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Sunday, June 27, 2010

How often do you swear or curse?

*Tut* that telecommunications provider for the no service when I am in the building!

S***, I forgot my cell phone!

I am not going into the four-letter word which has been used so universally and often that it could surpass our breathing moments.

The funny thing is, why do we curse and swear when things go wrong? (or for some, even when they are just having a perfectly normal conversation with people around them)

I was pretty amazed with some's ability to be able to import a wide vocabulary skill into their sentences when facing a crisis or in an argument with someone that I am pretty sure they have just made way for the creation of a curse/swear words dictionary!

Oh dear, it is certainly not that amazing when you see young kids as young as four or five using those same words when they converse with you.
Yeah, you are not going to believe this, but I have seen and heard them with my own eyes and ears.

For instance, this little girl who grew up with her parents who are constantly arguing with each other (yeah, you guessed it, using their 'great' vocabulary skills) and she just picked it up and even cursed and swear at adults who annoy her!
I couldn't believe my eyes when she used those Chinese vulgarities that I don't think I have even heard of before!

Another was related to me by a close colleague of mine who had a four year old son. Her son knows how to use the four letter word in the right context and the best part, even properly formed sentences!
It just beats her and she had to slap his little mouth and warned him never to curse and swear anymore.

When we hear this, we blame it on the media; those American television series which are constantly aired on our favorite television and easily accessible to our younger generation.
But are they the only ones to be blamed?

Have we not sworn or cursed, using words like "Shit!", "DAMN!", "Dammit", "F***", "Go to HELL!", etc etc (that's the limitation to this vocabulary I had and with a few of the Chinese ones) when things go wrong?

Did we stop ourselves in time in front of young children or even young adults?
Maybe not in front of your own kids, but in public?

Have you caught yourself using certain words religiously like it was some golden mantra from the sacred verses?

I have a close friend who used the word "Shit" more than any other words in her daily conversations that I had to tell her to stop doing that.
She was telling me how she was unable to control herself in time; perhaps out of habit.

I thought it was pretty rude and unacceptable, and I tried to offer my advice in stopping all these vulgarities for her in public.

It was simple; just substitute those mean/bad/vulgar words with nice words.
For instance, to make it simple, simply use the words associated to a class/group; i.e.: fruits whenever you wanna use a particularly mean word.

For instance, "Apple! I got the whole letter typed wrongly! Now I have to face those strawberry consequences!"

Now, isn't that simple, and furthermore, it could even make you laugh and crack your brains with creativity as you think of words to replace the used-to-be obscene words.

My friend had fun that entire afternoon while we were shopping as she constantly thought of new fruits and vegetables whenever she wanted to say, "Shit"

I am not sure whether she still remembered everything I told her then, but well, it's a try, right?

Go ahead and try, you will be amazed how different you will sound to people; or having people thinking that you are some kind of basket case (or fruit basket for that matter, pun intended)

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go and talk to this Grapefruit of a customer to solve his orange issue.

Isn't life just great?

Another week...without holiday

Yeah, I am turning into this public holiday-obsessed person on the hunt for holidays every week.

I think I have said enough about how blue can one get and I have decided to make myself happier by looking forward to holidays which can be so far away and yet, look so near (the folding calendar is right in front of me, it's just that I do not have Harry's magic wand to make that holiday appear rightaway)

It is the start of another new working week, and the day looked gloomy (not in my mood, but the weather itself is indeed in its glooms since the morning).

This is a busy week for me though, despite the no-holiday season as there is a company-organized event in my state and it will be arriving here on Friday (currently it's down south in JB)

However, I can't help waiting for it to be here soon enough to look forward to next week where there is the Penang Heritage Day (when is our HR gonna announce that it's a public holiday for us here?) and ooooh, the lovely birthday of the Yang DiPertua where we get our replacement!

God blesses rulers with birthdays falling on the right dates and fill our gloomy and long months with these holidays! (self-celebrates!)

