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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

12-year old orphan gang-raped

The status of my ex-classmate from university prompted me to take a peek at The Star online towards the end of the lunch hour. What can I say, what has become of our Malaysian society today? Seems like the society values and moral dignity no longer exist -- what happened to the tagline Malaysian is a caring society which we so proudly bore previously?

I am truly shocked and disgusted at this; how many rape cases have we read about and occurred in our country? It was not that long ago following the brutal rape cum murder of the girl in Sungai Petani who just went for a jog and got herself killed subsequently.
Also, what about the previous infamous cases of Canny Ong , Melissa and the UTM girl? Oh, and also the 9 year-old girl in Kedah if I am not mistaken who was found a few metres away from the house?

Are we ever going to have an end to this all?

If you noticed, seems to me that the manner of the conduct of the crimes is getting more brutal in time; the nation seems to be more and more stunned by the crime nature each time it is exposed in the newspapers.

This 12-year old girl was an orphan; as reported in the newspapers and attended a concert in town in Sungai Petani(again) where she befriended a group of guys aged between 18-22. They met the following day and they invited her to a paddy field where they took turns to rape her.

I guess the initial reaction from most people would be, "Hey, she asked for it; haven't we had countless reports telling girls not to follow strangers and yet she's following them to the paddy field...", "Desperate girl"..."Girls never learn"...bla bla bla.

The point is, why are we always pointing our fingers at the victims? Do you really think a girl would ask for this to happen to herself? First, we are often blamed for the way we dress, the gestures and body language, suggestive expressions, etc. Now, my question would also revolve around the so-called democracy and liberacy in the country? Why aren't women allowed to wear what we feel comfortable with without being accused of leading the "sick" men on?

In most of the rape cases, the victims are often viewed as the ones invoking the crime unto them; it's as if the girls have nothing better to do than to invite...yeah, "INVITE" rape to be inflicted upon them. In case you are unaware, do you know the effects an action like this can do to a girl? And mind you, these effects will not be temporary; definitely not a pencil mark which you erase off immediately...in fact, rape victims are known to suffer from a lifetime trauma and they lose not just their dignity but their very own self in the process.

Also, when we read on the reports of girls befriending guys and then getting raped after that; the girls are often pinpointed as the one who deserve it since they befriend strangers.
Ho!....when does anyone ever has the right to judge who others can talk to or befriend? So, does that mean all the girls should hide themselves in the house and bundle themselves with super thick clothes and look as scrawgly as possible to minimize their own risks of getting raped?
Oh wait, ain't we forgetting something here....even fathers, uncles and grandfathers rape their own daughters, nieces and grand-daughters. Need I say more if you are stepdaughter in the family?
Guess we need to keep them in the bubble; hmmm...on second thought, something hard, like metal or rock.

These criminal impostors need to be educated; they are the ones at fault...I am sometimes amazed at their nerve to even revert the blame back to the victims, that they initiated it.

Again, nobody has the right to rob another person of anything. Rape is definitely a despicable act; and it's robbing a girl of her self-dignity, respect and lifetime happiness.
Raping is without the permission of the other party; even if you are married, there's still no right for the husband to force himself onto the wife if she is not willing.

Even more disgusting are the incestuous relationships; where the father rapes his own daughter...ugghhhh...it's their own flesh and blood....I totally cannot imagine how they could cause this harm onto their own offsprings.

Then comes the unwanted consequences; illegitimate pregnancy. The controversion sets in whereby abortion is illegal in the eyes of the law. However, given the trauma the girl has to go through, sometimes we have to bring ourselves to understand how they feel. Yes, it is not right to kill an unborn life; But....how does the victim deal with this for the rest of her life if she wants to carry on with her life? The child would probably be the memorablia of the unwanted incident which they would have to carry with them; casting the shadows unto their lives forever.

I am not saying this to support abortion for rape victims but it's another perspective to look into the abortion cases. Also, most ladies would prefer to be dead subsequent to the rape...in that case they don't have to live with it forever.

Anyway, I still believe that nobody should ever blame the ladies in rape cases; if the men can learn some self-control and know the consequences. For the satisfaction of their lust, they have caused a girl her life's worth.
"A flower in the bloom has been plucked and ruined"....

Let's hope the society will stand up together in this neverending battle to stop the violence against women....
And....last comment, rape cases may not apply to women alone in this contemporary society; even men can be in turn, raped by women....laughing? Apparently, this is no laughing matter as well....as I've said, nobody has any right to inflict harm on others....