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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Face of death....

Fear of death? I believe everyone has that fear within themselves; no matter how you defy it or convince yourself that death is inevitable and how everyone will eventually die...bla bla bla.

Yeah, of course, death is inevitable, in fact we face the possibility of death anytime and everyday, since being human, we are unable to predict what will happen to us next. However, what if, you are able to see your own death before it happens? What will you do, or how are you going to react about it? Anticipate the coming with fear or desperately avoiding it in any possible way you can think of? Or on a calmer note, pray and accept your fate and request God to reduce the pain if possible or alternatively, do all your favourite things in a day before your death??
Bottom line; I doubt you'd be that rational when you are in that situation and the first option would probably be the most possible to take place, given your state of mind and sanity upon knowing the face of your very own death.
Freaky huh?

That was how a bunch of graduating high school seniors felt when they were told about their destiny upon escaping death on a roller coaster by two of their classmates who revealed their objects of analysis and the revelation through the photos snapped on that fateful night. Wendy(Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and Kevin(Ryan Merriman) were among the survivors of the roller coaster disaster, grieving after the loss of their partners; Jason(Jesse Moss) and Carrie (Gina Holden).

It was the Graduation night celebration; whereby all the senior students were invited to join in the fun at the local amusement park. Everyone were compelled to take a ride on the exciting roller coaster; Devil's Flight. Wendy, however, had a strange feeling and then a vividly real vision of the disaster which were to follow should the ride take place. As soon as the harness secures her in her seat, she had the premonition of the fatal disaster and screamed to be taken off the ride; much to the chagrin and frustration of the others. Kevin, her best friend's boyfriend felt responsible to take care of her and got down as well (Somehow they switched partners during the ride as Wendy refused to sit in front and they had to take picks to decide who will sit with Wendy..).

Her boyfriend, Jason was anxious about her outbreak and demanded to be let off as well during the row which Wendy was still trying to get the authorities to stop the ride from taking place but to not much avail and with the others on the ride sneering and snickering at her for spoiling the fun. As soon as the ride takes off, true to Wendy's predictions, a fatal accident occurred due to the broken tracks and all of those on the ride perished.

Recovering from the loss of her boyfriend, Wendy started to avoid everyone in school and became an introvert. As she spends more time compiling the pictures taken that night which were intended for the yearbook, she starts to realize that there were telltale signs in each picture taken of the rollercoaster victims of their manner of death. Freaked out by this discovery, she shared it with Kevin who initially laughed it off and worried about her insanity. However, when the next death involved two girls; Ashley and Ashlyn sitting on the rollercoaster following the dead ones and in the order of the survivors of the ride, Kevin starts to believe Wendy.

The duo started analyzing the pictures and tried their best to escape death once again. However, as one knows, there is no way to cheat death and they watched with utmost horror as each of their friend met with the most horrifying and gruesome death which they connected to the way they would have died had they been on the ride on that night. Wendy, however, speculated that perhaps they could escape the fate if someone intervened but to their dismay, everyone died, one by one. However, when one of their friends, Ian, survived, they started to have faith in themselves again and together, set out to help the remaining survivors, who of course, disbelieved them and questioned their sanity at that point.

Finally, came the time for the three of them, including Wendy's sister, Julie. They escaped death once again and were convinced that Death has let them go or has it??

Haha....if you have yet to watch this movie, you would be bummed to read this and anyhow, I do not intend to disclose that much information though but read it at your own risk!!:p

Overall, I find the storyline quite interesting and now I am compelled myself to watch the first 2 installations; as recommended by a good friend :) Ironically, this friend of mine was also in the same cinema that day; sitting on the right end while I was on the left end....freaky, now talk about deja vu and coincidences..haha!

Another comment to add about this movie, it is wholly gross and graphical in its depictions of the deaths which took its victims....man, do they have to smash the heads, poke the face, slash off the heads, crash the skulls.....ughhhh.....utterly disgusting and not to mention mentally disturbing!! So, watch this only if you dare....not recommended for weak hearts :)

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