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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Moon Represent My Heart

I noticed for the past two days; or nights ...theoretically not correct, it's during the dawn time frame...where I can see the big round moon up there in the sky. It's shining so brightly; in fact I think yesterday was even brighter; and bigger in size.

It's so beautiful in sight that I was so inspired to write about it. Hmm...today I am in a poetic mood...yippee, guess my inspiration is back. I haven't been writing poems for like,.....ages....probably due to the lack of inspiration or the mood is just not there.
Anyway, something hit me today, and I am really pumped with the poetic blood today...hehe, I was even thinking of creating a blog or xanga for my poem....and I was thinking of a name for my blog; somehow the name "Dead Poets' Society" came to my mind but hey, touch wood!! I am not dead yet...haha, and I am a live poet...although technically not that qualified to be a poet, since my poems are only for leisure writing and not really that professional.

Also, I really want to thank those who have always offered words of encouragement and support for me to get my poem-writing going. Also, I do know there are avid fans of my poems out there; one of them being my bestest friend who just asked me recently whether I have any new poems for her to read :) Thanks, gal....:)

The previous post on the poem which I subconsciously and spontaneously conjured at the spur of the moment may not live up to the expectations; I find it an "okay" piece.....just for fun though, so if you feel it's lousy, just pay no heed to it:P

Aaaahhhh....with the beautiful moon in sight, doesn't it reminds you of the song by Theresa Teng, "The Moon Represent My Heart"? Haha....ironically, I just thought of the song today and not at the moment I saw the moon :P And yeah, I bet some of you out there probably think that this blogger is just so corny, thinking of such an old song to associate with the moonlight....hahaha...this is an evergreen song for your information. Oh, besides this song, another would be " Yue Kwang Kwang"...I think, another song which is also deemed quite popular during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

So, The Moon Represent My Heart...I do know that it's a love song....but somehow, I have this weird inkling sometimes as to why would someone want to associate your feelings in your heart for your loved one with the moon? What is the significance of the moon? It's big round and yellow, does that mean that your love is also big and round?Haha...not to mention yellow in colour....guess you'd be having some very serious disease if you have a yellow heart....haha....no offense meant.

Jokes aside, there's also the connection of Shang 'Er as the Moon Goddess, but that we will talk about it during the Mid-Autumn festival....hehe, too entranced with the moon's beauty and I just decided to blab about it in this entry.

I do hope to see the big round moon tomorrow morning when I wake up.....hmmm, but they say when the moon is bright, it means the sun will be also bright since the sun is the light provider to the moon, or in scientific terms; the reflection of the sun is the moon :) So, would I like to see a bright and beautiful moon and risk a hot and sunny day with an equally big and round fiery sun?
Haaa....tough choice but....nah, no more hot sun....it's getting hotter by the day.

Guess tonight Mr. Moon will be looking as cheerful again...since today it's blazing hot....:p