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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

A start to a no-stress BREAK?

Today is finally the start of my little longer-than-usual-weekends deserving break (well, officially it started right after 5.30pm yesterday~)

I was looking forward to a little something like this, to relax my mind and take myself to just pure relaxation and enjoy that having nothing-to-do kind of feeling, and also as encouraged by my loved ones.

I was kinda thinking that maybe, just maybe, I could try to enjoy a little bit more and let my mind off the hook at the moment and just revel in the thought of not having to go to work and all those stuffs.

The thing is, somehow, I kinda still dwelt on my work, and especially yesterday, after I have prepared presentation for my boss (yeah, I did that) and that just somehow stirred some sort of motivation in me...LOL, yeah, that just have to happen when I am getting all over everything.

Don't get me wrong, I still love being on vacation and taking a short short break from work, but, I just can't confine myself to do nothing, really, I know myself too well and I'd just find something to do!

Oh ya, on a continuous note, I was all flared up when I had to wait for almost an hour for my flight this morning which was supposedly to be delayed for only half an hour.
Best part of it all, I was only told of it when I checked in this morning and I almost loathed the way the guy at the check-in counter told me, "Oh, Miss, the flight will be delayed for 30 minutes"

Yeah, his "Oh, Miss" in such a nonchalant manner disgusts me, like there was nothing in those words.
Of course, he's not the one having to waste his time sitting at the airport, enduring the cold air from the centralized air-conditioning system and staring at people walking in front of you in a back and forth manner while you are trying to concentrate on your humorous novel, and yeah, "Oh Mister, I bet you wouldn't say that if your boss told you to stay back after office hours for another 30 minutes"

So much for a great start to a no-stress break? Yeah, that sounds great to me, agitation, frustration, and annoyance are just the best things to be in you to make sure you are stress-free (or reaching that level)

And if you wanna know which airline which took the credit for my 'great' relaxation, it's the so-called World's best low-cost airline where everyone can fly. Ughs...yeah, and everyone can be late and everyone can curse

I am gonna make myself feel at ease, after visiting my family doctor and the next few days, just enjoy to the fullest...I hope

Oh ya, I have to thank the Penang state for the remarkable decision in declaring the Penang Heritage Day the same week with the Yang Dipertua Penang's birthday, don't you just love these public holidays?