a little caught off guard and blur for a short while when they did the prologue of the movie.
Then the flow of story got into me and I laid back and kinda enjoyed the movie.
I wouldn't say it was anything spectacular nor was it devastatingly disappointing but I must say that it was not too bad and I find it interesting and also enjoyable.
In fact, I do want to read the book...thanks to a friend who already sent me the soft copy but I think I'd love to own the books...in flesh...ermmm, i mean in book-copy; physically:)
Haha, I will write up a review soon but the basic story revolves around a boy, Eragon (like, duhh, Harry Potter style) who was born a dragon rider...and he has this mark on his palm....a little Harry-Potter like:p
The story goes on how he and his chance encounter with his supposedly destined pet dragon, Saphira who set out on their mission to revive the dragon riders' generation and fight against the tyranny lord.
Not bad.....and one of my friends, Fadz actually mentioned she wanted a dragon as a pet after the movie. Hahaha......you can, if we can find one of its kind at this age...but then again, who knows, right?:p
After the movie, CL's boyfriend wanted to go home and we proceeded to our chillout session at this Thumb Cafe; Da Mu Zi (in Chinese) in Taman Pekaka, near USM area.
I know this cafe which I heard from a friend who knows one of the co-owners of the quaint little pub.
Not exactly a pub lar...but we enjoyed a cool time there...they have an extensive menu and selection for drinks and I mean...non-alcoholic....Angelstar doesn't drink...too bad, for some of my good friends:p
We even made one of our friends to go up to sing...hahaha, bad lar...poor him:p They even continuously called him the outcast of Malaysian Idol...but hey, this guy can really sing. In fact, he has his own band and they will be performing their first gig and releasing their own first album soon in January.
haha....promoting for Izwan....they will be in Berjaya Times Square.....*winks*
We left as we had to go to work the next day...it was getting late and we definitely had a blast of a time.....great quickie hangout before Xmas.....:D

Copycats ALERT!!!

Hmmm....I started noticing that people like to benchmark my style recently; I meant in stuffs that I do and also my writing.Not that I am so self-conscious or anything...but sometimes, you just wonder where are the originality and their self identity....siggghhhhh.

And guess what...if you have been following some of my posts, remember I mentioned there are people who are making things difficult?
That particular person was one who has been following my style in trying to be in favour and to make an impression....
Well...to me, it is always good to have your own image and unique identity....furthermore, benchmarking your competitor...man, to me, that's just plain low down and despicable.
God created us as separate individuals and we are given the ability to think.....with the mind/brain being granted to us.
It is never too hard to have just a simple style for yourself...even if you do not plan to make yourself your own trademark or style, for goodness sake, do not COPY people as well.
It is always frustrating to have people who just want the easy way out.
Copying is always frowned upon by the world and personally, I am way against people who copies as well.
Yea....you may not be able to determine what style you are looking at or what you want...BUT,sometimes, being ourselves is not really an effort, right?
We are created and brought up in different and diverse environment and culture and that itself already molded us into who we are and what we are in the world.
You may think you are just a plain Jane; but hey, plain Jane is also herself....all you need to do is just let it be....and not try too hard sometimes.
C'mon, have some self-dignity....be yourself...be original...(haha, somehow now this sounds like some anti-piracy campaign thing:p )
People will tend to respect those who make their own efforts in being original and creative in the journey of establishing their own identity....
I've made my point....and for those copycats out there....(yeah, those who copy my style of writing and greetings and also my cute little icons in my communication and business emails); I hope you will be recognized one day....and if you continue to do that...I rest my case:)

Monday, December 18, 2006

Poolside Party?

Hahaha...bestie told me that they are planning a poolside party at my good ol' friend's place...
Also, it will be a pot luck which meant everyone is to bring something....so far, they already have the list:
1. Guys will bring in the beer
2. HotChick's gonna bring in 2 big pizzas
3. Bestie and Est will bring in the snack, junkies and finger foods (nuggets)......

Haha...speaking of the nuggets, through my converstation with bestie today...she smacked her forehead and OMG a couple of times.......:p
Me: What nuggets are you gonna bring? Are those fish nuggets?
LaydieBug: Fish?No no...those are chicken nuggets....
Me: Hmmmm......
LaydieBug: You want Fish....OMG lar you....
Me: hahaha....me a fish and seafood lover mar:p
LaydieBug: let me bring you some crabsticks....
Me: Can't take those...allergic
LaydieBug: OMG...
Me: LOL...now you know your bestie's super picky....actually now even worse...picks at her food:p
LaydieBug: haiyoo....hey, you also bring something lar....
Me: Okay.....*blushes*
LaydieBug: Okay, seafood nuggets...anything else you want?
Me: It's okaylar...I will bring something....*blushes*...don't dare to make your life difficult anymore...hehe
LaydieBug: Since you will be coming late, you can bring...DESSERTS!!
LaydieBug: Ice-cream!!!
Me: Hahaha.....why can't it be fruits?
LaydieBug: Can also....

