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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas is near...

It is again that time of the year; my favorite time of the year which I looked forward to every single year.

Only, this year is slightly different as I get to understand and see Christmas in a different perspective.
For the first time, I did not experience the hype or excitement which was in a minor way dampened with an unforeseen/unexpected happening at home which occupied my thoughts with prayers and anxiety rather than the joyous festive mood.

My ailing grandmother is once again, put to the test as she suffered from a bad fall again; two weeks before Christmas.
Her fall had everyone in the family feeling worried, scared and anxious over what will follow next in sequence.
It is something we could not help thinking of as she had been in and out of the hospital for the whole of this year due to her ailing medical condition and this fall is definitely not reducing any of the worries we have already had for her.

It was a solemn and trying week as I was rushing in and out of the hospital until she was discharged to be sent home.
I had to juggle the busy schedule of my work as well; which was also really stressful as I had to clear most of my assignments before I go off on my Christmas break and my long-awaited break and at the same time, taking time out of my already hectic schedule to spend time with my grandmother, who was so weak and fragile that I only had fear in my heart each time I see her.

It was a very difficult time and I prayed so hard for her.
It is also during this time that I was reminded of the approaching date of Christmas; a day where we celebrate the birth of our Saviour.

Christmas is a time of hope, miracle and love and I prayed for the blessing of this season be with my grandmother.
Our Saviour is born, and I pray that the joys of salvation be upon her as well.

There is nothing I could do but to pray, and leave everything in God's hands.

Perhaps this is God's will for us to understand the true meaning of Christmas during Advent.
Christmas is not a decoration-filled nor beauty-laden occasion where we have new clothes, presents and delicious cookies/goodies to share and give away to our loved ones.
It is not the time to enjoy those evergreen Christmas carols which fills the atmostphere with the much-awaited Christmas mood in the air.

It is not about celebration alone; it is not about being extravagant about everything and having a really great time with each and everyone.

The way I see it; this is one over-commercialized festivity where every single one on the road is caught up in the festive mood and the shopping frenzy which they think is what Christmas is all about.
In fact, no offense meant; Christmas became a celebration for every Tom, Dick and Harry who probably had their calendars filled with parties and fun-filled activities and a whole long list of who to buy and wrap Christmas presents for.
Some will even be busy shopping for their outfits; be it Santa or Santarinas.

Christmas has become a trend, rather than a holy season for us sinners to reflect and to be thankful for the coming of salvation.
Christmas is preceded by Advent; a season where we should be preparing for the coming of our Saviour by reflecting on our sins and also be hopeful for a miracle of love which is about to happen.

We are not supposed to be celebrating or be jubilant before the occasion; as some of us are but rather, to take hope and share the joys of love with others who are less fortunate before we can welcome the coming of the Son of God into our lives. We should be more like Him; to make him proud of us as his children and disciples of peace.

Christmas is also a celebration of the triumph of light amidst the darkness.
The First Christmas was not a celebration filled with extravagance but rather; it was all a very sombre and quiet affair as our little Lord Jesus was born in a stable and not in any luxurious 5-star hotel.
It is when HE is born that we can see light and rays of hope in us; for he is truly a symbol of God's love for us.
God gave his only son; to save us from the sins we have committed and THAT is what we should be thankful for.

I feel grateful that God reminds me of this meaning and how HE has stood by me; comforting me and answering my prayers in a lot of little ways.
Christmas will definitely be different and very meaningful for me; for I have truly experienced the little miracles that God has for me...

May we all experience the joys of this great season by remembering those who are hopeful and less fortunate and fill our homes with prayers and memories of gratitude.

Have a merry and Happy Christmas everyone!~

Monday, December 07, 2009

All about work

Work, work, work....hmmmm, I seem to have travelled back into that mystical circle of work once again and gotten myself stressful days and sleepless nights.
(now, *touches wood* on the sleepless part)

I think I am blogging about work too much sometimes....crapping away about this and that at work.
It tends to get boring, doesn't it?

Well, for a start, we need to work to get money right
We need to use that money to keep on living, right?
We need to keep on living to ensure the survival of our species, right?
So, when we say, Get a Life to people who are so engrossed in their work, we are actually telling them to work more...

Don't you agree with me?
It all goes back in a cycle and there is no escape...

So, ever wondered why I keep on working...
Well, I just need to have a life...LOL!

Just some rambles from my busy day at work...OR LIFE! =D