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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

ReNu Solution Alert!!

Whoa....I just read about this news this morning in the Star.
How irresponsible are these solution producers.....I mean, does the word quality control and human lives ring a bell to them?
I can't believe that these solution actually cause the disease, fungal keratitis infection which could cause permanent blindness in the contact lenses' users.

Well, well, well.....first I received a message on the effects of wearing contact lenses during BBQ party(bet most of you know about that too) and now, even the solution themselves which are supposed to be the disinfectants and removing the dirt from the contact lenses are the ones which are causing harm! Man, the eyes are the delicate organs and yet.....sigh, this is so freaky!!

Furthermore, the outrageous thing is, these are the more well renowned brands in the industry and I despise the manner they treat their users, elevating profit above the benefit of their customers without whom, they will not obtain their profit and here, they do not care a tuppence on the consequences which will befall the innocent people.

Probably this entry may sound a little fierce; but I am always against any acts of imposing harm to others. I believe there should be more control over the products manufactured. Another thing, I am also surprised it took so long for the authorities to realize this is hazardous to the users?? Yeah, just as well, since there are already affected casualties.....sigh, this always has to happen before action will be taken.....what else can I say?

To the contact lens users, do take care....and to the manufacturers, please do reflect on your mistakes and I hope you feel duly well-ashamed of yourselves for causing such permanent grief to others. As for the authorities, I hope there's more prompt action in the future.

Let's just hope that the injuries will be minimized and that this early detection could also lead to the fast recovery; have a little faith :)