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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Leadership?It is all in the mind...

Leadership by birth or made creates a more powerful leader?
An ambiguous argument huh?
To me, it is all in the mind - which was why I was surprised at a bunch of people who could actually travel all the way just to attend an hour's talk.
Guess they are pretty insecure, but knowing them well; I should say that the talk is not fully beneficial to them unless they change their mindset first and foremost.
Reason is simple; a leader lies in the mind - you may gain the knowledge to become a leader through tips and tricks BUT if you do not think like a leader, sustainability becomes the issue.

Leadership by birth was actually argued to be more effective. Why is that so?
Simple, the concept goes back to mindset; by birth - yes, we are bestowed the talent and skill but at the same time, the mind was also instilled at the same time and with further upbringing in the right environment to mould the correct mindset, this will of course be a strong ruler in any field.
Similarly, if you want to make yourself a prominent and influential leader, my advice is to first have the right mindset and also mature thinking...for those who flocked for the talk; people whom I feel still have a long way to go (not being prejudice; but judging from their behaviour and all the things they have done so far in situations), they do need to ponder on what they need to do for themselves before even moving in the direction of a leader.