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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Rainy Picture

This is one cool my pic my colleague sent to me;

hope the rain actually showed....hmmm, come to think of it; it hasn't been raining for the past few days...

Rain, rain, come again

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I've just attended this class on preventing injuries and accidents and I must say that the emphasis here is to minimize injuries at work and also to learn to be considerate; care for others while thinking of your own safety. In fact, the theme or the notion of the course itself was "I Love Life".

Ironic how sometimes we tend to take things for granted and how we often adopt the mentality of "Things only happen to others, it will not happen to me"; kinda idealistic but in truth, is the world out there this way? Do things really happen to everyone around us but not us? Sadly, that is just a make-up belief that we instill in our brain to make ourselves think in an absurdly and extraordinarily optimistic way; not to say that being optimistic is not good but being overly optimistic sometimes can be harmful and destructive as well. Furthermore, in situations where you become overly optimistic, you may end up being too self-conscious and adopt the "I don't care" behaviour; thus visualizing a near-perfect world in where they live in.

We watched a video on this guy, Charlie who worked in the Exxon company; a well-renowned oil and petrol refinery company. Being an engineer himself, Charlie was often required to go to check on the plants' condition and thus at most time, the company's rules and regulations emphasizes on the safety equipment to protect their employees. However, Charlie, as he called it, scorned at the idea of having to dress himself with such ridiculous wearing gear, claiming that it looks sissy and not "macho" to be wearing it. He only does it in front of his superiors and most of the time, he heroically bares it all to check on the fuel plant. However, one day, an accident happened; an explosion of some sort and he suffered serious injuries, with the scalding and and some serious burns on himself and his hands. This caused much anxiety among his family members and his parents.

In a split second, his whole life changed. He had to undergo a major surgical operation and got his chin replaced; his 2 daughters; one of which was a top achiever in school dropped out and resorted to drugs and drinking and even contemplated suicide. He regretted all he had done; he loved his wife and he was so sorry when he saw the scars on his hands when he outstretched them to hug his wife. Everything in his life, the "oh-so- perfect" picture crumbled to pieces; as quoted from Charlie, his whole life changed in a split second and all this because of he's too proud to wear something he thinks is humiliating for his image and his stupidity has led to the misery not only of himself but also of his loved ones.

Touching huh? Funny to think how most of the happenings actually stem from little things..and in this story, you can truly see, how an ego actually caused a huge impact on his entire life forever and also on his loved ones.
Had he obediently complied with the rules set by the company, he would never have to endure all the pain and misery he is going through currently. All for proving that nothing can happen...when accidents are unpredictable; in fact, life itself is unpredictable.

Too often we dwell on our own pride that we tend to neglect the fact that things can happen to us as well. Also, to be heroic and taking chances may not be an individual act and doing this can be selfish; you do not account for your own actions although you claimed that it is your own life you are meddling with. Your life is intertwined with others; and though it is yourself that you want to mess with, it will naturally impact others around you; your close ones. Think of how everyone will feel....if you are hurt, also your life does not belong to you alone; God or our Creator is the owner of your or our lives. If you enjoy in causing the misery to others, go ahead....but think of how heartbreaking for a mother to see her son hurt in an accident, a wife waiting patiently for her husband from work to find that he perished in a work-related accident, etc. You may be hurt or even, passed on due to an accident. You may be fine; but imagine the agony or changes which may affect the lives of those around you.

If you notice, even the public messages from the authorities in addressing the high increase of the mishaps and accidents have reverted its style to be of more towards the psychological aspect and reminding you of the ones around you and no longer focus on the impact on you. For instance, when you are on the highway, they will tell you that drive carefully, think of your loved ones. It's trying to create that reverse effect to get you thinking on your loved ones and that you should cherish your life to enjoy more time with them:) I guess that's an effective way of getting it through as well *wink*

So, let's think of the consequences of our actions before we act; be considerate to others; care not only for yourself but also for others when you are about to do something. THINK before you act; think of your loved ones...

Remember, the CHOICE is in your hands....and most of all, tell yourself this "I LOVE my LIFE" (",)

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Rainy days...

Tip tap tip tap....it's raining again...yippee!!~
I've always enjoyed the rainy season; I always look forward to the rain; probably an understatement, I should just say I simply LOVE rain..hahaha :)

However, I do not like too much rain when I am driving on the road though; especially on the highway...if you refer to my previous post, you'll know why..hehehe:p Also, when I am outdoors, it's usually not so cool anymore...haha....so, that's the only time I would ask the rain to go away:p

It's been raining cats and dogs for the past week; not that it's such a bad thing considering the months of dry and hot spell we've been having since Chinese New Year. The rain is really hitting it hard now; I could hear the downpour right now (current location is in one of the travelling cubes which is near the long isle of windows *wink*).
Rainy seasons are so dreary and romantic - quoted from one of my gal pals back in my summer camp and also one of my Stockman mates. Pretty cool huh? Probably it is romantic, I mean, come to think of it, most of the romantic scenes in a movie are in the rain. Duh, half the movies I've watched, the romance either starts in the rain or ends in the rain(heartbreaking) and also the happy scenes of reconciliation :) Well, well, well, seems like there is a little romance in the air...erm, rain :)

