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Sunday, June 20, 2010

The day a lizard fell on me

Yeah, that was a great way to revive my blogging by posting on something as silly and ridiculous here, but it was simply chilling and just freaky for me, that I just couldn't get it off my mind and I decided to just, blog about it.

Well, I was up early last week and decided to do my laundry (yeah, I am weird, doing the weirdest things at the weirdest hours, so there).

After I am done, I headed to the hall and proceeded to push the sliding door open to go to the balcony.
I know, at this hour when it's dark, there are lots of lizards roaming around, or rather, still feasting/festing on the mosquitoes or insects who are just so stupid to be fed off to them every single night (they never did learn; nor do their mates, but how could they anyway, when each one dies at the hands, I mean, the tongues of the lizards)

Just when I was just pushing the sliding door, I felt something fell on me!

It was rubbery-like and felt a little cold, and it was just so quick; I think less than a millisecond, and it just disappeared!

I barely had the time to scream, not that I would allow myself to anyway, as it was really really early and I don't think I wanna risk facing my housemate, whose room is just next to the balcony after disturbing her from her beauty slumber.

I just felt so freaked out and yucky that I quickly hung the clothes and bathed.

YIKES....I still feel so icky after a week and I can never feel safe walking near any sliding doors anymore.

YUCKS, UGHS....silly lizard!
I wish I could wish your extinction, but I know you are the saviour from deadly insects and mosquitoes....but, oh, can I just wish that you would just disappear from my sight at least?