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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Lee Da Hae look-alike

I have posted on this in my other blog but I still wanted to do another post here.
I have been once again compared to the Korean actress, Lee Da Hae!!! Freaky....huh?
First of all, for those who do not know Lee Da Hae, she was the cute little girl who acted in those Korean dramas or soap operas aired over 8TV for some time. Her two series were shown over the last 3-4 months; namely Green Rose and My Girl.
I didn't really catch Green Rose although Mum and dad told me it was an interesting series but I managed to catch a few last episodes of My Girl.
Surprisingly though, during that time, I felt attracted to her in the series and looked forward to watch her every night. There seemed to be some kind of mystical sense of familiarity I could not put myself to think of. Also, take note that nobody told me yet of the resemblance to her.

Soon enough, mum and dad came to tell me how much I resemble this cute actress and also the verdict actually came from all my aunts who glued themselves to the TV screen every night to watch this girl whom they claimed reminds them of their niece.
In fact, they even got a copy of the series in DVD to watch her...LOL....guess my aunts are really fans of Lee Da Hae:)

Now, everyone seems to say she is so much like me in looks; in fact they felt like they were watching me on TV...and now even my bestie said the same thing (she posted it on her blog:p )

I do not know what to say; this is definitely not the first time I have been said to resemble some Korean actresses; to date, the most prominent ones are Kim Tae Hee( of Stairway to Heaven and Love in Harvard), Son Ye Jin (Summer Scent), Song Hye Kyo (Full House, All In and Autumn in My Heart) and even Jang Nara (Mischievous Princess, My Love Patzzi).

However, amazingly and coincidentally, all these claims happen to be my favourite actresses whom I really love to watch on the screen.
I have tried out this Face Recognition tool on the web as well; which actually runs an artificial matching based on your photos (Face selection) to match that of the celebrities.

I have tried this out and I was kinda impressed that they actually implemented this artificial mind in a software to find matches and not just one, they can actually reveal several matches and also the percentage of the similarity you bear in resemblance to the celebrity.
Hahahaha....will it be a surprise if I told you that I was often matched to Korean celebrities? I find it hilarious sometimes and one of the more recurring one will be Kim Tae Hee; the lady who bore the same surname as me. In fact, she was also one of Korean celebrities whom I am really fond of despite her first appearance as a villain and evil lady in Stairway to Heaven where she played the evil stepsister who tried to break up the leading and perfect couple in the series. I must say she was one of the first villain whom I did not hate and in fact, liked her so much. She is pretty; with big doe-like eyes that made her so unconvincing as a villain...and so...uhhh, un-villainlike:p

I was even found to match Son Ye Jin and Song Hye Kyo; both rising young actresses after appearing in those four-season themed drama with tragic love stories; Summer Scent and Autumn in My Heart respectively.
Both have that innocent and sweet appeal in them and have also similarly starred alongside the famous Korean heartthrob; Song Seung Hun.
Jang Nara was another one whom I was matched to resemble.
There's also another Japanese actress whom I was found to resemble; Nanako Matsushima.

As I have said, apparently all those whom I resembled coincidentally turned out to be my favourite actresses..haha...but I don't see myself in them lar.

Observing the trend; seems like I resemble mostly Korean actresses; perhaps there may be some connection to Korean ancestry through my surname after all....LOL.

I have no comments; perhaps you guys can help me judge and give me the verdict:
Should I be happy to look like Korean actresses and rising stars....? Hahaha....vanity fair huh?
Nah....I am still AngelstarChristy...the same old me:)
Lee Da Hae - the main topic of the blog and the highest vote count from most to date.
2. Kim Tae Hee - the most number of matches from the Face Recognition tool and we have the same surname:p
Big eyes....match was about 70% above.....
3.Son Ye Jin (also found to match through the same web tool:)
4. Song Hye Kyo - my all-time favourite Korean actress.
Now, my own image collage....all about me....
So, still look alike? haha...I look like...ME:) AngelstarChristy all time....unique:)