Hahaha...now I need to think of what to bring....good suggestion, and I will be there early to be able to go in together to the comfort zone of the rich and famous...hehehe...LOL
Can't wait to see you guys lar....and remember, I REALLY can't swim (probably fall on deaf ears) and I am SCARED of the water....hmmm, hydrophobic...that's the word:)
Bestie will be there to rescue me...no hunky lifeguards lar....hahaha...and CPR....after much thought, I promised myself and bestie that I will take care of myself...hahaha:p
Can't wait....see ya guys then!!

Christmas Celebrations

Yayyy....Christmas's coming...it's actually in a week.....kewl!!!!
I can't really wait.....(despite all the unhappiness, I am still not gonna let this spoil my Christmas mood, no way man:p )

Can you believe my schedule's booked for this Christmas? Pre and all the way post Christmas......hahaha, in fact, kinda overbooked dy:p
I am so pumped to meet up with everyone back in KL......missed everyone back there.....
First I can't wait to see my family (like, DUUUUh....), don't be jealous ya...
Secondly, my bestie and also all the buddy pals who have always been so cool.....
Then there's my uni buddies as well.......PG and the gang.... and also my Sis Club :)
Then there's my Prefects' pals.....my ex-colleagues, my good friend.....wahhhhh...so many of them!!!!
I am really gonna have a rocking time back in KL.....Christmas....here I come.....
can't wait to be home for Christmas....and yes, I will be home for Christmas.....
When is Friday gonna be here?:p

BESTIE - my soul sista for eva

I had a great conversation with bestie today...and it reminded us on why we managed to stay best sisters for so long despite the non-keeping in touch policy (yeah, we never made the effort to sometimes:p )
But it doesn't matter, does it?
We can still somehow finish each other's sentences and also say what we have in both our minds....the same thing and the freaky part was, at the same time even!!

It's crazy, we know...but we are the type of besties who do not call each other, do not meet up during hols (school days), do not text each other, etc......in short, we don't keep in touch.
BUT the amazing thing is, we need not to...and our banter when we meet is sometimes so much more than the gathering/length of conversation with the combination of several other friends:)

Proud of that....yes, and we do have so much to say or talk about that during school days, our friends; particularly the guys, will never understand how much and what we actually talked about to blah for the whole day and never get bored of each other. In fact, our Add Maths teacher finds it nerve-wrecking sometimes that we just talk so much and not do our homework in class....hahaha.....

In fact, we can never stop.....we just go on and on from one topic to another almost effortlessly and seamlessly....it just seemed so natural.......

Sighhh....today was actually supposed to be a quickie to check on the gathering plans with her with some of our buddy pals...and also to inform her on her blog...and it somehow ended up with us talking for hours...hahaha....some diseases are just incurable...
BUT, it is the way and we are proud...and since she blogged about me, this is my bestie...the little Red LaydieBug.....
**Sorry if you don't want me to post your pic...but I kinda liked this one...looks cool *winks*
Anyway, I really can't wait to be back in KL and meet up with her....and of course the others lar....
Friday Friday Friday.....then Saturday Saturday Saturday.....hehehe.....

Privacy intruded?

I always felt that this blog was my coven; my hideout and cozy corner for me to write and post whatever I felt like.
Also, *no offence to those who chance upon this accidentally*, I only share the link to this blog with a few of my close friends whom I want them to link to me and share my stories.
Recently though, I have been trying to figure out whether there is a possibility people can search and stumble upon my blog through an accident.

However, today I found out that someone else found this hidden coven of mine....not that I mind...sorry ya, if you felt insulted. It's just that I was not aware that my blog can be googled; (believe me, I tried it before and I couldn't find my own blog....) and this friend (yes, it's actually one of my friends who found it) told me that he found it through some key search terms to my blog...actually why in the first place would you want to google and use so much effort to trace my blog???
Sighhhhhh.....somehow, I felt that my privacy was intruded as this *friend* read my blogs and started questioning...erm, rather, interrogated me on certain terms I used to describe my friend in my blog.
In fact, he even told me about finding my bestie's blog and reading it.
Hmmmm......you see, my bestie's just like me...we prefer to share our blog with people at an expanding rate...or rather, we select our readers' audience....not to say we are snobs or choosy, but it is a matter of preference.
Yeahhhh...I do know of loads of peeps out there who want their blogs to be so public and PUBLISHED.....I am starting to publish my blog too....BUT again, take a minute to ponder on this....what is a blog actually?
Blog is sort of some online journal/diary concept which allows people to write what they think and can go into their personal life. Do you want to have ANYONE to read your diary? Or do you even want people to be able to read your diary?
Logical right....

Despite the fact that I am going public slowly, I still kinda felt insecure that my blog has been tagged and found.
Which is the main reason I had to tell bestie that her blog was also found - sorry, it is just a privacy thing that I felt that bestie needs to be aware of although I know you have told me not to tell her anything about it.

