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Monday, March 13, 2006

Saving your fuel

In view of the hike in the petrol prices, I read about the ways to save petrol in The Sunday Star and I found it pretty funny.

Applied to all the Malaysians, seems that there is not much effort needed as well; hehee....below is an extract, or should I say summarized version of what I read ..haha..:)

1. Do not turn on the signals - since most Malaysians do not give the heed when they will be turning

2. Do not use the brakes too often - that's right, just speed over those bumps; braking will slow down the car and incur more fuel when you pick up the momentum again.

3. Smoke - yup, when you smoke, you will wind down the window to release the smoke and thus, you do not have to turn on the air-cond-> saves petrol

4. Do not turn on the headlights - Yeah, proceed to drive without the lights on until someone flashes at you or honks at you on the road, if it saves the fuel, why bother?

5. Sing - no need to turn on the radio since most Malaysians love to sing anyway :)

6. Go through red lights - yeah, as mentioned, it's fuel consuming to brake :p

7. Speed - lesser fuel needed when you can reach the destination asap

8. Use high gears - Just switch directly from the first to the fourth gear

9. Don't park in multi-storey car parks - burns more fuel when you go up; just leave your car out there on the single yellow line.

10. Carpool - Just cram the whole yard of people into that small Kancil:)

11. Downhill - Turn off engine and free the gear when going down slope - leave it to the natural force of physics; gravity ...haha...this is good :P

Haha....cool and funny? Guess it pretty much describes most of the Malaysian drivers too ...hehe...if you want more, go to this link...