Anyway, I noticed the trend with the rain of late; which starts early in the morning on weekdays and proceed with the long-term rain-> rains for the whole day. However, on the weekends, it only rains in the evening or at night. Pretty weird....seems like the weather is time selective as well..haha.....it's only working on weekdays and then it gives itself a break on weekends *wink*.
Sometimes I associate the rain with the female gender, thus referring to the rain as "her"....probably because rain seems to be always linked to crying and ahem, girls are always "accused" as crying prone creatures....or in short, cry-babies:p

A close friend of mine told me that the rainy season is here in conjunction with the Ching Meng festival observed by the Buddhists and Taoists community; basically the Chinese community in general. The Ching Meng festival is the time when all the family members would gather and visit their relatives' or ancestors graves. This is an important event in the Chinese calendar which observes the filial piety value or teaching by Confucius which urges the younger generation or the descendants/successors to pay their respects to their ancestors. Also, this is also one of the major family reunion; just as in Chinese New Year as according to the Chinese custom, it is deemed important for everyone in the family to partake in the ceremony.

Yeah, well, I've heard of that from my mom and grandma as well; in fact, this is also the month where there are typically lots of taboos...not much outdoor activities are encouraged; similar to the seventh month of the Chinese Lunar calendar. The Chinese believe that during the third and seventh month, the spirits from the nether world will roam the Earth - only difference is, during the third month (now for Ching Meng), the spirits are limited to the vicinity of the cemetery grounds whereas in the seventh month, they are everywhere. According to the superstition of the older folks, the statistics showed that accidents and cases of death are suspiciously and abnormally high during these months. Believe it or not, this is always a question for everyone....

That's the explanation they had for the high density of rainfall during these time of the year. However, geologically speaking from the scientific point of view, it is the monsoon season which occurs according to the Earthly elements and not related to the netherworld....aaahhh, the line between science and the supernatural...always debatable:p

Haha...in fact, my department was actually looking forward to organizing this team- building in the forest and everyone was kinda pumped to go for it. However, everyone shook their heads vigorously (figure of speech) to show their disapproval to go during the month of Ching Meng :p
Myth or fact....the truth is out there....

In the meantime, let's continue enjoying the cool wind and the nice rain...."Raindrops keep falling on my head"...

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

ReNu Solution Alert!!

Whoa....I just read about this news this morning in the Star.
How irresponsible are these solution producers.....I mean, does the word quality control and human lives ring a bell to them?
I can't believe that these solution actually cause the disease, fungal keratitis infection which could cause permanent blindness in the contact lenses' users.

Well, well, well.....first I received a message on the effects of wearing contact lenses during BBQ party(bet most of you know about that too) and now, even the solution themselves which are supposed to be the disinfectants and removing the dirt from the contact lenses are the ones which are causing harm! Man, the eyes are the delicate organs and yet.....sigh, this is so freaky!!

Furthermore, the outrageous thing is, these are the more well renowned brands in the industry and I despise the manner they treat their users, elevating profit above the benefit of their customers without whom, they will not obtain their profit and here, they do not care a tuppence on the consequences which will befall the innocent people.

Probably this entry may sound a little fierce; but I am always against any acts of imposing harm to others. I believe there should be more control over the products manufactured. Another thing, I am also surprised it took so long for the authorities to realize this is hazardous to the users?? Yeah, just as well, since there are already affected casualties.....sigh, this always has to happen before action will be taken.....what else can I say?

To the contact lens users, do take care....and to the manufacturers, please do reflect on your mistakes and I hope you feel duly well-ashamed of yourselves for causing such permanent grief to others. As for the authorities, I hope there's more prompt action in the future.

Let's just hope that the injuries will be minimized and that this early detection could also lead to the fast recovery; have a little faith :)

The Moon Represent My Heart

I noticed for the past two days; or nights ...theoretically not correct, it's during the dawn time frame...where I can see the big round moon up there in the sky. It's shining so brightly; in fact I think yesterday was even brighter; and bigger in size.

It's so beautiful in sight that I was so inspired to write about it. Hmm...today I am in a poetic mood...yippee, guess my inspiration is back. I haven't been writing poems for like,.....ages....probably due to the lack of inspiration or the mood is just not there.
Anyway, something hit me today, and I am really pumped with the poetic blood today...hehe, I was even thinking of creating a blog or xanga for my poem....and I was thinking of a name for my blog; somehow the name "Dead Poets' Society" came to my mind but hey, touch wood!! I am not dead yet...haha, and I am a live poet...although technically not that qualified to be a poet, since my poems are only for leisure writing and not really that professional.

Also, I really want to thank those who have always offered words of encouragement and support for me to get my poem-writing going. Also, I do know there are avid fans of my poems out there; one of them being my bestest friend who just asked me recently whether I have any new poems for her to read :) Thanks, gal....:)

The previous post on the poem which I subconsciously and spontaneously conjured at the spur of the moment may not live up to the expectations; I find it an "okay" piece.....just for fun though, so if you feel it's lousy, just pay no heed to it:P

Aaaahhhh....with the beautiful moon in sight, doesn't it reminds you of the song by Theresa Teng, "The Moon Represent My Heart"? Haha....ironically, I just thought of the song today and not at the moment I saw the moon :P And yeah, I bet some of you out there probably think that this blogger is just so corny, thinking of such an old song to associate with the moonlight....hahaha...this is an evergreen song for your information. Oh, besides this song, another would be " Yue Kwang Kwang"...I think, another song which is also deemed quite popular during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

So, The Moon Represent My Heart...I do know that it's a love song....but somehow, I have this weird inkling sometimes as to why would someone want to associate your feelings in your heart for your loved one with the moon? What is the significance of the moon? It's big round and yellow, does that mean that your love is also big and round?Haha...not to mention yellow in colour....guess you'd be having some very serious disease if you have a yellow heart....haha....no offense meant.