Whatever....I don't really mind right now....as long as I am not questioned on WHAT, WHO and why I write so and so in my blog.
Again, this is my BLOG, my space and I can do what I like and write what I want.
You can choose to agree or disagree....(which was what Uncle Chan wrote in his blog)....if you agree and like reading it, you can continue; it's my pleasure.
If you don't like it, then sorry dude, I can't do anything to amend your thinking and also I don't see why I need to do that since this is MY Blog. You can choose to leave....I am still free to write and say what I like....it is after all a democratic country and besides...this is already the 21st century.
So, deal with it and nevertheless, to those who found this blog and started reading it, have fun and I sincerely welcome you to my blog:)

The FINAL Blow...

God, please forgive me for I have failed to withstand this anymore....

I am truly saddened by the series of incidents for the past months (not a short 1-2 months thing) but again and again, my patience and character have been put to test. It has been trying and I am thrown into a pool with watchful eyes with a perception and also with an inconsiderate sensitivity towards one's feeling.

I would like to share the long story with you but somehow, I have lost the heart to do so. To cut a long story short, there's people who are trying to make my life miserable and I don't know what is their problem. In the first place, the entire situation was a result of their personal insecurity and also a make up of their own mental picture/contortion to believe what they wanted to.
I am not being paranoid or conjuring my own mental picture as well but the things that they are doing are so obvious. I have been, by God's grace, quiet and patient and forgiving in the entire scenario. I constantly pray for them that they will be blessed by God to have inner peace and find happiness within their self but seems like all the efforts are in vain and fell into a dark and hollow pit.
I don't really want to put into my heart how they have been eyeing and treating me....I didn't react to them despite knowing that I really do not deserve any of those and also, on the whole picture, they definitely have no right to impose such misery or pressure on me.

I have not talked to anyone on this at all; because I do not see the need to. I even tried my hardest to amend the invisible strain with all but the invisible barrier just became wider. In fact, I find them so immature as to not understanding the whole situation and the impact it has on others and even expanded their influence to continue to harm people mentally.
I remember my dad used to tell me that mental torment is much worse than physical....(I think he was referring to stress...but anyway, they are all the same)
There was even this quote from My Fair Princess 3 that " It is not those who kills with spurting blood that scares people...but it is those who silently kill people without shedding any blood which is genuinely scary".
And now, I am in a silent murder type of situation...and Angelstar is fighting.
I am not that proud of myself to raise this self-praise but I shall say that I have been pretty tough and strong to grit my teeth through this situation.
Just today, I have yet to give up hope and smiled at this gal who just looked at me and refused to smile....yes, I am pretty sure of that, she refused to smile at me.

I really do not see what kind of thing I have done to invite all these on myself.....huh?
Another person told me that I should not be that bothered since I was not directly involved; I am more of the victim or rather the collateral damage in the entire situation.
But somehow, I don't think so.....
Fine, I accept that if they want to choose their own behaviour in that way.
However, those people refuse to let matters rest and continue their propaganda to ensure that others agree with them.

TODAY was the final blow....I was left to my wits and patience's extended limits. I was sad, hurt but at the same time, I felt strong and yes, I HATE to admit it but Angelstar's totally mad at the situation now rather than being so accepting and naive at all times.
Angelstar's MAD.....*red in the face*
I have never been so emotional in my whole entire life.....I felt so unjustly treated and finally, I am really letting out and coming out of my bottle which contains all the misery and tears I have gone through during this time.
Nothing that anyone say can reduce this level of hurt and pain that I feel now....and I really feel like publishing those creeps...no no, snakes...no, no...those RATS' photos here to show people that these were the immature and pathetic souls who do not have a sense of guilt in making others miserable.
It's not like I really want royal treatment nor the highest decree of respect BUT do you have to make me look bad?
What have I ever done that is so life-threatening or impose insecurity to your heartless souls?
Have you ever thought that I am just a helpless girl who does not need to be pushed to the wall like that?
I HATE to admit this...but Angelstar's really full of tears brimming at the edge of her eyes each time this comes to mind.....

However, I am no weak girl now. The final Blow they had on me today woke me up...I have been trampled on for too long...time to react....I will not be so softie and nice...it's when Angelstar Strikes Back!!

Perhaps, just one day, I may be able to forget all those pain and tears...BUT, that will take a lifetime.....
I did think that perhaps this is a test from God to see how much I understand the value of forgiving and forgetting BUT God My Father, I have had too much pain and too heavy the burden in my heart that I cannot really forget...Forgiving is still do-able.....please forgive me Lord:(

However, the sidekick of today (as they always say, Beneath every cloud there is always a silver lining) was that I talked to most of my friends....those old old friends....through MSN....and one of them's my BESTIE...YAY!!!...it is always good to talk to bestie and even though she was oblivious to my misery which I obviously hid very well, she did a great job by her tacky and witty comments in lifting my spirits. Also, we have an exchange of banter in opinions which we really amazed each other by the way we think of the exact same thing and saying it at the same time....freaky huh?
Then I also caught up with PG over some gathering plans....and also Father Chang aka CNN who questioned me on my blog.....and I also gave him a piece of my thoughts that it was indeed intimidating.
*Sorry if I came out harsh*
Also...there's also my new gang of "ji mui" here who really made my day and not forgetting Butchie and the Christmassy gang.....
I really appreciate their presence....despite them not knowing my present situation...but really, when I am down in the dumps and feel like the whole world's turning down on me, somehow these people will show up to remind me that they are there in my life for me at any time....and I will feel that despite that small number of morons out there, why should I worry these more important people who constantly want me to be happy and around with them?
Thanks guys and gals.....
I will survive...I don't need to be dependent on anyone to stand strong.....
Angelstar will strike back....

