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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I've just attended this class on preventing injuries and accidents and I must say that the emphasis here is to minimize injuries at work and also to learn to be considerate; care for others while thinking of your own safety. In fact, the theme or the notion of the course itself was "I Love Life".

Ironic how sometimes we tend to take things for granted and how we often adopt the mentality of "Things only happen to others, it will not happen to me"; kinda idealistic but in truth, is the world out there this way? Do things really happen to everyone around us but not us? Sadly, that is just a make-up belief that we instill in our brain to make ourselves think in an absurdly and extraordinarily optimistic way; not to say that being optimistic is not good but being overly optimistic sometimes can be harmful and destructive as well. Furthermore, in situations where you become overly optimistic, you may end up being too self-conscious and adopt the "I don't care" behaviour; thus visualizing a near-perfect world in where they live in.

We watched a video on this guy, Charlie who worked in the Exxon company; a well-renowned oil and petrol refinery company. Being an engineer himself, Charlie was often required to go to check on the plants' condition and thus at most time, the company's rules and regulations emphasizes on the safety equipment to protect their employees. However, Charlie, as he called it, scorned at the idea of having to dress himself with such ridiculous wearing gear, claiming that it looks sissy and not "macho" to be wearing it. He only does it in front of his superiors and most of the time, he heroically bares it all to check on the fuel plant. However, one day, an accident happened; an explosion of some sort and he suffered serious injuries, with the scalding and and some serious burns on himself and his hands. This caused much anxiety among his family members and his parents.

In a split second, his whole life changed. He had to undergo a major surgical operation and got his chin replaced; his 2 daughters; one of which was a top achiever in school dropped out and resorted to drugs and drinking and even contemplated suicide. He regretted all he had done; he loved his wife and he was so sorry when he saw the scars on his hands when he outstretched them to hug his wife. Everything in his life, the "oh-so- perfect" picture crumbled to pieces; as quoted from Charlie, his whole life changed in a split second and all this because of he's too proud to wear something he thinks is humiliating for his image and his stupidity has led to the misery not only of himself but also of his loved ones.

Touching huh? Funny to think how most of the happenings actually stem from little things..and in this story, you can truly see, how an ego actually caused a huge impact on his entire life forever and also on his loved ones.
Had he obediently complied with the rules set by the company, he would never have to endure all the pain and misery he is going through currently. All for proving that nothing can happen...when accidents are unpredictable; in fact, life itself is unpredictable.

Too often we dwell on our own pride that we tend to neglect the fact that things can happen to us as well. Also, to be heroic and taking chances may not be an individual act and doing this can be selfish; you do not account for your own actions although you claimed that it is your own life you are meddling with. Your life is intertwined with others; and though it is yourself that you want to mess with, it will naturally impact others around you; your close ones. Think of how everyone will feel....if you are hurt, also your life does not belong to you alone; God or our Creator is the owner of your or our lives. If you enjoy in causing the misery to others, go ahead....but think of how heartbreaking for a mother to see her son hurt in an accident, a wife waiting patiently for her husband from work to find that he perished in a work-related accident, etc. You may be hurt or even, passed on due to an accident. You may be fine; but imagine the agony or changes which may affect the lives of those around you.

If you notice, even the public messages from the authorities in addressing the high increase of the mishaps and accidents have reverted its style to be of more towards the psychological aspect and reminding you of the ones around you and no longer focus on the impact on you. For instance, when you are on the highway, they will tell you that drive carefully, think of your loved ones. It's trying to create that reverse effect to get you thinking on your loved ones and that you should cherish your life to enjoy more time with them:) I guess that's an effective way of getting it through as well *wink*

So, let's think of the consequences of our actions before we act; be considerate to others; care not only for yourself but also for others when you are about to do something. THINK before you act; think of your loved ones...

Remember, the CHOICE is in your hands....and most of all, tell yourself this "I LOVE my LIFE" (",)