Whatever it is, I just know this week is gonna be flying past me in no time as well, as I breeze through the presentations and in a blink of an eye, it will be Friday soon and then before we know it, it's the weekend!

*Snaps back to reality* It's still Monday and for now, I've got to get back to work...here goes another appointment/meeting into the diary for Wednesday and Thursday...

Tells self, "Mondays are great, mondays are great..."

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pushy, only it's not me

I am starting to be pushed around recently; I don't know whether it's because I am easily pushed around or whether they are just pushy people.

Everyone seems to be telling me to do this and that; Angelstar this Angelstar that
Since when I start to report to every single one of them?

It is a major predicament; and I am under a lot of stress lately which have already led to major gastro/gastritis problems which I should have recovered from but right now, I still encountered that sharp pain again, this morning.

I have tried to hold back any negative feelings or stress in my mind; probably it just went to the back of the mind, to where the subconscious mind was and right now, it's speaking to me.

There are a lot of things on my mind lately; and I don't know where it all started.
It is starting to worry me, and yet these unwanted problems keep coming, one by one.
I am tired of being pushed around, of being told what I should or should not do.

I am a very much an established individual and well-educated, thank you very much and I appreciate the liberty given to do what I think is right.

Why is everyone so pushy these days, except me....who, is being pushed around?

I need to relax....*Breathe in, breathe out* (Repeat 5 times) and tell myself, "My life is great"

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pink Day and I am Blue?

Now, if there is not enough absurd days around added to our calendars, this morning I heard JJ and Ean (Hitz.fm morning crew deejays) announcing that today is the International PINK Day!

yeah, LOL, even Pink has its day; just like every dog has its day, so do every color from now on.

I don't know how relevant this is, but according to the deejays, it is a celebration to the World Health Day and therefore, the connotation to pink, I guess to wish everyone the PINK of health, maybe?

Well, whatever, I can't be more glad for another reason to wear pink or to make everyone around me, wear pink...LOL

Only thing is, out of those 365 days where most of the time I will don something Pink, today, when it's the official day to wear pink itself, I wore Blue.
Now, you call that ironic or what?

No wonder I felt pretty blue myself!

Happy PINK day!!!~

I am definitely wearing Pink later!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The day a lizard fell on me

Yeah, that was a great way to revive my blogging by posting on something as silly and ridiculous here, but it was simply chilling and just freaky for me, that I just couldn't get it off my mind and I decided to just, blog about it.

Well, I was up early last week and decided to do my laundry (yeah, I am weird, doing the weirdest things at the weirdest hours, so there).

After I am done, I headed to the hall and proceeded to push the sliding door open to go to the balcony.
I know, at this hour when it's dark, there are lots of lizards roaming around, or rather, still feasting/festing on the mosquitoes or insects who are just so stupid to be fed off to them every single night (they never did learn; nor do their mates, but how could they anyway, when each one dies at the hands, I mean, the tongues of the lizards)

Just when I was just pushing the sliding door, I felt something fell on me!

It was rubbery-like and felt a little cold, and it was just so quick; I think less than a millisecond, and it just disappeared!

I barely had the time to scream, not that I would allow myself to anyway, as it was really really early and I don't think I wanna risk facing my housemate, whose room is just next to the balcony after disturbing her from her beauty slumber.

I just felt so freaked out and yucky that I quickly hung the clothes and bathed.

YIKES....I still feel so icky after a week and I can never feel safe walking near any sliding doors anymore.

YUCKS, UGHS....silly lizard!
I wish I could wish your extinction, but I know you are the saviour from deadly insects and mosquitoes....but, oh, can I just wish that you would just disappear from my sight at least?


Friday, June 11, 2010

WORLD Cup 2010 starts from the WILD

It's a FIFA Friday today; and not is it just a TGIF day for football fans, it is a boom for the whole world's electricity as everyone (football fans) will be glued to the TV till the wee hours of the morning.

After months and weeks of countdown, it is FINALLY here.