Jokes aside, there's also the connection of Shang 'Er as the Moon Goddess, but that we will talk about it during the Mid-Autumn festival....hehe, too entranced with the moon's beauty and I just decided to blab about it in this entry.

I do hope to see the big round moon tomorrow morning when I wake up.....hmmm, but they say when the moon is bright, it means the sun will be also bright since the sun is the light provider to the moon, or in scientific terms; the reflection of the sun is the moon :) So, would I like to see a bright and beautiful moon and risk a hot and sunny day with an equally big and round fiery sun?
Haaa....tough choice but....nah, no more hot sun....it's getting hotter by the day.

Guess tonight Mr. Moon will be looking as cheerful again...since today it's blazing hot....:p

Big Mr. Moon

As I look up at the sky
There I see it up so high
Smiling brightly back at me
within its clear visibility

Big, yellow and shapely round
Reflecting itself directly on the ground

Shining its light ever so bright
Leading us through the darkness of night

The night is quiet and lonely
but the moon there I can see
is always filled with company
with millions of stars in the galaxy

Soon the day will come
and we will have our Mrs. Sun
Let's wait for her job to be done
before we could say we truly want
our favourite only one
Mr. Moon for our whole night fun!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

12-year old orphan gang-raped

The status of my ex-classmate from university prompted me to take a peek at The Star online towards the end of the lunch hour. What can I say, what has become of our Malaysian society today? Seems like the society values and moral dignity no longer exist -- what happened to the tagline Malaysian is a caring society which we so proudly bore previously?

I am truly shocked and disgusted at this; how many rape cases have we read about and occurred in our country? It was not that long ago following the brutal rape cum murder of the girl in Sungai Petani who just went for a jog and got herself killed subsequently.
Also, what about the previous infamous cases of Canny Ong , Melissa and the UTM girl? Oh, and also the 9 year-old girl in Kedah if I am not mistaken who was found a few metres away from the house?

Are we ever going to have an end to this all?

If you noticed, seems to me that the manner of the conduct of the crimes is getting more brutal in time; the nation seems to be more and more stunned by the crime nature each time it is exposed in the newspapers.

This 12-year old girl was an orphan; as reported in the newspapers and attended a concert in town in Sungai Petani(again) where she befriended a group of guys aged between 18-22. They met the following day and they invited her to a paddy field where they took turns to rape her.

I guess the initial reaction from most people would be, "Hey, she asked for it; haven't we had countless reports telling girls not to follow strangers and yet she's following them to the paddy field...", "Desperate girl"..."Girls never learn"...bla bla bla.

The point is, why are we always pointing our fingers at the victims? Do you really think a girl would ask for this to happen to herself? First, we are often blamed for the way we dress, the gestures and body language, suggestive expressions, etc. Now, my question would also revolve around the so-called democracy and liberacy in the country? Why aren't women allowed to wear what we feel comfortable with without being accused of leading the "sick" men on?

In most of the rape cases, the victims are often viewed as the ones invoking the crime unto them; it's as if the girls have nothing better to do than to invite...yeah, "INVITE" rape to be inflicted upon them. In case you are unaware, do you know the effects an action like this can do to a girl? And mind you, these effects will not be temporary; definitely not a pencil mark which you erase off immediately...in fact, rape victims are known to suffer from a lifetime trauma and they lose not just their dignity but their very own self in the process.

Also, when we read on the reports of girls befriending guys and then getting raped after that; the girls are often pinpointed as the one who deserve it since they befriend strangers.
Ho!....when does anyone ever has the right to judge who others can talk to or befriend? So, does that mean all the girls should hide themselves in the house and bundle themselves with super thick clothes and look as scrawgly as possible to minimize their own risks of getting raped?
Oh wait, ain't we forgetting something here....even fathers, uncles and grandfathers rape their own daughters, nieces and grand-daughters. Need I say more if you are stepdaughter in the family?
Guess we need to keep them in the bubble; hmmm...on second thought, something hard, like metal or rock.

These criminal impostors need to be educated; they are the ones at fault...I am sometimes amazed at their nerve to even revert the blame back to the victims, that they initiated it.

Again, nobody has the right to rob another person of anything. Rape is definitely a despicable act; and it's robbing a girl of her self-dignity, respect and lifetime happiness.
Raping is without the permission of the other party; even if you are married, there's still no right for the husband to force himself onto the wife if she is not willing.

Even more disgusting are the incestuous relationships; where the father rapes his own daughter...ugghhhh...it's their own flesh and blood....I totally cannot imagine how they could cause this harm onto their own offsprings.

Then comes the unwanted consequences; illegitimate pregnancy. The controversion sets in whereby abortion is illegal in the eyes of the law. However, given the trauma the girl has to go through, sometimes we have to bring ourselves to understand how they feel. Yes, it is not right to kill an unborn life; But....how does the victim deal with this for the rest of her life if she wants to carry on with her life? The child would probably be the memorablia of the unwanted incident which they would have to carry with them; casting the shadows unto their lives forever.

