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Monday, November 30, 2009

Traveling here and there

I've been traversing north and south for every weekend; getting to all those weddings and events that I've been invited to.
Wow, I even lost track of the number of weekdays I have...

Finally, this weekend, there will be a wedding right here...and I need to go north and then, it's down south again, for my business trip!
Grrreeatt.....and I am starting to feel tired...

Now, wouldn't it be great if this travelling is actually overseas?
I won't mind....not that I mind that much now that I get a glimpse of the city one day every week =P

Guess who..

I was waiting at the airport last weekend to catch my propeller-engine flight back to Penang with my mummy near the departure cum arrival hall
(well, it's just a line between the two halls in the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah airport in Subang)

We were just hanging around there, chatting while people walk past us.
You know how it's like when you're in these crowd-infested areas =)

One by one, men in business suits walked past; a norm of businessmen travelling on a daily basis to attend meetings.
I almost missed him but I caught sight of his familiar face when he was looking up and guess who it was?

It was the Penang Chief Minister, Mr Lim Guan Eng who was walking right in front of me!
He was acting so normal that it was really possible to have missed him if you were not alert enough.

He was not even carrying a lot of bags nor was he escorted by bodyguards; he just seemed like a normal businessman who was just walking calmly out of the departure hall towards the taxi stand outside, and that, my friends, was what amazed me.

A state's Chief Minister, actually took a cheap budget flight (Fireflyz) to attend a business meeting and on top of that, he was without any escort nor using any emergency/priority lanes.
He did not even have a limo waiting outside the airport for him; he was just like you and me, following the norm of everyone and that's what makes him so admirable and respected by all of us.

What do you say to that?
Even my mummy nodded her head in agreement to this humble man who truly deserved our respect =)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Change of weather

I am upset with the sudden change of the weather in a blink of an eye; or in a mere distance of one week.

It was so lovely last week; to have dark clouds and the nice breeze keeping us cool all the time. Even when it's not raining, you don't have to worry about the sun getting to your skin or your eyes; blinding you...grrrr, that's the dreadful part about the sun!

This week, gosh, the sun is just so excruciatingly painful as its rays touched the surface of our skin...UGHS

I am praying that the sun will go away soon; and bring us the lovely weather back...
I mean, the sun can come out for a while, but not to the extent of shining for the whole day =P

I am praying and this morning, I start to see the clouds...hmmmmmm, good sign? ;)

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Funny Driving Test jokes...

The other day when we were having a lively conversation at granny's house, my aunts and uncles were sharing stories on driving tests during their time...

It had everyone laughing over the silly little things that people do during their driving tests.
I guess we've probably been through some of them...but there's a few classic ones that I could recall such as some women drivers who just drive through the slope without stopping at the top of the slope.
Remember that slope test where we need to drive up and stop at the top; then wait for the signal from the examiner before changing your gear and descending your slope?
Well, apparently these women drivers just got smarter than the examiners when they just decide to drive through the slope and consider themselves passed!
Now, that's a genius thought ;)

Then there are those who were taught to count the position and the color of the poles which are there to guide you through the side-parking test.
When they arrive at the test location for the driving test, they were surprised to see the colors of the poles changed and FAILed...because they panicked!

Then there was one where I've heard from a friend where he saw that this guy did quite well in the side-parking test and was rather victorious when he got out of the car that he just opened the car door wide and it hit the examiner right in his face; causing a bruise on the forehead.
I don't know whether he failed or passed; it's up to your imagination!~ LOL =D

Another would be during the road driving test where this particular lady accidentally touched the thigh of the examiner during the test; mistaking it for the gear!
(Ermmm....I don't know whether those examiners would mistaken that as a sexual invitation...ughs, that could turn ugly since there are only two people in the car, right? =P )

This is one classic one which my aunt shared; about this housewife who took the oral test (the oral test exists during their time instead of the written/computer test)
The instructor asked her, "Lepas Kuning, apa?"
She thought for a while, then said, "Tua Sua Ka!" (Bukit Mertajam)

Did you get the joke?
You don't need to be Hokkien-speaking to understand the joke, let me interpret it..
What she understood from the examiner was, "What is after Ku-lim?" (pronounced almost the same way as Kuning)
So, she had to think geographically, from north, Bukit Mertajam is the next after you come from Kulim, right?

Technically, she's still correct, right? I think she should pass! =)

Things that I love...

This was taken from my balcony on those days when my camera was still functional...
Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing
I am a photography lover; I just love taking photos of everything!
Sceneries, people, flowers, food, like I said, EVERYTHING!
I guess I am just too fond of that invention known as camera; as I just love having it in my hands and snapping away, knowing that these will be the proof of my wonderful memories; and those little footsteps left or I have left at some point or another in my life.

One of my favorite views to snap is the sunset or sunrise; either one...it's always such an awesome and magnificent view.
Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing
I don't know why, the view of sunrise and sunset is just breath-taking for me, and I am sure for a lot of photography enthusiasts.
Somehow, I just felt that God is amazing, and this is just one of God's uncountable creations which are just so "WOW!"
Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing

When I am stressed, I love to indulge in my hobbies; which include poetry, reading, writing, and photography, and sports too! (contrary to the belief that I am not an exercise-person)
(There's also movies, shopping, chit-chatting...but those are almost secondary anyway ;)
It's good to have a hobby; to have that balance in life....it's not an escapade (but it can be if you want to think of it that way)
Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing

This is just to add to the list of the many things that I love in life...
The amazing natural wonders....

And then...in come the civilization! =)
Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing
Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing

Ohhhhh.....I missed my camera!!! =((

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Freaky Friday, Spooky Saturday and Shopping Sunday

The weekend was rather eventful for me; despite having to cancel a leave I've planned which led to missing out on the much anticipated all girls' slumber party with my best girl friends in the city.

All because of?
My work schedule and also because of my bosses' scheduled trip to north on Monday and Tuesday, so there goes all my weekend plans and my one-day leave which I want to enjoy.
I am stuck with work, work, and work....

I am getting worried, am I turning into a workaholic once again?
When I start going at this bullet train speed at work, it is also given that I will be prone to burn outs as I have been there, done that!

I hope I can keep up with myself and make mental notes to ensure that I don't fall into the burnout trap again!

I don't know why I call it Freaky Friday...lol, but a Friday that is so close to Halloween just fits the title, huh?
I had a rather freaky Friday myself; rushing here and there to complete this and that and acknowledging new assignments (which means, MORE work!)

Saturday? That's Halloween...I went for a quick shopping spree and was planning to catch up with some friends but oh well, my plans went haywire again...LOL!

Then I finally managed to catch up with my girl friend, Joyce, who was also my ex-housemate on Sunday...and we had a crazy shopping day! (Think Rebecca Bloomwood in Confessions of a Shopaholic)
We kinda laughed and cursed at the damages done but yet, we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.....LOL
Going in and out of fitting rooms and judging how each other look in the outfits....then having a moment of crisis when we ponder on whether it's worth the buy.

We enjoyed ourselves so much; and went back to those good ol' days where we talked and talked and talked....sharing and updating all the news we have missed out on each other =)
Oh my, she's another of my close girl friend....one that I trust and cherish! =)

Looks like my spoilt weekend was not that spoilt after all, eh? At least I do get some bonding time with an old friend....YEAY!