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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Kelantan Dress Code

The new ruling dress code for the women in Kelantan is definitely ridiculous and outrageous at the same time.
Although they specify it for the Malay women folks, and that their intention is noble in protecting the women's honour, to me, it is just plain discrimination.
Not entirely based on feminisim, but I still do not see the point why women's dressing should always be the culprit. Everything that befalls the women automatically becomes their fault to begin with.
She dresses too sexily! She asked for it...
Uhhhh...puh-leaseeee...why should women be blamed for men's and those beasts' inconsiderable actions?
Our dressing seduces them? Why are we at fault when they cannot control their sexual desires?
Do you seriously think this will actually solve the problem?
If dressing is the main issue, does that mean that those fully-clothed women are not victimised?
As a matter of fact, I do not see that happening; look at the previous rape cases reported in the newspapers and you will get what I mean; if you still remember the rape case on the bus involving a UiTM graduate who was a decent and properly dressed lady heading to work.
And yet, during the hearing, the bus driver cum the rapist still blamed it on her; saying he "tak boleh tahan"
I find this totally hilarious that women's dressing are repeatedly being blamed for the increasing rates of crimes when there are other "noble factors" as well.
Instead of controlling our dressing, why can't the men be also blindfolded when they walk on the streets to protect women as well?

I believe this is something that should go in both directions; if this is supposedly a noble step to protect the women's honour, I think the men should act and think in a noble direction; which is to have the respect for women.