I am not saying this to support abortion for rape victims but it's another perspective to look into the abortion cases. Also, most ladies would prefer to be dead subsequent to the rape...in that case they don't have to live with it forever.

Anyway, I still believe that nobody should ever blame the ladies in rape cases; if the men can learn some self-control and know the consequences. For the satisfaction of their lust, they have caused a girl her life's worth.
"A flower in the bloom has been plucked and ruined"....

Let's hope the society will stand up together in this neverending battle to stop the violence against women....
And....last comment, rape cases may not apply to women alone in this contemporary society; even men can be in turn, raped by women....laughing? Apparently, this is no laughing matter as well....as I've said, nobody has any right to inflict harm on others....


Had a pretty bad headache for the past two days; and caused me restless sleep as well.
Looking pretty much like a zombie, especially on Monday....worse still, I had a bad dream...which I dreamt of missing a class I was supposed to attend on Monday.

And, bham, call it deja vu or something, I woke up pretty early on Monday and drove to work, and anticipated in relief for the class. However, about 15 minutes prior to the commencement of the training, as my Outlook calendar popped up, I checked and realized, hey, I am in the wrong building!! My training was supposed to be in another building....and packing my stuffs in the fastest possible manner, I rushed to the lobby and waited for the shuttle.

Well, being sort of a punctuality freak sometimes, I glanced at my watch and thought to myself, "Hey, if I wait for the shuttle, I will definitely be late"....hence, I decided to drive to the other building and managed to find a parking space. Phew...and I was just in time for class...hehehe....technically I managed to defy the prophecy in my dream :-)

Upon completion of the class, I need to drive back to the other building....and now, that's where the headache sets in again...and this said in reference to the literal meaning of headache...haha...since it's almost next to impossible to find a good parking space although with an area of the size of a football field for a carpark (and I am not kidding; there's that many cars:p ).

I actually had to make several rounds to scout for a strategic location; and hey, I am not being kiasu...just wanted a good spot to avoid the sun since I catch fever easily when there's exposure to the sun(not short term lar...) ....and judging from the recent weather with the blazing hot sun, I am sure you pretty much do not want to be caught in the sun at all, so, hey, it's not just me....candle princess huh:P (Direct translation from Puteri Lilin...:)

Anyhow, I was pretty lucky as well; managed to find a good parking space...within a short walking distance to the lobby...hehe, and furthermore, it's the first parking lot...haha, I know, "someone" is gonna call me "kiasu gal" again:p Hold your tongue mister....this is pure luck..:-)

The headache continued to haunt me until yesterday as well....*sob sob* But anyway, I finally managed to sleep last night; hehe...probably due to sheer exhaustion and fatigue...but also due to a bedtime story....a cute one....and finally, zzzzzzzzz....

Monday, March 13, 2006

Saving your fuel

In view of the hike in the petrol prices, I read about the ways to save petrol in The Sunday Star and I found it pretty funny.

Applied to all the Malaysians, seems that there is not much effort needed as well; hehee....below is an extract, or should I say summarized version of what I read ..haha..:)

1. Do not turn on the signals - since most Malaysians do not give the heed when they will be turning

2. Do not use the brakes too often - that's right, just speed over those bumps; braking will slow down the car and incur more fuel when you pick up the momentum again.

3. Smoke - yup, when you smoke, you will wind down the window to release the smoke and thus, you do not have to turn on the air-cond-> saves petrol

4. Do not turn on the headlights - Yeah, proceed to drive without the lights on until someone flashes at you or honks at you on the road, if it saves the fuel, why bother?

5. Sing - no need to turn on the radio since most Malaysians love to sing anyway :)

6. Go through red lights - yeah, as mentioned, it's fuel consuming to brake :p

7. Speed - lesser fuel needed when you can reach the destination asap

8. Use high gears - Just switch directly from the first to the fourth gear

9. Don't park in multi-storey car parks - burns more fuel when you go up; just leave your car out there on the single yellow line.

10. Carpool - Just cram the whole yard of people into that small Kancil:)

11. Downhill - Turn off engine and free the gear when going down slope - leave it to the natural force of physics; gravity ...haha...this is good :P

Haha....cool and funny? Guess it pretty much describes most of the Malaysian drivers too ...hehe...if you want more, go to this link...

Dirty Old Men, Foolish Young Women

In pursuit of the ongoing and heated debate in The Sunday Star, following the letter published to Dear Thelma, I decided to take a peek into the issue as well; however from my own perspective and not in any way related to the story as posted by the original author.

So, in this context, it revolves more on the secret affairs between the older men and young women. Hmmm...may I make a correction to the statement; married older men :p
And, you may wonder, what's with all this fuss over the issue since it is no longer a new trend following the multiple wives trend during our ancestors' time and yeah, you read that right, multiple wives...

Dating back to ancient history, in most countries, such as China, India, and even Europe, the rulers of the country wedded many wives; but in all, there is only one legal wife; the first to be wedded will always be recognized, in the eyes of the public, the legal and rightful wife.
This applies to the commoners as well; and in ancient China, there is also a policy which may differ from the aforementioned practice; whereby the first wife may not necessarily be the legal wife. The women are ranked by their reproductive ability; whereby the first wife to bear a child; to be more specific, a son; the heir to the family will be automatically bestowed the title of the first wife. This also gave birth to the idealisme of the importance of the male gender over the female gender whereby some women would go to the extent of killing or exchanging their babies if they were born girls. Sad, but true.
In fact, even today, some are still doing the same thing in order to protect their position in their husbands' and in-laws' eyes.

