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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Best Friend -SHIP?

Woohoo...I just found out that my bestest friend have a blog as well!!~

Yeahhh....and you know what's ironic thing about it?

The layout and the appearance of our blogs are EXACTLY the same; yeah, not kidding about it; it's PINK as well....haha...my little Laydie Bug sister :) She's my best friend...hmmm, used to be my best friend and NOW, my BESTEST friend (guess that word does not exist in the dictionary:p)
In short, she's my closest gal pal, sister(they used to call us "twins" back in high school), my sentence-connector, my entertainer cum radio(hehe...no offense, but she loves talking!!), my listener....in all, a good partner in crime!!
Guess our telepathic linking still has its effects on us even though we are not separated by miles and even across the sea:P

We went way back; and we are not exactly the conventional childhood friends who have known each other since we were born or anything like that. In fact, we first met in high school (haha, sounds pretty much like the beginning of a love story...but hey, we are not lesbians, k!). Okay, we were in the same class in Form 1 and went all the way to Form 5. I still remembered how shy and innocent this gal was at that time, but it's understandable since she's still new; she was from Maluri, whereas most of us who came to this high school were from the same primary school or somewhere within the vicinity. Basically you could say everyone knows everyone else and she was kinda in the minority since most of her primary school friends went to the high school next to her primary school.

Well, why did she then choose to come to this school and leave all her friends behind? Reason is simple; her mom was a teacher in this school :) She was then known as the teacher's daughter and she first hung out with a bunch of my primary school friends; actually, just one, a Malay girl friend of mine whom I have known all the way since primary school. Then somehow, both of us started talking to each other and eventually we became close. Yeah, we sort of just "clicked" and really hit it off and it was not long before we almost went everywhere and did everything together:)

We were also in almost the same clubs and societies together (well, ALMOST, not all;) and the most memorable would be the prefectorial board; yeah I used to be a prefect myself, the law enforcers in school and I know, any normal being in the school (students ) hates the very sight of those in the blue uniforms.

We even went through a life and death situtation before; I'm sure she will always remember that incident as well...nothing much actually, we were holding up a student at the assembly ground which was in a hall (In my school as in other schools as well, there were two separate sessions; the morning and the afternoon sessions. So, typically the assembly grounds were also separated; the morning assembly would take place in the main assembly ground within the main compound whereas the afternoon assembly would be in an enclosed hall beneath the classroom building in the other block. That's pretty logical; considering the blazing hot sun we have here in Malaysia :)

So, back to the incident, we were just in Form 2 at that time and we had to detain a student during assembly. Both of us actually motioned for the student to stand outside the hall (I even remembered his offence; it was due to his long nails!! haha:P ) While we were both watching him and also as the assembly congregation slowly dispersed, we heard some sounds from the classrooms above while we were standing slightly off the vicinity of the hall closure. Somehow, both of us including the guy sort of retreated quite a distance from the hall in an instant which was a pretty good thing as the next thing we knew, the "sounds" we actually heard were of the falling pieces (hmmm, large pieces as well) of...get ready for this....GLASS!!! Yes, no kidding, one of the windows actually broke and the broken glass fell all the way from the third storey. In fact, at that time, we just retreated in the nick of time, otherwise, I guess we could have been blind or probably scarred for life...scary thought that....

Anyway, although it did not leave us any physical scars but it did leave us a psychological scar which will remain with us forever. Somehow, after that, each time we walk past high buildings, we try to stay within the shaded areas; under the building instead of walking by the side of the building and we often look up to check for any falling glass. Wonder whether she still does that?? :p
But I remember we were both really traumatised for a while following the incident. However, it became a talking item for both of us after that and we will never ever forget how we went through that together. May not be a very significant or major "life-and-death" situation BUT definitely bonding for both of us who have shared this before <*wink*> Besides, how many friendships have gone through situations like these?

There were also those debates, elocutions, poem recitals, essay-writings, singing, etc etc....we were both in quite a number of competitions together before. The teachers used to nominate us; either one or BOTH to join these competitions. However, even when we were not in the other's competition, we were always there for each other to offer moral support. I still love those reminisces of the preparations (remember the boys vs girls debate???Haha...we had a blast of time !!), those poem recitals, bla bla bla.

Those were the days and I were to go on and on...this would never end. We have so many stories to cover...I missed her dearly, haven't seen her for a while and I was thinking of posting a picture of both of us together, but seems like there's not much recent pics we have together..so sad:(
Anyway, gal...if you happen to read this, this is for you....and missed you lots!! But we always "talk" telepathically...hehehe....