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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Tale of the Restroom....

Out of boredom, I took this pic of the restroom in the hotel while awaiting the start of the event and also for the rest of the gang to arrive for the offsite event yesterday....
I know lar; I am so bored out of my wits and nothing better to do lar.....but hey, at least that's better than a peeping tom:p
Check out the sign on the door.
I still remember the first time I was here in this hotel; didn't occur to me that this was the restroom. For the Gents, it was the picture of men in top hat.
Really of formal stature to place a sign like this to indicate the gender:)
Classy and chic huh?
Something out of the box?
If you are fascinated (or not) of this, check out the following pictures I got from a friend on the other more "interesting" so-called toilet pics....
I don't know which place uses these signs nor where they are.....and I also cannot vouch whether these places really do exist.
But, just for laughs and also you will be amused with the creativity...some of them were pretty explicit...
Haha...need I say more?
Another obvious sign for the gender.....didn't I mention it was explicit?
Hmmm.....more abstract ....
And these...I don't get it...any takers?

Why Chilli for men and shell for women? I don't get it....