Now, back to the original issue; older men with younger girls huh?
Hmmmm....somehow, we often hear of married men having affairs out of their marriages; be it with younger girls or women their age. Point is, extra marital affairs are no longer new in the contemporary world. What happened to the marital vows which they swore by during the wedding ceremony? Are they just reading it for the sake of reading it in order to complete the ceremony? What is the meaning of matrimony anymore? Isn't it supposed to be a solemn and sacred affair between two people in love? Or love is not an important element in the marriage anymore?

It is sad how fragile this can be; how women are neglected as they get older and their husbands start to venture beyond the marriage borders to seek for excitement. Their once beautiful and young wives who have now aged after delivering their "heirs" and "heiresses", haggard and tired looking everyday due to the mountaineous household chores they have to do, and also their once fair and smooth skin and hair, now looking shaggy and dirty due to the washing and cooking they have to do.....are now abandoned because of the states they have gotten themselves into. They secretly felt disgusted (I think openly, for some of them), with the physical states of their wives and felt ashamed if they were to be seen in public with them, whom they called wives.

Furthermore, they get bored looking at the same faces and also the lack of lustre and shine in their once adorable appearances. Thus, they start to pay attention, or some allegedly claimed that they admired the young and chirpy young ladies around them who are keeping up with the trend; with a physical stature of a model, silky long hair, innocent looks, cute giggles, attractive eyes and a great sense in fashion. Then they start flirting and slowly, the betrayal of the marriage vows commence as these men stumbled upon the extra marital affairs with these "other" women.

Now, I am not saying these based on my own judgement; in fact the reasons I have listed up there were given by the men in a study conducted. That justifies the reason why older men prefer younger women.

On the contrary, it is a question as to why the younger girls would engage themselves with these older and furthermore, married men when they can have any men down to their knees given their physical appearance.

Well, there are also reasons to the justification; of the most popular would be wealth and society status. Most of the older men who can afford to have extra marital affairs are usually reputable and sought after in the corporate world. Otherwise, they would not have the luxury to buy gifts lavishly for these unknowing and naive young girls.
Also, there is a sense of security among the young women to hang out with these older men due to the maturity level. In fact, it is undeniable that older men tend to be more attentive and caring towards their partners, especially if their partners are younger(this is due to their insecurity though, the other way round :p ).
Thus, the women felt they were truly cared for and loved based on the attention showered upon them. Hence, most of the women usually opt for partners older than them; although the trend today also portrayed otherwise.

Another reason would be the old word, LOVE. Yes, no discrimination allowed, it is not such a surprising thing and yet nobody believe the simple meaning of this word. I do not see any problem with young women falling in love with older men; even if they were married. After all, this is love and nobody can tell whether it's right or wrong, I think I've posted before this on love, whereby you do not go looking for love but it will naturally find you. Therefore, given all the attention and love by these older men, it is no surprise that the young women who are still naive and vulnerable to their charms fall into the circle of love. (Tempted to say trap, but then, no discrimination:P )

Simple as that, they fall in love hard and by the time they realized their partners are actually married or attached, they find it hard to let go and chose to hold on, to the extent of willing to keep the affair going in secret. Of course, this will not last as jealousy and anger eventually prevails and the demands will start to come in whereby these women want a family of their own and request, ermmm....DEMAND...that the men leave their wives or risk having their affairs being exposed.

Also, there are cases where there are young women who already knew beforehand that the men are married and yet pursue them due to the jealousy and longing feeling for these model family men. Thus, they are determined that they are more deserving of the attention and resorted to extreme extents to win over these men for themselves.

Well, whichever it is, there is no one to judge the wrong and right in issues like these; however, my humble thought on this is that no one ever has the right to hurt anyone; be it in life or love.
As they say, all is fair in love and war; and I believe that we can have the freedom to do whatever we want and also to love whoever we please, as love is blind and we never know when we will just "fall" in love. That's why we even see people hanging around with abusive spouses, drug addicts, murderers, etc. There is no justification for that; but only thing is, avoid hurting others.

I know, we should always seize opportunities as they come by, but if the opportunity is already someone else's, why hang on to it? You are actually taking something which does not belong to you; that's equivalent to stealing. For the ladies, please take note that you are not only causing harm to the other women whom are the rightful spouses of the men you are seeing but also the young offsprings who are innocent and oblivious to the happenings of the adults. Most importantly, you are also hurting yourself in the process.

There are other fish in the sea and a whole lot of trees in the forest, why pick one which is already picked?

As for the men, beauty and looks may be not be there forever and if you are marrying someone because they look beautiful to you, that's not love. Do NOT proceed with the proclamation of the marital vows if that is so. Do not say what you do not mean, and do not make empty promises.
It may mean the world to someone and imagine how they would feel if these were to vanish one day?

If one day, you were to come home and find your once beautiful wives shabby and plain-looking, do you stop loving her? Regret marrying her?
Point is, please think before you take the big leap into marriage and consider all the possibilities.

