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Friday, April 29, 2005

And of Alamanda....

More of the stalls..

Carnival in Putrajaya

Hahahaa...I am now posting some pics of a carnival in Putrajaya which was about a month ago...but as I've been pretty busy for the past month, it kinda explains the late posting...doesn't it..hehehe:P I was early....this is a pic of the hawkers setting up their stalls

Last Day.....

Ahaaa.....managed to squeeze in an entry before the end of the month...been really idle this month...but I have loads of pics yet to be posted and also reviews of the series and books which I have taken advantage to watch and read during my hols.Hmmmmm...I'm starting to feel bored and a little rusty sitting and lazing around at home doing nothing but reading and watching tv and wandering around wondering what to do....sighhhh!~
Gonna buck up and look for a job soon before I actually start to rot:p
I have also read the 5th book of Harry Potter series....interesting but a little disappointing as well in its twist...let's hope the next episode will be better.
I'm gonna go out to watch a movie later....hehehe.....but anyway,I am looking forward to work on my blog....been really empty for the month of April....hope this will not be so when I enter my working life....hahahaha:)
Alright,this entry is basically crapping all the way....but just as a reminder that the blog is still alive and will go on.....:D

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Long time no-post

Man....it has been ages since I have last posted in my blog.....more than a month....dreadfully sorry for the sudden evaporation from the blogging zone. I was pretty occupied with my Final Year Project and all the dealines were rushing like huge waves towards my schedule.....suffocating really..sigh! Then there were the FINAL final examinations...hahaha....the double finals are due to the fact that it is truly the Final exams I will be sitting for in my Final year....:D
Furthermore, there were a lot of rushing here and there.....boy, am I glad that all this is finally over....and yeah, don't be jealous....I am finally on my long-awaited break....muahahaha......no envy needed....I think I do deserve the break after such an exhaustive period.Been reading....hahaha...you'd think I would be staying away from reading materials after so many years of education and after such a busy period of finals preparation....but no,remember, I have told you before that I am one great and loyal fan of books....they are my best friends....all-weather withstanding friends of mine;)
I've also been on a short trip to the Pearl of the Orient....Penang.....about 2-3 days...it was really cool....wished I could stay longer.....the FOOD is amazing....loved them so much and also went around the island...hahaha....nono, I am not a first-timer to this island....in fact, it has always been the destination to go to for holidays since I was born. Reason?My maternal family members are all PRs(permanent residents) of this beautiful island. I used to dislike going back, as in "balik-kampung"...but as of now,or as I grew older, my brother and I look forward to go to Penang for sight-seeing and photography and also the FOOD of course!!! If you go to Penang without tasting the food.....then there is no point at all....frankly speaking, useless even:P If you are on a diet or watching your waistline, cross out this place as your vacation destination...hahaha:P
I have snapped some pictures of the FOOD and the places we have gone through.....which will be posted soon...so be patient:)