I am not such a huge fan of World Cup lar....as much enthusiastic I sound here, but it is just a great day for me, because, it's Simply FRIDAY!~

I am getting out of work again...and that, for me, it to rejoice....
(I seriously need to rethink my work focus or career direction, according to the magazine I read if I constantly look forward to get out of work)

Have a FREAKY, Fantastic,fabulous, and finally, FIFA FIFA Friday!~

Ole-ole ole ole!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

It is the Haze season!

The Haze is back

I know

Trust me, don't ask me why or how

I am sure of it

One thing I am good at, I am definitely better than any haze detector

Enough said

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

World's Ocean Day!

Today is World's Ocean Day; which I found out on the radio this morning.

It is funny how we have a dedicated day for almost everything now; dead or alive!

We used to have only New Year's Day, Teacher's Day, Independence Day, Children's Day and all those festive holidays.

Then we have Mother's Day, Father's Day, and now, even Parents' Day.

Then there's Nature's Day, Women's Day, and then came along Doughnuts Day, and now Ocean Day.

Perhaps they were there all the while, and it is just that most of us were not aware of their existence?

I guess in the future, everything will have a day....CD Day, Laptop Day, Milk Day, Condo Day, Bridge Day, Watermelon Day, Apple Day, Char Koay Teow Day, etc

Every dog has its day; erm....I mean, everything has her day now!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

What kind of reverse psychology is THAT?

Just when I was crashing my whole head over my performance and driving myself to achieve the results, I have to face some bashing from so-called management.

I can't exactly reveal which level or more in specific for fear of obvious reasons (if anyone were to chance on this blog)

I just feel really frustrated; along with the stress of work and also frustration.
I had been motivating myself and not even b****ing about things when my annual leave was held back temporarily (yeah, kinda, it was not exactly a mandate but it was some kind of instruction to all managers to hold back our leave and not encourage leave application)

Just when I keep trying to push myself in a very motivated manner, I get calls and so-called 'pep talks' from the 'management' to improve this and that.

You know what they tell you in all those motivational books and talks about reverse psychology and motivating your staff by giving compliments and praises once in a while, well, this guy did exactly the opposite of that.

Worse still, he treated me as though I am some kind of idiot who did not know how to use computer; desktop sharing, communicator and Excel!
Oh ya right, he was the smartest of all, i know.

I felt even more abashed after a round of meeting with him only; and there are more to come; weekly (yeah, remember my micro management post much much earlier?)

I don't know what kind of effect is he trying to push me towards; because I just felt so much de-motivated after all his pep talks!
Yeah, ego bashing and all....he makes people feel way below him and I am not the only one who felt that way, even my admin feels disgusted with him and frowns whenever he is on the phone.

How much can one do to one's ego?
Plenty, I tell you

The right choices of words can alter the overall perception/perspective towards a situation
You could change a pessimistic person to an optimistic person or vice versa

Somehow, this guy is good at the latter, and I think, he should probably consider writing a book


How to CRASH your employee's ego

Where do I get my inspirations?

I am locked in the season where I am constantly in off and on mode for blogging and that is annoying I know.

Sometimes I have so much I want to blog about and when I finally have the opportunity to log on to my blog, I forgot what I wanted to write about previously.

It's funny but I guess there were really too many things on my mind at a time.
There were so many times I can even lose concentration when I am driving on the road
(ssssshhhhh, don't tell my Mummy and Daddy about this)

Yeah, and it hit me that I always get my ideas or inspirations when I am driving on the road.
I guess that's perhaps one reason why I loved driving long distance! (I get to relax my mind and with my favorite songs/music on the playlist, I just ponder far and beyond)

Again, I have so many things on my mind recently and yeah, I have been driving back and forth for business; actually to a nearby neighboring state with my colleague and albeit the banter we had, I also had so many ideas on my mind!

Right now, I was so inspired that I logged on almost immediately to the Internet today and tried to blog and suddenly, the long list on my mind seemed to have disappeared!

My oh my, now I need to recall everything again.....I am stressed!