Additionally, please take note that nothing lasts forever; if you think your wives are no longer as radiant and glowing as before, think of the hardship she went through each day when you were at work; cleaning the whole house, cooking for you, washing all the clothes, etc.
The reason she has gray hair on her head; is due to the amount of thinking she has to do in planning the menu for your meals, the finances for the household and your allowances, the future of the kids, etc.
Her rough hands and composure are due to the toiling in the household.
Her dark skin due to the exposure to the sun as she makes sure your clothes are dry enough to be worn to the office and also in sending your kids to be educated.
Her aging due to the life-and-death situation she put herself through in bearing those kids who bore your name.
Above all this, this truly shows the strong love she has for you as she is willing to endure all this for you.

Therefore, cherish your spouses, and that goes the same for the ladies(not only men are having extra marital affairs, you know) .
Think before you are to do something which you may regret for the rest of your life and also hurt the person whom you have loved and loved you in return.
Reminisce the romantic moments you have had with your spouses and you will feel nostalgic and reminded of why you were in love in the first place.

And to the young ladies out there, be cautious and pull out yourself if you found someone who is already married. I don't think you would like the idea of sharing your spouse with someone else; sharing is definitely not the concept to be applied in this context.

Remember, it takes two to tango; if you do not nod to the invitation, you would not be in the situation.

"Two's company and three's a crowd....."
Let's just leave it at two :)

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Engineers are the BEST boy friends??

One of my friends sent me this.....a little funny and also logical...then again, engineers are always logical, aren't they?

Specially dedicated to all engineers out there...

Message: Today's lesson - Girls must be convinced, so learn to promote yourself - convince them that 'Engineers are the Best Boyfriends'

Let me tell you why girls should eventually marry an engineer over a Law, management, Arts or Medical School Graduate. He has three distinct advantages over the rest of the graduates.

Advantage 1: Secure lifestyle

An engineer boyfriend can provide you with a secure lifestyle. At 27 years old, an engineer probably has a respectable, stable job that gives him a high income to own a car, invest, have a comfortable life, and get married and buy a house too. Law graduates are still working as a lowly apprentice in law firm. Most management graduates have just failed on their first business plan. The arts graduate is still looking for a job. And the medical school graduate is still living in a hospital.

Advantage 2: Unmatchable industriousness

An engineer boyfriend will dedicate an unimaginable amount of his time and effort to understand you. Engineers strain really really hard to understand > >their work. You can believe that they will try really really hard to understand women too, just like how they understand their work, once they believe that you are the one. So even if they don't understand you initially, they will keep on trying. Even if they still do not understand, they will figure out the correct method to keep you happy (e.g. buy diamond ring = 1 week's worth of happiness.) And once they find out the secret formula, they will just keep on repeating it so that the desired results appear. Unlike the Lawyer who will argue with you. The Management graduate who will try to control your spending, The Arts graduate who will 'change major'. And the medical school graduate who will operate on you. And you know what, it's really so easy to make engineer s believe that You arethe 'one'. Say that you like one of their project and they will be hooked to you forever.

Advantage 3: An engineer boyfriend will never betray your trust.

Let me first tell you what is wrong with the rest of the others - The lawyers will lie about everything. Management graduates will cheat your money. The arts graduate will flirt, and you probably just look like another cadaver to the medical school graduate. Your engineer boyfriend is either too busy to have an affair, and even if he does, he is too dumb to lie to you about that. Hence, an engineer is the most secure boyfriend that you will ever find - rich enough, will keep on trying to understand and please you, has no time for affairs, and too dumb to lie to you. So girls, why procrastinate? Get an engineer for your boyfriend!

So, engineers out there, how true is this? Guess they will go ga-ga over this piece of compliment...haha...and I was just thinking; do you guys even figure out formulas off your head to understand the gal you like? :p

Personally, I will not say all is true; engineers are smart people too and furthermore, who says engineers do not cheat on you? They are good in formulating their own logic and will stop at nothing to convince you to believe in their theory. Also, engineers are workaholics...which means they spend more time at work and there goes the quality time with the family. Here, I am actually negating all the good stuffs about engineers...well, just being realistic as well:p

Anyhow, this is just for leisure reading and is not meant as an offense; so, chill out guys and feel free to drop a comment to tell me what you think of this :)

Face of death....

Fear of death? I believe everyone has that fear within themselves; no matter how you defy it or convince yourself that death is inevitable and how everyone will eventually die...bla bla bla.

Yeah, of course, death is inevitable, in fact we face the possibility of death anytime and everyday, since being human, we are unable to predict what will happen to us next. However, what if, you are able to see your own death before it happens? What will you do, or how are you going to react about it? Anticipate the coming with fear or desperately avoiding it in any possible way you can think of? Or on a calmer note, pray and accept your fate and request God to reduce the pain if possible or alternatively, do all your favourite things in a day before your death??
Bottom line; I doubt you'd be that rational when you are in that situation and the first option would probably be the most possible to take place, given your state of mind and sanity upon knowing the face of your very own death.
Freaky huh?

That was how a bunch of graduating high school seniors felt when they were told about their destiny upon escaping death on a roller coaster by two of their classmates who revealed their objects of analysis and the revelation through the photos snapped on that fateful night. Wendy(Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and Kevin(Ryan Merriman) were among the survivors of the roller coaster disaster, grieving after the loss of their partners; Jason(Jesse Moss) and Carrie (Gina Holden).