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Day trip to Perlis

Went for a short...hmmm, not really short anymore...trip to the smallest state in Malaysia which sits on the border between Malaysia and Thailand.
A little bit tiring and I had a bad bout of gastric since 2 nights ago...I'd recovered this morning but somehow, it came back again.....and it caused major discomfort....
Hmmm...took a couple of pics....will do a post on that later on lar....
Was thinking of starting a new blog to talk about my travel stuffs, what do you think?:p

Tired and sleepy now....and also really not so well...:(

Tale of the Restroom....

Out of boredom, I took this pic of the restroom in the hotel while awaiting the start of the event and also for the rest of the gang to arrive for the offsite event yesterday....
I know lar; I am so bored out of my wits and nothing better to do lar.....but hey, at least that's better than a peeping tom:p
Check out the sign on the door.
I still remember the first time I was here in this hotel; didn't occur to me that this was the restroom. For the Gents, it was the picture of men in top hat.
Really of formal stature to place a sign like this to indicate the gender:)
Classy and chic huh?
Something out of the box?
If you are fascinated (or not) of this, check out the following pictures I got from a friend on the other more "interesting" so-called toilet pics....
I don't know which place uses these signs nor where they are.....and I also cannot vouch whether these places really do exist.
But, just for laughs and also you will be amused with the creativity...some of them were pretty explicit...
Haha...need I say more?
Another obvious sign for the gender.....didn't I mention it was explicit?
Hmmm.....more abstract ....
And these...I don't get it...any takers?

Why Chilli for men and shell for women? I don't get it....

Friday, December 15, 2006

Offsite meeting...

Today I didn't go to the office; I am not sick/on MC, not slacking from work lar:P It was actually the offsite of GPTW; a social linkage/functional group which organizes activities for the department (something that HR in other companies do:) It actually comprises of voluntary members of the department who are willing to spare a couple of their hours beside working time to run around and get their hands down to organize fun-filled activities for the department:p

Offsite....a term used for meetings/conferences that are basically conducted out of the office premises/grounds. It sounds fun, right? :)
So, this year, we went to Evergreen Laurel Hotel which is located on Gurney Drive....similar to last year...I remembered their buffet lunches from the past 2 events; the meeting last year and also a management promo lunch. Not bad for this hotel....

Oklar....being Angelstar, I am well-known for my annoyingly punctual or early habits. I was there early...trying to steer clear of the jams bla bla bla...then I remembered that it was actually school holidays....

Anyway, better early than late (Angelstar's motto)....and soon, I was again, walking around with my camera in my hand and book in the other (yes, I brought along a book - that's bookworm me lar...and books are like, my bestest friends in the world....sorry ya, LaydieBug:p )
There were a couple of folks there in the lobby and I was walking around, looking like a completely lost soul (and looking ultimately silly at the same time).
I finally went to the conference room (how hard is it to find the exact same conference room as last year which was located right on the ground level...from the main entrance, just walk to the center and towards the elevator, push the door, and tadaa....that's Kelawei room:p
The conference room; booked for 8.30a.m...I think the hotel put it as 8.00a.m...whatever:p
To make sure that this is not the wrong room; hmmmm.....yes, Kelawei room:)
The refreshments table - they will provide us with breakfast and tea......not now lar:p
The room......
Yes, yes, I am in the right room.....

Soon, the people arrived...filling up the room with the rowdy gang:)

The story of the pencil and paper; provided to us by the hotel for our conference purpose.
Guess what became of them? All the sketching and numerous signature styles of our people....sighhh.....and they are working adults...I thought so too:p

When they first came in, their first question was not on the agenda(which was not even remotely on their mind...).
HUNGRY ar....Mei See (our Finance Minister who got us the room and made all the food arrangements....logistics)

Haha....breakfast was not ready until 9.00a.m.....

