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Friday, December 15, 2006

Offsite meeting...

Today I didn't go to the office; I am not sick/on MC, not slacking from work lar:P It was actually the offsite of GPTW; a social linkage/functional group which organizes activities for the department (something that HR in other companies do:) It actually comprises of voluntary members of the department who are willing to spare a couple of their hours beside working time to run around and get their hands down to organize fun-filled activities for the department:p

Offsite....a term used for meetings/conferences that are basically conducted out of the office premises/grounds. It sounds fun, right? :)
So, this year, we went to Evergreen Laurel Hotel which is located on Gurney Drive....similar to last year...I remembered their buffet lunches from the past 2 events; the meeting last year and also a management promo lunch. Not bad for this hotel....

Oklar....being Angelstar, I am well-known for my annoyingly punctual or early habits. I was there early...trying to steer clear of the jams bla bla bla...then I remembered that it was actually school holidays....

Anyway, better early than late (Angelstar's motto)....and soon, I was again, walking around with my camera in my hand and book in the other (yes, I brought along a book - that's bookworm me lar...and books are like, my bestest friends in the world....sorry ya, LaydieBug:p )
There were a couple of folks there in the lobby and I was walking around, looking like a completely lost soul (and looking ultimately silly at the same time).
I finally went to the conference room (how hard is it to find the exact same conference room as last year which was located right on the ground level...from the main entrance, just walk to the center and towards the elevator, push the door, and tadaa....that's Kelawei room:p
The conference room; booked for 8.30a.m...I think the hotel put it as 8.00a.m...whatever:p
To make sure that this is not the wrong room; hmmmm.....yes, Kelawei room:)
The refreshments table - they will provide us with breakfast and tea......not now lar:p
The room......
Yes, yes, I am in the right room.....

Soon, the people arrived...filling up the room with the rowdy gang:)

The story of the pencil and paper; provided to us by the hotel for our conference purpose.
Guess what became of them? All the sketching and numerous signature styles of our people....sighhh.....and they are working adults...I thought so too:p

When they first came in, their first question was not on the agenda(which was not even remotely on their mind...).
HUNGRY ar....Mei See (our Finance Minister who got us the room and made all the food arrangements....logistics)

Haha....breakfast was not ready until 9.00a.m.....

While waiting for the food to be served, what did we do to spend the half an hour's time?
1. Signing the farewell card for our President who's leaving to go back to the city (Kay-el)...we are gonna miss her lots...
2. He's sulking that we asked everyone but him to sign the card...haha; and he refused to take pictures the whole day:p He's usually our photographer mar....
3. And who could resist some cam-whoring?
Some people are just vain....haha, demanding for camera attention:p
Breakfast, FINALLY!!~
This is the hardest mini bun we have ever had; our new advisor actually told us to keep this buns to throw at those who fall asleep during the conference....haha, pretty "out of the box" thinking hor:p
This mini bun was in the hands of a lady whom I was told to observe on her method of eating the bun....
Step 1: Bite the bun
Step 2: Taste and swallow the filling (which was lotus paste).
Step 3: Throw away the bun pastry...hahaha....
Guess who is she?:P
Another mind-disturbing drink....coffee and tea....neither for me:p
Not good.....but it was essential for everyone to keep themselves awake...haha:p
Our president took great care to serve everyone and was chuckling at why am I taking pictures of coffee and tea....
This gal, our games master...haha, her partner is nowhere to be found - getting his food and teaching me how to take pics....:p
She's still sitting her finalizing the games plans....when are you going for breakfast?
She brought this box of colourful pegs...for the game oooo.....seems like we're game for some pain....

Sighhh....after breakfast, look at the addition to the water and mentos sweets provided...these people, are they really here for conference and brainstorming or partying ar?
Hahaha....all the junkies.....bad for health....
And this mango was brought by the President for those who were hungry:p
Now this is a healthy snack...good for health; but somehow, they didn't finish it up....compared to those junkies:p
Muffin......courtesy of the hotel upon receiving the complaint from us that the mini buns were too hard....hahaha...not bad ler:)
By then, everyone was really too full to take a bite; so instead of keeping the hard buns, most of the people kept this freshly baked muffins in front of them.
Hmmmm..despite their Too Full statements, I noticed the muffins also started disappearing pretty soon....

Due to the pleasure in receiving some reaction to our complaints(in the form of those muffins),our committee then suggested that we also complain about the lack of prawns in the mee hoon which they tried so hard to stir from the vermicelli....
Tak boleh tahan lar....these people ar....too much lar (give them an inch, they want a foot - some old Chinese saying...)
Our Logistics/Finance Minister this round....hehehe....who got us all the good stuffs for the conference and took good care of our convenience.....gal power!!

Had a great day...really enjoyed the time with them...haha, there were lots of laughs here and there. The game we played was actually of the Truth telling type - 2nd level of Ice-breaking (we knew each other well enough dy).
Due to the nature of the questions asked, we started having all those rumour speculation....sighhhh....they are now changing their job scope to matchmaking:p
Despite the hectic schedule we had during work, I am really glad to have found something out of working scope and also to have met such fun and cool people(though they are rowdy) to work with in organizing all those interesting activities.
Coming from diversified backgrounds, the element present here amidst the complicated organization is the commitment and the relentless effort in getting things done and also in breaking the barriers of communication:)

Had a fruitful day; and I think they finished all those junkies...some of the junkies were from our store...and I did remember them complaining of those expired Mamee and also the moldy jellies:p
Anyway, great and I do enjoy releasing my mind off the normal workload to spend some time with these people and also the weekly meetings.
Go GPTW.....for a great year 2007 ahead!!