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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Freaky Friday, Spooky Saturday and Shopping Sunday

The weekend was rather eventful for me; despite having to cancel a leave I've planned which led to missing out on the much anticipated all girls' slumber party with my best girl friends in the city.

All because of?
My work schedule and also because of my bosses' scheduled trip to north on Monday and Tuesday, so there goes all my weekend plans and my one-day leave which I want to enjoy.
I am stuck with work, work, and work....

I am getting worried, am I turning into a workaholic once again?
When I start going at this bullet train speed at work, it is also given that I will be prone to burn outs as I have been there, done that!

I hope I can keep up with myself and make mental notes to ensure that I don't fall into the burnout trap again!

I don't know why I call it Freaky Friday...lol, but a Friday that is so close to Halloween just fits the title, huh?
I had a rather freaky Friday myself; rushing here and there to complete this and that and acknowledging new assignments (which means, MORE work!)

Saturday? That's Halloween...I went for a quick shopping spree and was planning to catch up with some friends but oh well, my plans went haywire again...LOL!

Then I finally managed to catch up with my girl friend, Joyce, who was also my ex-housemate on Sunday...and we had a crazy shopping day! (Think Rebecca Bloomwood in Confessions of a Shopaholic)
We kinda laughed and cursed at the damages done but yet, we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.....LOL
Going in and out of fitting rooms and judging how each other look in the outfits....then having a moment of crisis when we ponder on whether it's worth the buy.

We enjoyed ourselves so much; and went back to those good ol' days where we talked and talked and talked....sharing and updating all the news we have missed out on each other =)
Oh my, she's another of my close girl friend....one that I trust and cherish! =)

Looks like my spoilt weekend was not that spoilt after all, eh? At least I do get some bonding time with an old friend....YEAY!