While waiting for the food to be served, what did we do to spend the half an hour's time?
1. Signing the farewell card for our President who's leaving to go back to the city (Kay-el)...we are gonna miss her lots...
2. He's sulking that we asked everyone but him to sign the card...haha; and he refused to take pictures the whole day:p He's usually our photographer mar....
3. And who could resist some cam-whoring?
Some people are just vain....haha, demanding for camera attention:p
Breakfast, FINALLY!!~
This is the hardest mini bun we have ever had; our new advisor actually told us to keep this buns to throw at those who fall asleep during the conference....haha, pretty "out of the box" thinking hor:p
This mini bun was in the hands of a lady whom I was told to observe on her method of eating the bun....
Step 1: Bite the bun
Step 2: Taste and swallow the filling (which was lotus paste).
Step 3: Throw away the bun pastry...hahaha....
Guess who is she?:P
Another mind-disturbing drink....coffee and tea....neither for me:p
Not good.....but it was essential for everyone to keep themselves awake...haha:p
Our president took great care to serve everyone and was chuckling at why am I taking pictures of coffee and tea....
This gal, our games master...haha, her partner is nowhere to be found - getting his food and teaching me how to take pics....:p
She's still sitting her finalizing the games plans....when are you going for breakfast?
She brought this box of colourful pegs...for the game oooo.....seems like we're game for some pain....

Sighhh....after breakfast, look at the addition to the water and mentos sweets provided...these people, are they really here for conference and brainstorming or partying ar?
Hahaha....all the junkies.....bad for health....
And this mango was brought by the President for those who were hungry:p
Now this is a healthy snack...good for health; but somehow, they didn't finish it up....compared to those junkies:p
Muffin......courtesy of the hotel upon receiving the complaint from us that the mini buns were too hard....hahaha...not bad ler:)
By then, everyone was really too full to take a bite; so instead of keeping the hard buns, most of the people kept this freshly baked muffins in front of them.
Hmmmm..despite their Too Full statements, I noticed the muffins also started disappearing pretty soon....

Due to the pleasure in receiving some reaction to our complaints(in the form of those muffins),our committee then suggested that we also complain about the lack of prawns in the mee hoon which they tried so hard to stir from the vermicelli....
Tak boleh tahan lar....these people ar....too much lar (give them an inch, they want a foot - some old Chinese saying...)
Our Logistics/Finance Minister this round....hehehe....who got us all the good stuffs for the conference and took good care of our convenience.....gal power!!

Had a great day...really enjoyed the time with them...haha, there were lots of laughs here and there. The game we played was actually of the Truth telling type - 2nd level of Ice-breaking (we knew each other well enough dy).
Due to the nature of the questions asked, we started having all those rumour speculation....sighhhh....they are now changing their job scope to matchmaking:p
Despite the hectic schedule we had during work, I am really glad to have found something out of working scope and also to have met such fun and cool people(though they are rowdy) to work with in organizing all those interesting activities.
Coming from diversified backgrounds, the element present here amidst the complicated organization is the commitment and the relentless effort in getting things done and also in breaking the barriers of communication:)

Had a fruitful day; and I think they finished all those junkies...some of the junkies were from our store...and I did remember them complaining of those expired Mamee and also the moldy jellies:p
Anyway, great and I do enjoy releasing my mind off the normal workload to spend some time with these people and also the weekly meetings.
Go GPTW.....for a great year 2007 ahead!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Heard this term being uttered by someone in the office yesterday and I was a little shocked to hear it; not that this is the first time I heard it - a pretty common Chinese term to describe a couple who has committed adultery or any shocking sexual scandal.
The reason why it spurned my shock was also due to the harshness of the sound the word being used.
"Gou Nan Nu"(in Mandarin) or "Kao Lam Lui"(in Cantonese) - it does sound so harsh and really demoralizing in picturing the extent the couple described has gone to and the level of disgust it has triggered among the people.
Having said that, I still find this word inappropriate to be used to judge or evaluate any person; regardless of whether they were found guilty of adultery or not.
Why do I say that, you may ask....
Well, my first question is are we really worthy of our behaviours to pass judgement on others? Dare we say we are indeed "clean" and not guilty of anything at the same time?
Don't tell me you have never done anything wrong or excuses that I do not commit adultery.
Whether you admit it or not, each and everyone of us commits sins everyday...and I am not referring to only a singular noun for sin; in fact, we are sinners everyday.....

Shaking your head vigorously in disagreement? Well....what about those little white lies you tell your friend when you have other plans instead of joining them on their little outing?
What about their feigned sickness you had when you were too lazy to get out of your bed to get to work on a rainy day?
What about the evil thought that crosses your mind now and then when you envy someone else who looks better than you?
What about those remarks you made/agreed to when someone else criticizes another?
What about those times where you were in the gossip and you did nothing to defend the person being speculated? You may not be the one gossiping; but yet at the same time, you did nothing to defend the person's honor.

Look at the big picture; we do little things which are not right every single day in our lives - whether in thoughts or in actions.
And yes, even your thoughts count:)
We thought that our little demeanour are not seen nor visible to others and that we are "clean" but behold, there lies a greater power beyond who sees and knows every single thing we think, do and say.
Thus, do we dare say that we clean again?

