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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Rainy days...

Tip tap tip tap....it's raining again...yippee!!~
I've always enjoyed the rainy season; I always look forward to the rain; probably an understatement, I should just say I simply LOVE rain..hahaha :)

However, I do not like too much rain when I am driving on the road though; especially on the highway...if you refer to my previous post, you'll know why..hehehe:p Also, when I am outdoors, it's usually not so cool anymore...haha....so, that's the only time I would ask the rain to go away:p

It's been raining cats and dogs for the past week; not that it's such a bad thing considering the months of dry and hot spell we've been having since Chinese New Year. The rain is really hitting it hard now; I could hear the downpour right now (current location is in one of the travelling cubes which is near the long isle of windows *wink*).
Rainy seasons are so dreary and romantic - quoted from one of my gal pals back in my summer camp and also one of my Stockman mates. Pretty cool huh? Probably it is romantic, I mean, come to think of it, most of the romantic scenes in a movie are in the rain. Duh, half the movies I've watched, the romance either starts in the rain or ends in the rain(heartbreaking) and also the happy scenes of reconciliation :) Well, well, well, seems like there is a little romance in the air...erm, rain :)

Anyway, I noticed the trend with the rain of late; which starts early in the morning on weekdays and proceed with the long-term rain-> rains for the whole day. However, on the weekends, it only rains in the evening or at night. Pretty weird....seems like the weather is time selective as well..haha.....it's only working on weekdays and then it gives itself a break on weekends *wink*.
Sometimes I associate the rain with the female gender, thus referring to the rain as "her"....probably because rain seems to be always linked to crying and ahem, girls are always "accused" as crying prone creatures....or in short, cry-babies:p

A close friend of mine told me that the rainy season is here in conjunction with the Ching Meng festival observed by the Buddhists and Taoists community; basically the Chinese community in general. The Ching Meng festival is the time when all the family members would gather and visit their relatives' or ancestors graves. This is an important event in the Chinese calendar which observes the filial piety value or teaching by Confucius which urges the younger generation or the descendants/successors to pay their respects to their ancestors. Also, this is also one of the major family reunion; just as in Chinese New Year as according to the Chinese custom, it is deemed important for everyone in the family to partake in the ceremony.

Yeah, well, I've heard of that from my mom and grandma as well; in fact, this is also the month where there are typically lots of taboos...not much outdoor activities are encouraged; similar to the seventh month of the Chinese Lunar calendar. The Chinese believe that during the third and seventh month, the spirits from the nether world will roam the Earth - only difference is, during the third month (now for Ching Meng), the spirits are limited to the vicinity of the cemetery grounds whereas in the seventh month, they are everywhere. According to the superstition of the older folks, the statistics showed that accidents and cases of death are suspiciously and abnormally high during these months. Believe it or not, this is always a question for everyone....

That's the explanation they had for the high density of rainfall during these time of the year. However, geologically speaking from the scientific point of view, it is the monsoon season which occurs according to the Earthly elements and not related to the netherworld....aaahhh, the line between science and the supernatural...always debatable:p

Haha...in fact, my department was actually looking forward to organizing this team- building in the forest and everyone was kinda pumped to go for it. However, everyone shook their heads vigorously (figure of speech) to show their disapproval to go during the month of Ching Meng :p
Myth or fact....the truth is out there....

In the meantime, let's continue enjoying the cool wind and the nice rain...."Raindrops keep falling on my head"...