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Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Had a pretty bad headache for the past two days; and caused me restless sleep as well.
Looking pretty much like a zombie, especially on Monday....worse still, I had a bad dream...which I dreamt of missing a class I was supposed to attend on Monday.

And, bham, call it deja vu or something, I woke up pretty early on Monday and drove to work, and anticipated in relief for the class. However, about 15 minutes prior to the commencement of the training, as my Outlook calendar popped up, I checked and realized, hey, I am in the wrong building!! My training was supposed to be in another building....and packing my stuffs in the fastest possible manner, I rushed to the lobby and waited for the shuttle.

Well, being sort of a punctuality freak sometimes, I glanced at my watch and thought to myself, "Hey, if I wait for the shuttle, I will definitely be late"....hence, I decided to drive to the other building and managed to find a parking space. Phew...and I was just in time for class...hehehe....technically I managed to defy the prophecy in my dream :-)

Upon completion of the class, I need to drive back to the other building....and now, that's where the headache sets in again...and this said in reference to the literal meaning of headache...haha...since it's almost next to impossible to find a good parking space although with an area of the size of a football field for a carpark (and I am not kidding; there's that many cars:p ).

I actually had to make several rounds to scout for a strategic location; and hey, I am not being kiasu...just wanted a good spot to avoid the sun since I catch fever easily when there's exposure to the sun(not short term lar...) ....and judging from the recent weather with the blazing hot sun, I am sure you pretty much do not want to be caught in the sun at all, so, hey, it's not just me....candle princess huh:P (Direct translation from Puteri Lilin...:)

Anyhow, I was pretty lucky as well; managed to find a good parking space...within a short walking distance to the lobby...hehe, and furthermore, it's the first parking lot...haha, I know, "someone" is gonna call me "kiasu gal" again:p Hold your tongue mister....this is pure luck..:-)

The headache continued to haunt me until yesterday as well....*sob sob* But anyway, I finally managed to sleep last night; hehe...probably due to sheer exhaustion and fatigue...but also due to a bedtime story....a cute one....and finally, zzzzzzzzz....