Back to the topic of addressing a couple as dog-lovers which practically (in despicable language) refers to a couple of shameless adulterer and adultress.
In this age of the century, I find this a little shallow to use these terms....of course I am not sure who they are referring to but whoever it is, I pity the ears these fall unto or the intended target of the term.
I was pondering on what could 2 people have done to deserve this term...and I concluded that no one should have the right to say that of others.
Adultery? How do you define adultery?
In common terms, we do know that adultery is a wrong sexual relationship between a man and a woman under the following circumstances:
1. Either party is married and this is beyond the knowledge of the lawful spouse
2. In the olden days, both parties are unmarried and this is considered out of wedlock - now it is pretty common, even among our young teenagers.

Keeping this in view, to me, both situations make no difference. Perhaps everyone will regard the first case as rightfully to be criticized.
Perhaps so, since they are hurting another party...BUT (yes, there's always a but), how do we know their story? Perhaps they were the ones belonging to each other and they were forced to marry their spouses? Or any intertwining story within that may not be available to public?
Yeah...I know, it is not easy to accept a cheating spouse...it's always easier said than done especially when you are not the person facing the situation.
However, I still believe in the different perspectives and aspects to view a situation. You never know what you may see from the situation and try to put yourself in the shoes of the person.
Trust me, it doesn't feel good at all....
My point is; everything happens for a reason....whether it is wrong or right...furthermore, there is no wrong or right...it is all a matter of perspective.

My advice to those people out there, do be more sensible and considerate in passing out judgmental remarks. You may have the freedom of speech; but do think of the impact on the people on whom these remarks befall upon and try picturing yourselves in the situation.
I am still disgusted by this piece of comment which came out of someone whom I would have known better to have the basic common sense of a human being to say things like that in public.
Have you really seen those two committing adultery/ caught in the act?
Are you really sure they are adulterers/adulteresses??
Furthermore, I believe these may be baseless statements to begin with and is just another ostracizing effort to ruin others whom they dislike.
Judgmental people are really shallow and to me, plain despicable.....

"For those who believe they have not sinned in their lifetime, take a step forward and cast the first stone..." - Jesus Christ in the stoning of a woman accused of adultery at the stake.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Lee Da Hae look-alike

I have posted on this in my other blog but I still wanted to do another post here.
I have been once again compared to the Korean actress, Lee Da Hae!!! Freaky....huh?
First of all, for those who do not know Lee Da Hae, she was the cute little girl who acted in those Korean dramas or soap operas aired over 8TV for some time. Her two series were shown over the last 3-4 months; namely Green Rose and My Girl.
I didn't really catch Green Rose although Mum and dad told me it was an interesting series but I managed to catch a few last episodes of My Girl.
Surprisingly though, during that time, I felt attracted to her in the series and looked forward to watch her every night. There seemed to be some kind of mystical sense of familiarity I could not put myself to think of. Also, take note that nobody told me yet of the resemblance to her.

Soon enough, mum and dad came to tell me how much I resemble this cute actress and also the verdict actually came from all my aunts who glued themselves to the TV screen every night to watch this girl whom they claimed reminds them of their niece.
In fact, they even got a copy of the series in DVD to watch her...LOL....guess my aunts are really fans of Lee Da Hae:)

Now, everyone seems to say she is so much like me in looks; in fact they felt like they were watching me on TV...and now even my bestie said the same thing (she posted it on her blog:p )

I do not know what to say; this is definitely not the first time I have been said to resemble some Korean actresses; to date, the most prominent ones are Kim Tae Hee( of Stairway to Heaven and Love in Harvard), Son Ye Jin (Summer Scent), Song Hye Kyo (Full House, All In and Autumn in My Heart) and even Jang Nara (Mischievous Princess, My Love Patzzi).

However, amazingly and coincidentally, all these claims happen to be my favourite actresses whom I really love to watch on the screen.
I have tried out this Face Recognition tool on the web as well; which actually runs an artificial matching based on your photos (Face selection) to match that of the celebrities.

I have tried this out and I was kinda impressed that they actually implemented this artificial mind in a software to find matches and not just one, they can actually reveal several matches and also the percentage of the similarity you bear in resemblance to the celebrity.
Hahahaha....will it be a surprise if I told you that I was often matched to Korean celebrities? I find it hilarious sometimes and one of the more recurring one will be Kim Tae Hee; the lady who bore the same surname as me. In fact, she was also one of Korean celebrities whom I am really fond of despite her first appearance as a villain and evil lady in Stairway to Heaven where she played the evil stepsister who tried to break up the leading and perfect couple in the series. I must say she was one of the first villain whom I did not hate and in fact, liked her so much. She is pretty; with big doe-like eyes that made her so unconvincing as a villain...and so...uhhh, un-villainlike:p

I was even found to match Son Ye Jin and Song Hye Kyo; both rising young actresses after appearing in those four-season themed drama with tragic love stories; Summer Scent and Autumn in My Heart respectively.
Both have that innocent and sweet appeal in them and have also similarly starred alongside the famous Korean heartthrob; Song Seung Hun.
Jang Nara was another one whom I was matched to resemble.
There's also another Japanese actress whom I was found to resemble; Nanako Matsushima.