It was the Graduation night celebration; whereby all the senior students were invited to join in the fun at the local amusement park. Everyone were compelled to take a ride on the exciting roller coaster; Devil's Flight. Wendy, however, had a strange feeling and then a vividly real vision of the disaster which were to follow should the ride take place. As soon as the harness secures her in her seat, she had the premonition of the fatal disaster and screamed to be taken off the ride; much to the chagrin and frustration of the others. Kevin, her best friend's boyfriend felt responsible to take care of her and got down as well (Somehow they switched partners during the ride as Wendy refused to sit in front and they had to take picks to decide who will sit with Wendy..).

Her boyfriend, Jason was anxious about her outbreak and demanded to be let off as well during the row which Wendy was still trying to get the authorities to stop the ride from taking place but to not much avail and with the others on the ride sneering and snickering at her for spoiling the fun. As soon as the ride takes off, true to Wendy's predictions, a fatal accident occurred due to the broken tracks and all of those on the ride perished.

Recovering from the loss of her boyfriend, Wendy started to avoid everyone in school and became an introvert. As she spends more time compiling the pictures taken that night which were intended for the yearbook, she starts to realize that there were telltale signs in each picture taken of the rollercoaster victims of their manner of death. Freaked out by this discovery, she shared it with Kevin who initially laughed it off and worried about her insanity. However, when the next death involved two girls; Ashley and Ashlyn sitting on the rollercoaster following the dead ones and in the order of the survivors of the ride, Kevin starts to believe Wendy.

The duo started analyzing the pictures and tried their best to escape death once again. However, as one knows, there is no way to cheat death and they watched with utmost horror as each of their friend met with the most horrifying and gruesome death which they connected to the way they would have died had they been on the ride on that night. Wendy, however, speculated that perhaps they could escape the fate if someone intervened but to their dismay, everyone died, one by one. However, when one of their friends, Ian, survived, they started to have faith in themselves again and together, set out to help the remaining survivors, who of course, disbelieved them and questioned their sanity at that point.

Finally, came the time for the three of them, including Wendy's sister, Julie. They escaped death once again and were convinced that Death has let them go or has it??

Haha....if you have yet to watch this movie, you would be bummed to read this and anyhow, I do not intend to disclose that much information though but read it at your own risk!!:p

Overall, I find the storyline quite interesting and now I am compelled myself to watch the first 2 installations; as recommended by a good friend :) Ironically, this friend of mine was also in the same cinema that day; sitting on the right end while I was on the left end....freaky, now talk about deja vu and coincidences..haha!

Another comment to add about this movie, it is wholly gross and graphical in its depictions of the deaths which took its victims....man, do they have to smash the heads, poke the face, slash off the heads, crash the skulls.....ughhhh.....utterly disgusting and not to mention mentally disturbing!! So, watch this only if you dare....not recommended for weak hearts :)

For further information, kindly refer to the movie's official website :

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Hey LaydieBug, I read your post on the relationships (please check the comment I left for you as well) and I must say I kinda agree with you :)

Hmmm....why does everyone view relationships, and in this context I mean boy and girl relationships(like, DUH!)...those lovey dovey kinda thing as such an important agenda in their lives? Especially if you are single at a particular age....sigh!!

For girls, if you reach the so-called legal age of 20 and still single? Man, you will be agonized by the continuous rants of people around you; questions such as "Got bf ar?", "Don't be too picky", "Want me to introduce some guys to you?", "Have you tried going out on dates?", bla bla bla....endless list of rants on the direction of your life. SIGH.....is there nothing else in this world besides getting yourself into relationships?

Now, it's not that I am against relationships or anything but is there such an urgent need to be involved with another person? Well, you know what they say about being alone when you grow old and the need of a companion. I am not disagreeing as there is indeed some truth in it; that's why God did not only create Adam alone :) Religion aside, there's always interaction everywhere, in our lives, even animals and plants interact so that is why we see people getting together.

Due to this culture, most of the parents and relatives are usually concerned when their offsprings are still single at a certain point of age and the anxiety sets in when they actually start getting into the matchmaking mode. First, they will tease you about it; then they will ASK you about it with some suggestive notions of getting you involved in their known circle of eligible bachelors or spinsters, then they will arrange for those "accidental" meetings and that's when you start to retaliate..haha :) Procedural, huh?

Conservative as it sounds, this is still practised until today. Mind you, if you look back into the trend in the olden days; people then have never met each other(especially in China, their daughters are not even allowed to step outside the house compound). The parents will be the ones scouting around and then doing the "interviewing" bit and then poof, the marriage is set. Illlogical that you do not have the freedom to choose your own spouse? Today, you get to go out with people you like, spend time with each other then wedding bells ring for both of you, more liberal? Now then, take a moment to ponder on this, why are the divorce rates today much higher than before? Didn't you love the person and didn't you have the freedom to know the person well enough before you marry him/her?

There are lots of different explanations, such as boredom of being with the same person for so long, fading of the romance, bla bla bla. Sometimes, I believe they are also rushed into the marriage; during the sensuous and peak of their romance with each other, they decided to get married. Question is, how well do they know each other? Are they really ready to be committed to each other for life? This is more towards lust and not love, as they claimed. In the olden days, they do not know each other, so once they are married, they have a lifetime to get to know each other although practically they do not have a choice. The guys can still opt for concubines if they are not happy with their spouses but the poor ladies are there to endure the misery for life.

