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Sunday, June 27, 2010

How often do you swear or curse?

*Tut* that telecommunications provider for the no service when I am in the building!

S***, I forgot my cell phone!

I am not going into the four-letter word which has been used so universally and often that it could surpass our breathing moments.

The funny thing is, why do we curse and swear when things go wrong? (or for some, even when they are just having a perfectly normal conversation with people around them)

I was pretty amazed with some's ability to be able to import a wide vocabulary skill into their sentences when facing a crisis or in an argument with someone that I am pretty sure they have just made way for the creation of a curse/swear words dictionary!

Oh dear, it is certainly not that amazing when you see young kids as young as four or five using those same words when they converse with you.
Yeah, you are not going to believe this, but I have seen and heard them with my own eyes and ears.

For instance, this little girl who grew up with her parents who are constantly arguing with each other (yeah, you guessed it, using their 'great' vocabulary skills) and she just picked it up and even cursed and swear at adults who annoy her!
I couldn't believe my eyes when she used those Chinese vulgarities that I don't think I have even heard of before!

Another was related to me by a close colleague of mine who had a four year old son. Her son knows how to use the four letter word in the right context and the best part, even properly formed sentences!
It just beats her and she had to slap his little mouth and warned him never to curse and swear anymore.

When we hear this, we blame it on the media; those American television series which are constantly aired on our favorite television and easily accessible to our younger generation.
But are they the only ones to be blamed?

Have we not sworn or cursed, using words like "Shit!", "DAMN!", "Dammit", "F***", "Go to HELL!", etc etc (that's the limitation to this vocabulary I had and with a few of the Chinese ones) when things go wrong?

Did we stop ourselves in time in front of young children or even young adults?
Maybe not in front of your own kids, but in public?

Have you caught yourself using certain words religiously like it was some golden mantra from the sacred verses?

I have a close friend who used the word "Shit" more than any other words in her daily conversations that I had to tell her to stop doing that.
She was telling me how she was unable to control herself in time; perhaps out of habit.

I thought it was pretty rude and unacceptable, and I tried to offer my advice in stopping all these vulgarities for her in public.

It was simple; just substitute those mean/bad/vulgar words with nice words.
For instance, to make it simple, simply use the words associated to a class/group; i.e.: fruits whenever you wanna use a particularly mean word.

For instance, "Apple! I got the whole letter typed wrongly! Now I have to face those strawberry consequences!"

Now, isn't that simple, and furthermore, it could even make you laugh and crack your brains with creativity as you think of words to replace the used-to-be obscene words.

My friend had fun that entire afternoon while we were shopping as she constantly thought of new fruits and vegetables whenever she wanted to say, "Shit"

I am not sure whether she still remembered everything I told her then, but well, it's a try, right?

Go ahead and try, you will be amazed how different you will sound to people; or having people thinking that you are some kind of basket case (or fruit basket for that matter, pun intended)

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go and talk to this Grapefruit of a customer to solve his orange issue.

Isn't life just great?