As I have said, apparently all those whom I resembled coincidentally turned out to be my favourite actresses..haha...but I don't see myself in them lar.

Observing the trend; seems like I resemble mostly Korean actresses; perhaps there may be some connection to Korean ancestry through my surname after all....LOL.

I have no comments; perhaps you guys can help me judge and give me the verdict:
Should I be happy to look like Korean actresses and rising stars....? Hahaha....vanity fair huh?
Nah....I am still AngelstarChristy...the same old me:)
Lee Da Hae - the main topic of the blog and the highest vote count from most to date.
2. Kim Tae Hee - the most number of matches from the Face Recognition tool and we have the same surname:p
Big eyes....match was about 70% above.....
3.Son Ye Jin (also found to match through the same web tool:)
4. Song Hye Kyo - my all-time favourite Korean actress.
Now, my own image collage....all about me....
So, still look alike? haha...I look like...ME:) AngelstarChristy all time....unique:)

Christmas - Spirit of Giving

(Re-posted this from my MSN Space:P....a little bit more on Christmas view)

Christmas is a time of joy and giving - not just presents but the spirit of giving and receiving and meeting your loved ones are the main highlights of the season. When we talk about giving, it is also about giving in soul and love for others. This calls for the time to forget and forgive which is usually the toughest. It is always easier said than done when it comes to forgetting the bad deeds someone has done to you; especially it involves a grudge, hatred or any form of scar-deep rivalry and finding a space in your heart to actually forgive that person. It is never easy, of course, we all know that but we are also aware that it is not entirely impossible as deep down inside, the decision lies there. It is whether YOU want to do it; are you willing to unheave the burden of the grudge and hatred from your heart, soul and mind?
Christmas is not all about shopping for presents, heaving those annual Christmas trees tucked in the basement/attics to be dusted and put up in the living hall, decorating tinsels and neon lights, getting new apparel, spring cleaning, baking cookies/cakes, preparing for that family reunion, listening to Christmas carols, attending Midnight masses,etc although that seemed to be the trend these days when we even see Non-Christians getting into the festive mood themselves as they find the joy in dressing themselves in Santa costumes, Santarina dresses, hanging those stockings and mistletoes at home...and throwing wild parties...I have no qualms or discriminations on that; although I personally feel that Christmas is actually a more religious-like occasion and not as commercialized as we are actually celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. He is also the Lamb of God and we know that he was the born Saviour to the world who will be saving mankind from their evil deeds and sins and free us from the suffering upon the judgement.
Christ did not lead an easy life either; in fact far from it. He was tortured to his death despite living a life doing good deeds and he never even harmed anyone.But because people disbelieved and scorned on his proclaimation at being the Son of God, he was punished severely and yes, even at his life's stake.
What has HE ever done? He was giving and giving and also trying to mend things up with people, but no one took the time to see and hear him and kept pushing him to the verge of his life.
And, when they crucified him, all he said was "Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they have done"
Look at the big picture, this man was unruly accused of speculation (although it sounds absurd at that point to have someone to admit as the Son of God) but does it really have to be his Life to be paid?
They did not even consider the values of humanity and that sense of mankind when they inflicted all those horrifying pain on him and he was not even mad at any of them. He still lifted the pain and suffering from himself to find space to forgive those people.
It is actually a choice made by HIM; not forced unto him by God the Father.
Yes, he did questioned God "Abba, why have you forsaken me?" but deep down inside, he has the answer that God is there for him and he MADE the choice to forgive them instead of holding grudges and telling his Father (God himself) to kill and punish those people.
WHY?Did we take the time to actually ponder on this? He was badly battered and suffered to his last dying breath and he can still forgive them?
To me, it is pretty simple, grudges are a chain of negative effects in emotions which can be passed on and on infectiously. It spreads faster than you can say "Jack Robinson" but is there a point in that?
Instead of holding a grudge, isn't it a lot easier to free that space and open it up for brighter things in life?
It is not easy holding a grudge; furthermore grudges and it also makes a person unhappy with a negative burden in his/her heart.
We keep reminding ourselves that I dislike this person and I am not going to be friends with this person anymore when it is actually a lot easier to not hold any stones in the heart and just treat everyone the same way; positively and happily.

I have been in situations like these myself where I was actually pushed to the edge or the verge of my limits and was still continually battered (mentally of course).It was a downtime for my morale as well and I felt so down in the dumps but I never gave up.I felt that I am sincere in my giving and that I should not be overtaken by something which is just not worth it and furthermore, not my fault to begin with.In fact, I have to admit that I recently landed myself in a situation like this as well and it was not easy feat.I have tried my best to mend things but it is probably beyond my self-boundaries to set the rules and to force people to adhere or to even want to patch things up.Sad to say this,but it really takes two hands to clap and despite the amount of effort, without the other hand, it is not going to clap.
I will still leave that space in my heart open and hoping for the day when the skies will clear.I will also continue to pray for them that they will one day find that space in them to open up and let go of all the past.
It is sad but life goes on and I am a determined and free-willed girl, remember? I will not let this be the main downfall....it's not the end of the world.Over the course of life journey, we are bound to have people from all walks of life crossing our paths and we cannot expect to please everyone and that everyone shares the same passion or enthusiasm. That is why God invented us human beings; to be unique and different from the others which clearly distinguishes us.Come on, even identical/Siamese twins have their differences.