So, in short, take your time, you do not have to go looking for love, love will find you and you will gradually be in it; that's why it's called falling in love. It relies on destiny and fate, although sometimes you need to make some moves when you see the opportunity. Also, be sure before you commit to a relationship, otherwise, you will not only hurt the other person but yourself as well.
I think even in Malaysia, we have seen some people getting married/falling in love at the age of 80(last year's news)...so this goes to show that age is also not a deterring factor when love comes; it just hits you hard :)
So, why rush....hehe...take your own sweet time, if it was meant to be, it is meant to be; otherwise, no point hanging on to it ;)

"Love is patient and enduring, love is never jealous ...." - Quoted from one of my favourite movies, A Walk to Remember

Best Friend -SHIP?

Woohoo...I just found out that my bestest friend have a blog as well!!~

Yeahhh....and you know what's ironic thing about it?

The layout and the appearance of our blogs are EXACTLY the same; yeah, not kidding about it; it's PINK as well....haha...my little Laydie Bug sister :) She's my best friend...hmmm, used to be my best friend and NOW, my BESTEST friend (guess that word does not exist in the dictionary:p)
In short, she's my closest gal pal, sister(they used to call us "twins" back in high school), my sentence-connector, my entertainer cum radio(hehe...no offense, but she loves talking!!), my listener....in all, a good partner in crime!!
Guess our telepathic linking still has its effects on us even though we are not separated by miles and even across the sea:P

We went way back; and we are not exactly the conventional childhood friends who have known each other since we were born or anything like that. In fact, we first met in high school (haha, sounds pretty much like the beginning of a love story...but hey, we are not lesbians, k!). Okay, we were in the same class in Form 1 and went all the way to Form 5. I still remembered how shy and innocent this gal was at that time, but it's understandable since she's still new; she was from Maluri, whereas most of us who came to this high school were from the same primary school or somewhere within the vicinity. Basically you could say everyone knows everyone else and she was kinda in the minority since most of her primary school friends went to the high school next to her primary school.

Well, why did she then choose to come to this school and leave all her friends behind? Reason is simple; her mom was a teacher in this school :) She was then known as the teacher's daughter and she first hung out with a bunch of my primary school friends; actually, just one, a Malay girl friend of mine whom I have known all the way since primary school. Then somehow, both of us started talking to each other and eventually we became close. Yeah, we sort of just "clicked" and really hit it off and it was not long before we almost went everywhere and did everything together:)

We were also in almost the same clubs and societies together (well, ALMOST, not all;) and the most memorable would be the prefectorial board; yeah I used to be a prefect myself, the law enforcers in school and I know, any normal being in the school (students ) hates the very sight of those in the blue uniforms.

We even went through a life and death situtation before; I'm sure she will always remember that incident as well...nothing much actually, we were holding up a student at the assembly ground which was in a hall (In my school as in other schools as well, there were two separate sessions; the morning and the afternoon sessions. So, typically the assembly grounds were also separated; the morning assembly would take place in the main assembly ground within the main compound whereas the afternoon assembly would be in an enclosed hall beneath the classroom building in the other block. That's pretty logical; considering the blazing hot sun we have here in Malaysia :)

So, back to the incident, we were just in Form 2 at that time and we had to detain a student during assembly. Both of us actually motioned for the student to stand outside the hall (I even remembered his offence; it was due to his long nails!! haha:P ) While we were both watching him and also as the assembly congregation slowly dispersed, we heard some sounds from the classrooms above while we were standing slightly off the vicinity of the hall closure. Somehow, both of us including the guy sort of retreated quite a distance from the hall in an instant which was a pretty good thing as the next thing we knew, the "sounds" we actually heard were of the falling pieces (hmmm, large pieces as well) of...get ready for this....GLASS!!! Yes, no kidding, one of the windows actually broke and the broken glass fell all the way from the third storey. In fact, at that time, we just retreated in the nick of time, otherwise, I guess we could have been blind or probably scarred for life...scary thought that....

Anyway, although it did not leave us any physical scars but it did leave us a psychological scar which will remain with us forever. Somehow, after that, each time we walk past high buildings, we try to stay within the shaded areas; under the building instead of walking by the side of the building and we often look up to check for any falling glass. Wonder whether she still does that?? :p
But I remember we were both really traumatised for a while following the incident. However, it became a talking item for both of us after that and we will never ever forget how we went through that together. May not be a very significant or major "life-and-death" situation BUT definitely bonding for both of us who have shared this before <*wink*> Besides, how many friendships have gone through situations like these?

There were also those debates, elocutions, poem recitals, essay-writings, singing, etc etc....we were both in quite a number of competitions together before. The teachers used to nominate us; either one or BOTH to join these competitions. However, even when we were not in the other's competition, we were always there for each other to offer moral support. I still love those reminisces of the preparations (remember the boys vs girls debate???Haha...we had a blast of time !!), those poem recitals, bla bla bla.

Those were the days and I were to go on and on...this would never end. We have so many stories to cover...I missed her dearly, haven't seen her for a while and I was thinking of posting a picture of both of us together, but seems like there's not much recent pics we have together..so sad:(
Anyway, gal...if you happen to read this, this is for you....and missed you lots!! But we always "talk" telepathically...hehehe....