I am not hoping for anything but that everyone will be happy with their decisions; and also in their choice of the paths taken.
Perhaps the skies will clear one day and the rainbow will prevail.
I learnt a lot from things like these and definitely made me become a wiser person...as the saying goes; "It doesn't kill you; it only makes you stronger"

So, let us truly observe in the true spirit of Christmas and find that space in our hearts to open up to truly receive the giving spirit of Christ through his birth.

Countdown to Christmas

Yippee....it's that time of the year again!!
Do you smell the whiff of the snow?
Do you hear the sleigh bells?
Yeayyy...Santa Claus is coming soon...and it is Christmas time!!
My favourite time of the year..(besides my birthday, that is) and this is the birth of Christ; our Saviour, our Lord and the most trusted friend in life. I always view Christ as my bestest friend in soul as well; someone I can always count on whenever things happen and I know HE will never desert me:)
A little religious sentiment on my part; but that's the power of faith:)

Back to my excitement for Christmas; it's just so magical...I started loving Christmas since I was young and have been dreaming of a white Christmas (as sung by Jim Reeves - a singer whom I am only too familiar and grew up disliking over the sound of his voice on the cassette player on Sunday evenings over the years:p )
But, really, White Christmas is such a beautiful thing and my bro has seen it himself; a couple of years back in Japan....gosh, I am envious of him:p

Hmmmm, perhaps I am picky; but if I were given the opportunity, I would choose to have a White Christmas in a western country compared to the East and no, I am not practising any form of discrimination nor am I just being those perks who only look up to the West and belittle the East.

Perhaps in my mindset and also those years on the black box which constantly depicts the spirit of Christmas and the atmosphere in the West which definitely surpasses any in the East and you can actually feel the true spirit of Christmas in their celebration.
Of course it helps that in the West, the majority of the Population are actually Christians or Catholics and thus the spread of Christmas is much grander as compared to us in the East here.

However, having said that, I do know of places here in our Asia region which also upscales their Christmas decorations on the streets in creating the festive atmosphere. In case you are wondering, Hong Kong is one of them which definitely celebrates Christmas in a trendy manner.
The street decorations are amazing....beautiful sceneries and brightly lit neon lights hanging everywhere...
Besides Hong Kong, another nearer location to look out for will be our neighbour, Singapore, the international port which is profoundly renowned for their Christmas Decorations on Orchard Road which is also one of the most famous and reputable shopping alleys in Asia:)

Weeee....Christmas's coming...You'd better watch out, you'd better not cry, better not pout, I'm telling you why...Santa Claus is coming to town....hehehe
Christmassy mood now.....and I do know Santa Claus's story since I was young and yes, he doesn't exist...he doesn't come from the North Pole to bring me presents, doesn't climb the chimneys/rooftops (as if we have chimneys anyway here in Malaysia), doesn't creep into our rooms on Christmas Eve, and doesn't put in those presents into our little stockings hanging by the fireplace or bed poles. Hahaha...we don't even have those fireplaces in Malaysia...we have the air-conditioning pipe hole...:p
There's also no such list as the good and bad list so:p
But, this all comes down to the intention of promoting the spirit of Christmas - Santa Claus may be a myth or fantasy; but in fact, there is a St Nicholas who is actually the precedent figure of the prominent and mythical Santa.
Also, about giving presents and also the checklist on good behaviour is purely good in intention as well - to instill good character in kids and also to foster closer relationships in the family through the giving/exchanging presents which will make every family member feel remembered and wanted and also cultivates a sense of appreciation within.
So, who cares about myths or facts...let's just continue to elude in the world of fantasy sometimes...hehe, there's a child within us anyway:D

No snow here in Malaysia...well, it's been raining lately, White->WET Christmas then :)

No sleigh bells ringing? Haha....you can look around for cars honking, trishaws, bicyles hooters...whatever pleases your imagination.
All that being said, main point is, happiness is within our reach - it is all in the mind...so, continue dreaming....of a white Christmas *winks*

Sunday, December 10, 2006

The story of the dustbin

Haha...I am not getting boring lar...just decided to bring this story to light.
I find it ridiculous that nowadays the garbage collectors are so picky in collecting the trash.
They will not pick up those trash which you put in smaller plastic bags; nopes; they will only target the big trash bags and not smaller ones.
Now, I do know it is difficult if you do not put them in a bag as we can't expect them to pick up the items individually.
But, what's the problem when you already put them in bags for them?
Perhaps they will argue that the plastic bags are also smaller and thus they prefer to heave all in one at the same time.
Sighhh...what's to become of the world when even garbage collection becomes an issue of argument?